Stellaris Is Coming Out In May, Here's 40 Minutes Of Footage

Paradox announced earlier today that Stellaris is launching on May 9, but that still leaves the question: how the hell do all the different elements in the game come together?

That's where this video comes in.

It's a 40 minute presentation from the PC Gamer Weekender event, where the Paradox developers showed off how the game's systems work in concert with each other. Very little of the game has been shown publicly until now. Most discussion has been generated from developer posts about the game's various mechanics, or occasional closed-door previews that Paradox has done for press.

But with a game with as many moving parts as Stellaris, it's better to see everything in action. So here it is.

Stellaris will be released for PC, Mac and Linux on May 9. Paradox added during their GDC presser that their space 4X would also comfortably support 32 players in multiplayer, but could also support more. How on earth — or the cosmos, I suppose — that works, we'll know soon.


    So Alex, how about you be a darling and do a little bit of journalism for us and summarise it a bit? Rather than forcing everyone to watch the full 40 minutes, eh?

      He gives a quick summation, tells you release dates and shows you a video you wouldn't have found otherwise. He's done his job.

      His job is not to summarize a full 40 minute video, no games journalist would have time for that given the number of games being announced at the moment.

      Whilst I would normally agree, I'm 12 minutes into the video and there is HEAPS of information already presented.

      To summarise:
      -Basic citizen management similar to Civ but you have a combination of areas on each planet you can choose to build on
      -Faction breakdowns as you grow your empire you will have more diversity
      -Science units have different scientists as mini heroes
      -Scientists can explore planets in the solar system and discover anomalies as side quests
      -Tech overview depends on what the pre-existing specialty of a scientist has
      -Each time you select research it is from 3 options and depending on the scientist's bias, you will have weighted options presented each time. These are quite random
      -Mention of a mad scientist type (shit yes!) that has quite abstract research options for crazy shenanigans.
      -Expanding space stations around your planets is possible, can expand/build in modules
      -Build Ships in the space station such as corvettes, frigates, colony ships etc

      Will comment after I have digested more stuff :P Seriously this is Kotaku, reposting in this sort of instance is ok in my eyes. It's not like Alex is anywhere near Bashcraft levels of bullshit articles XD

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