Street Fighter V Was Going To Look Realistic 

Street Fighter V Was Going to Look Realistic

During the course of development, video games can change. Take Street Fighter V, for example. Early on, the game certainly didn't look like it does now. It used to look realistic. Speaking with GameSpark (via EventHubs), Street Fighter V producer Koichi Sugiyama said that when work began, SFV didn't feature the brush-style exaggerated graphics the game now does. Suigyama pointed out that for SFV, Capcom used the Unreal Engine 4, which is noted for its realistic rendering capabilities.

"At the beginning of development, honestly, we even developed photoreal graphics," Sugiyama said. "But as you'd expect, if there isn't that bold, animesque presentation, then the game doesn't look very Street Fighter-y. Because of that, we shelved the idea."

GameSpark said it wanted to see what this photorealistic Street Fighter V looked like, and Sugiyama replied that you can see an image of it in the Street Fighter V booklet Capcom is bundling with the game on its online sales site, E-Capcom. In the images above, via EventHubs, you can see said images. Sugiyama also added that even during those early, realistic stages of development, Capcom came up with the designs for Hot Ryu, AKA "the best idea Capcom had for Street Fighter V".

In case you missed it, check out Kotaku's review of Street Fighter V.

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    They already did a realistic one, it had Van Damme and Kylie Minogue in it :D

      "Quick! Change the channel!"

        No need to stop at the film when you can play the game.....

        So horrible

          Ah, the good old Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game... Arguably the worst movie tie in ever, though there is plenty of competition for that dubious title.

            Haha nah not even close to the worst. What about all those cash in titles on megadrive and snes like the one based on batman and robin movie?

    A photo realistic fighting game would be quite awesome, but I think we will need to wait for that Euclideon Unlimited Detail tech to achieve something like that. I really hate it when tech companies go eerie silent for ages....

    Personally I don't like either style (realistic or the current look) and would have loved to see them go the Guilty Gear Xrd Sign route but with 3rd Strike's aesthetics. Especially since the game is already basically a nostalgia trip for 3rd Strike fans.

    Was it also going to come with an arcade mode?

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