Sunset Overdrive, Dead Space Headline Xbox's Games With Gold For April

Sunset Overdrive, Dead Space Headline Xbox's Games With Gold For April

Xbox fans are getting one hell of a lineup next month.

As with PlayStation Plus, these games aren't exactly "free," since you need to have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to renew them. Xbox One owners are technically getting access to four games, as everything added to Games With Gold is backwards compatible.

Here's what's coming down the pike for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners:

Xbox One

  • The Wolf Among Us (April 1-30)

  • Sunset Overdrive (April 16-May 15)

Xbox 360

  • Dead Space (April 1-15)

  • Saints Row IV (April 16-30)


    Oh c'mon! Now they're just rubbing salt in our wounds. Sony should be taking notes.

    even though ive played most of those games thats a very decent line up Sunset is a fantastic game.

    I'm actually impressed. Two (SO, SR4) are games I have considered buying but never got around to. Plus I own Dead Space 2 and 3, but only ever borrowed #1.

    And yes, I would like Sony to follow their lead. Some of the smaller games in the last year or so have been good, but others have been objectively terrible.

      Play Sunset Overdrive... it's really, really, good.

        I will, because I'll be getting it next week!

    I really wish they'd re-release Dead Space 1 & 2. Great games.

    A tip for anyone who finds Sunset Overdrive a bit obnoxious - play as a female character. The female voice work brings it together better. Actually, I felt the same way about one of the female voice tracks in Saints Row IV.

    We'll, I can't wait for the four crappy to mid-level indie titles Sony is going to counter with

    Probably the best line-up I've ever seen for a Gold/Plus month.

    Wow. All praise be to Xbox.

    Welp. Time to drop some cash on an external hard drive. That's a hell of a line-up.

    How us Saints Row IV gonna work in Aus given you can't buy the 360 version on Xbox Live here?

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