Syrian Refugees Party At Furry Convention

Syrian Refugees Party At Furry Convention

A group of Syrian refugees, having just arrived in Canada, are being temporarily put up in a hotel. The same hotel that, last weekend, was also home to a convention of furries.

As The Independent reports, it was one hell of a culture shock for the refugees, but it worked out about as well as you could hope for, with the children (and adults) loving the big cuddly suits and many of the furries revelling in the chance to play entertainers for the day.

One furry left a comment on a local news report, writing:

One of many highlites to me was when the new group of Syrian Refugees children came in and got to interact with us. To them we were cartoons come to life, to us was a means to display our acting performance to a very appreciative audiance. Win win all around. The parents interacted too and took photos with us as well.

Not your average "Welcome to Canada", granted, but it's one those kids won't forget in a hurry.

Image via @Jinxthelynx


    It's all harmless fun until someone points a black light at one of the cartoon animals.

    But jokes aside, that's a much warmer welcome than we give refugees. I'm sure the kids had fun, and the furries were probably revelling in actually being appreciated.

    Little bit slow off the mark on this article hey? Was all over facebook last week

    Dat lion's face

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