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    Morning all. Has anyone managed to find any leaks about Microsoft's presser last week? I'm guessing it's mostly just a slew of popular back compat titles, but I'm astounded that Reddit or Twitter have come up with empty for tidbits. :/

    Morning all. Today's my last full day in Tassie before I head over to WA for my sister's wedding. Spending two weeks over there, mostly in Bunbury, but will be spending the weekend of the 11th to the 14th of March in Perth. So, I'm going to try to arrange a Meat on either the 11th or the 12th.

    Can't do the 13th because I'm going to Mandurah to have lunch with my sister and brother in law, and the 14th is out because I'm having a birthday dinner with a friend of mine who I haven't seen in 20 years or so, and we share a birthday.

    So, @fled @grandmasterb-funk @liondrive @phlanispo @phoenix @platinum-urchin @thecracks, which night suits you better for a meat? Friday the 11th or Saturday the 12th? And I would appreciate some suggestions for venues as well, as I haven't been to Perth since 2010, and have no idea what (if anything) there is to do or where we can go to eat in Perth.

      At this point I'm thinking Friday may be better.

      I can do Friday the 11th. My recommended venue would be Han's Cafe everytime. :P

    How was everyone's weekend?

    Either I've been playing too much Diablo 3 or RNGeesus is making up for his treatment of me in Destiny. Got at least 5 pieces of all the wizard sets and now farming torment 8 with an eye on 9.
    Hit a bit of a survivability wall now tho and not sure how to proceed.

    If you have me on your friends list and play D3, check your game mailbox - sent pretty much everyone a couple of gifts.
    Also have spares of several set pieces and stuff like leorics Crown if anyone wants them.

      So... as someone who hasn't played D3 since launch, is it worth getting back into now? I get I'd have to pick up ROS, but how much grinding would it take to get a character torment-ready? They were max level for vanilla, not sure if ROS bumped up the level cap?

        Level cap is 70. My Wizard was level 40 2 weeks ago, you make mad progress if you just bump up the difficulty whenever it starts getting easy.
        The game is way better than it used to be. So much to do in adventure mode.

        We are playing on ps4 fyi, which I like better than the pc version actually.

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          Might give it a go at some point, but I still need to sink about 5 million hours into Master of Orion first.

        D3 has vastly improved since launch. It's basically improved in every aspect. =P

      I went to jump in your game yesterday afternoon...and then I noticed you were on Torment IX and RNGesus does not like me in Diablo so even on my wizard I can only currently hang around Torment IV/V at most.

      EDIT: Cheers for getting my DH to the level cap in a stupidly fast time.

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        Yeah, got pretty lucky with gambler lady and upgrading rares. Very few of my sets actually dropped.
        Do you want any wizard set bits? Or are you focusing on your demon hunter? A leorics Crown maybe? - Double socketed helm gem bonus, great for magic find.

        Edit: no worries, I remember it being tortuous doing it with my Wizard.

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      Congrats! Might have to hop back on this week. Which setup are you running?

        5 tal'rasha 2 firebird (will be 3 when I can get a hold of the boots)
        Fire lasers, double lightning hydra, blizzard and force pulse tp rune to make up the element stacks.
        Can kill things real good but too squishy to move up.

        Tried experimenting with Delsere's set. In theory it could be good but man the skills you have to use are kinda crappy. Haven't been able to make it work.

          You weren't kidding - you got really lucky! I'll have a dig through my stash - I think I've got some spare Firebirds stuff - might be something useful :P

          Feeling pretty much the same with a similar build - mammoth hydra + explosive meteor, electrocute, black hole and blizzard make my elements, with ice armour for survivability (not that it seems to do much :P), 5TR/2FB+Ring of Royal Grandeur, Tasker and Theo + Hellfire Ring + something I can't remember in the cube. Still need some appropriate bracers, and cycling through whatever weapon I have that has the highest damage, but it's not all that important given most of my damage comes from meteors. Still very squishy, tho - ice armour and Firebird's meteor on death + unstable anomaly for survivability, and I still get crushed by yellow and blue packs in T9.

          I hear Delsere's is meant to be pretty powerful, but the skills just don't look like fun - it sounds way too defensive for my taste; and never been much of a fan of archon, so not too enthused by Vyr's. I dunno, I might have to give Delsere's a shot - the game seems to love handing me Delsere and Vyr gear for some reason.

            Heh, my only defensive skill is Tp with that passive that refreshes when you get hit. + as much life on hit and attack speed as I can stack.
            Found a hat that gives auto diamond skin though so might throw that in the mix.
            What I really want is this shoulders that give 25% damage and damage reduction while channelling disintegrate.

            I think you need a very specific bunch of legendarys to make Delsere's work. I tried but ttk was real low and I still got chunked despite all the damage reduction due to having to be in melee range all the time. And yeah, just not fun. If I can find the last few pieces to flesh out my theoretical build i might give it another shot though.

            We should team up sometime.

              We definitely should - just get together and fill some rifts with meteors. It will be glorious. :D

                I'm on most nights so hit me up if you see me.

      I've hit T10 on my Demon Hunter (max level Greater Rifts too). I've actually switched over to my Barbarian whom is on T4 I think. I didn't realise that bloodshards carry over to other characters.

        Nice! Do Grifts have a cap? I thought they went up infinitely.

        Might dust off my Monk to join up with your barb, @cakesmith DH and @thabananaman crusader.

          ohhh, nah they don't have a cap. I just thought it would cap at the T10 equivalent.

            Ah, yeah. My goal is to do a T11 equivalent. So 50? Up to 43 so far.

          I'm up for doing some coop on any character really. I'm finally starting to enjoy my Barb too. Leaping on top of a group of enemies and causing them to explode is fantastic.

    For anyone looking for a new gpu. Centrecom has some very good prices including the Asus strix 980ti for 999 and Msi 390x for 549.

    Morning everyone. I worked hard on the Garden on Saturday and Sunday I went to the Japanese festival. I kind of regret it as Mum and I both got sunburnt and people were bumping into Mum and pushing her around, despite her having a walker. I got very angry and frustrated. I did get a goldfish bag though, and some lollies.

    I went to Costco yesterday and now I have a PS4 because they were doing the 1TB model bundled with the Uncharted collection for $449. Based on a cursory googling the console seems to still be going for $549 by itself (or in one case, bundled with AC: Syndicate) so I feel pretty good about the deal. Also picked up Until Dawn for $70. I considered the Wii U instead but those were $419 bundled with Mario Maker so the PS4 really felt like the better option, even setting aside the fact there are fewer Wii U games I'm interested in than there are PS4 exclusives I'm interested in, though if I'm honest the games I'm most interested in at the moment (with the exception of Until Dawn and the upcoming Uncharted 4) are ports of PS3 titles, like The Last of Us.

      Horizon Zero Dawn = Post apocalyptic robot dinosaurs = No other exclusive matters.

        *reads Wikipedia article*

        It would seem you are correct.

        Closest thing we'll ever get to the Dino-Riders game we truly deserve. :(

          I would fucking love a Dino-Riders game.

            Anyone with the remotest amount of taste would.

            I mean, design brief: DINOSAURS THAT YOU RIDE AND PUT LASER CANNONS ON. How is it that it's not been a thing since the 80s?

      My Big W has the Wii U with Splatoon for $279 currently.

        That's a way better deal, even if you weren't interested in Splatoon.

    Hey, TAY.
    Anyone else watch the X-Files last night?
    Spoilers below, don't click if you're going to watch the last episode.
    So... either Scully got abducted... and Mulder's gonna die... or the aliens dropped off her and Mulder's kid to try to help save Mulder... those are the only two explanations I can get out of that ending...

      There are three options for who is behind the wheel. 1) The people behind the virus, who are there to kidnap Mulder and offer him another chance. 2) The group responsible for the ship in the first new episode. 3) Actual aliens who are for some unknown reason using human technology (their ship is different according to the crash).
      I think the most likely outcome is that whatever is on the ship will offer them some sort of reset. They get abducted and mysteriously wake up pre-apocalypse putting them in a race against time to save the world using something unique to their son. It's a cop out but I think it's the only way to keep going without completely changing the premise of the show (which I'm not against, I think it worked well for Fringe).
      I mean even if Scully saved the world with a handful of IVs everyone played their hands. If everyone was just magically cured there's still so much fallout that's not really compatible with the existing formula.

    Hola Tay

    Quiet weekend. Went and saw a mate down South friday arvo- him and his wife are recovering from surgery, so going a little bit stir crazy in their house. Saturday, went to a mate's house, then went to a quiz night for Essentials 4 Women SA, a good cause. Came equal 4th, so we were pretty happy. Sunday spent all day working on my N7 armour, have pretty much finished assembly of the chest piece (pics hitting my tumblr later today, . Hoping to scale and begin the back plate tonight, but it's going to be a pain, lots of small fiddly bits.

    Started Firewatch on Friday, it's very pretty and i'm interested to see where it goes, and tied and tried the final challenge in The Witness

    The bloody black and white square panels are killing me

    A monday morning question: I'm making this mass effect armour out of foam. What foam cosplay stuff would you make with the time/effort/skills?

      A foam monster! Mostly cos of the time/effort/skills limitation =P

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      If I had the resources, probably an epic pokemon cosplay - something with wings. though I'd probably suffocate and die inside it.

    Uhhhh I know you guys are in Australia and I hate to be that braggy guy, but I'm in Dunedin NZ and we just got gigabit fibre optic internet. I went from this to this That's over wifi....

    This is over ethernet


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      I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my bragging go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will download all the things.

      A guy goes to the doctor's office and he doctor asks him "well, what can I help you with today?"

      "Well doc, I went out last night and this woman came up to me. Knockout, beautiful woman, I couldn't believe she was interested in me. We got to talking and not only did she look incredible but she was smart, articulate, and funny. We just really hit it off. I was just wondering to myself how I was going to get her number when we were joined by her friend. Equally amazing looking, smart, funny - it turns out they're students and on the university gymnastics team. Anyway, it suddenly becomes weirdly competitive and they're both openly hitting on me, and flirting with me. It's no longer a matter of how I'm going to chat these girls up, it's become a matter of which one is going to win and take me home. I couldn't believe it, but eventually we just all go back to my place for a few drinks, one thing leads to another and we all start making out. Next thing I know we're in my bedroom and just going at it non-stop. It was so thrilling we made love all night, in every possible configuration. It was incredible. Then after we fell asleep for a few hours, we woke up and they politely excused themselves and left."

      There was a long pause while the doctor tries to figure out the medical aspect, and after it became clear the man wasn't going to add anything else, the doctor asks "well, why are you telling me this?"

      "Shit doc, I'm telling everyone!"

      Yeah but you're still in Dunedin :P

      I'm only bitter cause I knew a girl from there who was a bit nuts it turned out, ended up stalking me & a mate online, also tried IRL but failed. Could be worse though I guess lol.

        I think I married her! You win some you lose some I guess

          Hahahaha. I sincerely hope that is not so, this girl was seriously mentally unstable. Everyone who I knew who knew her thought the same.

      Yeah but you're living in Dunedin. You need high speed internet to avoid going insane from boredom. I'm sort of kidding. I was actually born there.

      My Grandfather lives around there. He probably has better internet than me.

        Just while I study! Then I'm gonna make like a baby and head out :P

          Otago is a damn fine University so you've made a good choice there. Shame it's in Dunedin :P

    Beach was pretty epic on Saturday! It's been a good while since I've been involved in proper barrels.

    Also my quest to make smartwatches watcher continues. This time a homage to the Goldfinger Rolex:

    And a vanity light disguised as a picture frame is in the works, to combat the horrendous power saving lights in my bathroom. Just need to tidy up the wiring tonight and mount it to the mirror.

    It's all Ikea, so I call it the vainfraim.

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    Should I buy Zelda Twilight Princess HD or just get a copy of the Wii version?

    Big W will have it for $68 which is quite tempting. I do collect amiibos and the soundtrack will be a nice bonus. Does any know if the soundtrack is actually on a CD?
    So say the amiibo is $15 and the soundtrack is worth $10 which means I’m paying $43 for the game.
    However my bro has a copy of the Wii version of Twilight meaning I can play it for free.
    Is $43 worth it for a HD remake as well as the extra dungeon challenge?

      In my extremely biased opinion, the GameCube version was a million times better than the Wii version, and the Wii U version is the next closest to that. So you should probably get that instead and avoid the Wii version forever. Because yuck :P

        That's another reason I'm tempted in getting the Wii U version as it's not mirrored meaning I'm playing it the way it was intended.

      TP is looking pretty fugly these days, the upgrade is going to help it significantly.

      Still a great game; zant and midna are both fantastic, and the ooccas are weird as hell.

        And it's being done by an Aussie company!

          Yep, I went for an interview there once. Didn't get the job but they are a great bunch of guys. I'll be picking up the Wii U version!

            I'm doing the same. It was Tantalus right?

              Yup, great guys. Aussie studios need all the help they can get!

                I think my friend worked there. Think being the main word

        I did see a few comparison videos a few weeks ago and it does look fantastic. A big difference compared to the Wind Waker versions.

      Also the stupid soundtrack CD is suddenly making me tempted to grab it for some reason and I hate it.

    Mornin' all.

    My weekend was kinda average, I enjoyed it though. Bathed Chilli, who now smells awesome like coconut & manuka honey lol, which in return gives her a lovely soft & shiny coat. I also washed, vacuumed & polished the car over the weekend, then it rained so GG there. I guess it's a good thing it rained since we need it anyway. Had work Sunday which was dead quiet, though the other bloke I work with managed to drop a bottle of rum whilst dusting the bottles (not his fault, the stupid security tags we have on the caps catches the duster, i've had that problem before as well). So the spirit section smelt of gold rum my entire shift which was nice. Also one of our fridges started leaking a lot of water, so that was fun. I was just lucky I saw it before some customer slipped in it & sued us all to kingdom come or something.

    Now i'm sitting here playing WoW's version of Pokemon. Which is kinda weird, cause I never liked Pokemon at all growing up (still don't) but I like this..

      Nooo don't get into Pet Battles! It's how they trick you into selling your soul to the devil!

      tl;dr - It can get real grindy at higher levels but there's a sort of zen like simplicity to it....

        Yeah I started the other week when they were offering 200% exp, so I farmed about 15 pets to level 25 with ease lol. I never really bothered with it when they introduced it in Cata (that was then yeah? I forget) but yeah it's kinda soothing for some reason..

      I know a fair deal about battle pets, sunk dozens of hours into its understanding.

      Some battle pets worth getting would be Undead Val'kyr, Iron Starlette, Pandaren Water Spirit, Anubisath Idol, Chrominius, darkmoon zepp, mechanical dragonling, almost every whelp...

      Just realized theirs a good 30 or more must haves so I'll try not to drown you just take it slow, do some reading and pace yourself, burnout is a real thing =)

        I have most of those, i've got something like 300+ individual pets lol.

    Based on my previous post, I keep wondering why this event which has marginally less people then pax, seemed so much worse. I actually think that gamers/nerds/geeks/otakus are some of the politest people around. At Pax, I saw people move out the way for those with wheelchairs and difficult cosplays. At supanova, I saw people move out the way for elderly people with walking apparatus' and allow those with disabilities to go through.
    There was none of that at the Japanese festival. People didn't care if you had a walking aid, or a child, they would push past you.
    Sorry, need to vent a bit more

      Bit like metal concerts: everyone might look like an antisocial psycho but actually treat each other right.
      "normal“ people though, often ugh.

        Cannibal Corpse concert was the most respectful crowd I've ever seen for a bunch of skinheads trying to kill each other, if you wanted out they made damn sure you got out safely.

        Muse concert was one of the few times I was genuinely worried about being in the crowd.

          I was at a Devildriver? concert once where the whole centre of the mosh tripped up and went down. Everyone nearby immediately stopped what they were doing, helped them up and made sure they were ok.
          Good people.

        I remember a few years back, I was living in the Valley and just wanted to grab some stuff late at night.

        There was some kind of concert going on (there nearly always is), and the little 24hr convenience store on the corner had a little bit of a line up. Fella in front of me was all metal'd up for one of the big bands. Spiked hair, leather pants, cuffs and spikes and other bits and pieces. Very much constumed.

        He'd just grabbed a bottle of water and was waiting in a lengthy line at the store for that. I was just behind him. The fella was mortified, when he finally got to the counter, to discover he had reached for a wallet that wasn't there. Dem leather pants, yo - no pockets. Keenly feeling sympathy pains for his extreme embarrassment, I stepped in front and put a note down for him. He thanked me profusely.

        Sheepishly, after he had mentioned his wallet was in his 'normal' pants, he suddenly seemed self-conscious about his get-up and felt compelled to mention that, "I don't normally dress like this. I'm a lawyer. I normally dress respectably! But these guys haven't been in the country for years, see..."

        Also, the labelling of non-metal folks as 'normal' is kind of amusing.
        I drink at a metal bar every now and then. I like to get there close to opening time, when it's nice and quiet (relatively speaking - the metal is usually pretty loud, but there's just the music and not much talking-noise; you can actually manage a chat with the bartenders who don't have much to do at that point). The owner/manager was talking shop and mentioned that security's not really necessary most of the time, apart from sometimes when they get 'normals'. Or, 'white-shirts'. (Because try finding someone in a metal bar not wearing black.) Manager reckoned that the only time security actually has to do much is when 'normie' dudes try hitting on metal-girls and it doesn't go well.

      Yeah, the people at the festival were quite rude, just pushing past without saying sorry or excuse me. I didn't expect that sort of thing that's for sure. The event itself wasn't very well organised either. Far too little space and it was packed.

        A huge focus on buying and god forbid if you wanted to get anywhere near a food or yukata stall. There was just no chance.
        We couldn't see the main stage, which was another let down

    Spent most of the weekend binge-watching the 2003 TMNT series, got through nearly four seasons of it. It's pretty great.

    Went out for birthday brunch on Sunday with some friends, including a couple I haven't seen in a long time. Such a long time that they now have a kid. And she's something like two years old. Dang.

      Oh yeah, it's been kind of funny seeing just how little they use their weapons against enemies (mostly defensive/attacks are blocked, only blows landed are with fists or feet) and the switch made when combating against non-sentient creatures. Also, mildly horrifying what happens to Baxter Stockman over the course of things, kinda surprising they went with that considering how family-friendly things tend to be for the most part otherwise actually. But yeah, rad.

        As a kid it always bugged me that Leonardo never actually chopped people up or stabbed them with his swords.

          One of the kids that had to have an eye kept on them :P

          I like that as a kid I could readily accept without question that the classic foot soldiers were all "just robots" and that it was a totally reasonable state of affairs. Conversely, I now hate that I see something like that and think things like geez they had such state of the art electronics and programming that they could build these things en-masse with what amounted to a maybe four-man operation and supply enough resources to keep churning out armies upon armies of them as they continue to get destroyed. Also they must have an incredible salvage crew to be able to clean up all the broken pieces of exploded robot to both remain undiscovered by the general populace and keep this tech out of others' hands.

          Brains ruin everything.

          Last edited 01/03/16 12:06 pm

            We had a perpetual construction site in our area for years. Lengths of rebar are why Ninja Turtles was - for a time - banned in our household.

    Morning all! I hope everyone had a weekend that was suitably epic :)
    Mine was good, My 3 year old son is having a few sleeping issues again at the moment so Friday night was a bit rough, lots of waking up so not much sleep was had but we still had lots of fun Saturday together, lots of running, lots of car playing and bike riding.
    I went to the a housewarming in the evening which was a nice relaxed affair with a BBQ and some yummy pulled pork action. I was meant to navigate from there to between 2 birthday parties that night but I was way too tired after the lack of sleep from the night before that I just stayed at the housewarming instead. Great to catch up with friends :)
    Sunday was great too, went to the Shrine of Remembrance with a bunch of others and walked through the exhibition inside. Made me a bit sad reading through and seeing all the things the soldiers have had to go through and the impacts on them afterwards. Makes me realise how lucky we are to have what we have today.
    Afterwards I had a date with the lovely lady where we went to the Japanese summer festival at federation square (which was ridiculously busy and not very well managed from what I saw) and then had lunch at a cafe near the river followed by a walk through the Botanic gardens.
    Also managed to fit in a fair bit of Star Wars Battlefront too, up to rank 42 of 50 now.
    A great weekend really :)

    Spent a lot of my weekend swapping between watching the first season of the X-Files and working my way through Bitterblack Isle. Currently sitting around level 75 with a magick archer, have reached what seems to be the final boss, given his far more obvious explanatory lore. Tried him about 10 levels ago, and got him nearly down to half health, but feeling very squishy still - most bosses can one-shot me.

    Saw a lot of hate for Hellhounds online, but I think I've seen them maybe twice? I'm more cursed (thankfully separately) with Garms that one-shot me (tho ricochet bolts absolutely shred them in confined spaces :P) and that Rotwood Depository - my character is short, and the area is filled with water up to my waist, so my lantern gets submerged and goes out five seconds after I light it. Resorted to raising the game brightness just so I could see what was attacking me. :P

    So had a pretty good weekend; Saturday was with the mrs; managed to get to level 5 with her in Diablo 3.... something tells me we're like a year away from level 60. Oh well! As with all relationship arguments it's a war of attrition not overwhelming force =P

    Played Danganronpa all of Sunday (man that game is really easy to get lost in!) and also started up some Dawn of War 2. That game has aged surprisingly well. @coldcamv If I'm remembering correctly I wholeheartedly recommend Danganronpa if you're looking for a story oriented game with some detective work (there is a fair bit of hand holding though). If you enjoyed the social aspects of Persona games then this comes with a very high recommendation. It's kind of weird but you actually get kind of attached to the cast as you make it through each chapter.

      If it didn't have all them weird puzzles during the murder trial i'd of liked the game a whole lot more, but yeah highly recommendable.

        Yeah I'm on Chapter 4 now and the last puzzle dragged on for a while longer than I would've liked. The mini-games are more annoying than enjoyable; but given they're like 5% of the whole experience so far I'm not complaining.

      I found DOW2 seriously underwhelming. The base building was the highlight of the DOW series for me, with Dark Crusade being the pinnacle of the series. Soulstorm was a bit shitty, but at least I could build stuff damnit!

        I loved the original DOW but yeah, the expansions weren't great I thought. There was a massive difficulty spike in one of them which killed it for me. I'm not sure which one it was though.

        Yeah the biggest issue with the 2 series was the first game was essentially a RTS however the second is more like a squad based RPG. If you look at them as two separate genres it's a lot more enjoyable. My only gripe is no Tau race :(

          There IS a Tau Commander in Last Stand who is extremely fun.

          Yeah. Dawn of War 2 is a fantastic game but as a sequel it's not right. Sort of like Zelda II.

        Dark Crusade is what introduced me to the Necrons, and I haven't played any other race since then, I'd pick them every time in the game. Getting relics with any other race, yeah you get a big unique unit that's pretty cool, but the Necrons? Nah! Their headquarters becomes a fricken d(r)eadnought that's slow moving and creates almost screen sized green explosions everywhere!

          I dunno man... the Squiggoths are pretty cool, and Baneblades are pretty boss.

          But yeah, Necrons are so broken in that game. Run an infantry army in > soften the enemy up > lose army > resurrection orb them all back to life > watch people cry. Never gets old.

            Necrons are broken?? Please how broken were the Sisters of Battle or w/e they were called. That shit was ridiculous.

              I never got into Soulstorm... it just struck me as a step backwards from DC - more annoying, not as fun.

              What did the Sisters have? I know on the campaign they had the invulnerability aura which was annoying to deal with.

            I always ran infantry with tomb spiders in the back collecting corpses and making more to add back to the front line infantry. I never used the resurrection orb (Didn't even know it was the powerful)

        I think I played maybe two or three hours of Retribution - the one billed as being DoW's take on Dark Crusade - as Tyranids, with its so-called improved focus on base-building. Pah.

        I actually regret that purchase. Whatever I paid, it was too much.

    So Master of Orion is super exciting. Sure, it's in early access, so it's a little buggy and there are a bunch of features missing, but there's a lot to love there. The fact that it comes with the original 2 games (plus the third one, of which we shall never speak again) is just icing on the cake.

    I can see why there's been a bit of backlash - introducing star lanes rather than being able to travel anywhere from anywhere (depending on fuel range) is a bold choice, and not everyone will like it, but I think being able to plan around chokepoints offers a strategic aspect that wasn't in the previous games (where you basically had to militarize every system).

    Sooo pumped to see how this plays out. The voice acting is some of the best I've heard in a game, and I can't wait until the new race voiced by Robert Englund is patched in.

      *Throws wallet at screen*

        That was me on Friday. CBA had a problem with Netbank, so I couldn't log in to see if I'd been paid and I was freaking out because I'd set aside all of Friday night to play it. Luckily I got to an ATM, saw my pay there, and rushed home and bought it straight away.

        Like... I don't know if I'm seeing it through rose-tinted glasses because MOO2 was such a big part of my childhood, but I am in love with this game. Wargaming seem to be taking the right steps to make it a bit more accessible without toning down the complexity too much, so yeah... for the moment, tentative 2 thumbs up.

        Last edited 29/02/16 1:17 pm

          Ok Bought. Wait's til home time

            Now I have this lingering existential dread that you aren't going to like it and I just made you waste $50 and OH GOD IT'S ALL MY FAULT WHAT HAVE I DONE!?

            Last edited 29/02/16 4:21 pm

      I never played the original stuff but the voice cast alone makes me want to get it.

        I know right. I am picking races based on who voiced them. Next up - Psilons, featuring Alan Tudyk! After that, the sultry tones of Robert de Lancie will guide me through a terran playthrough, before finishing with the sci-fi big daddy - Mark Hamill and the Alkari.

        What a time to be alive.

      It looks great but I'm not forking over $60 to help test their alpha.

        I was going to buy MOO2 anyway from GOG, so I figured why not. I also want access to the bonus race, because Robert Englund is boss.

    Morning Everyone,

    What a weekend hey anyone watch that sportsball game yesterday with that alien from the planet Curry? Fantastic effort hey.

    Great news is the new pokemon games look good one day i will get around to finishing the originals though (i am a monster i know) not sure which one i should fully sink my teeth into first though red,yellow or blue thoughts?

    Sadly the better half and i had to start a gofundme page to get to Melbourne for medical treatment for the older child, Hate asking people for cash makes me feel like a failure as a worker and in some parts a man (although not being able to do most manly tasks probably eliminates me from that anyway). Brighter side the quicker we get the funding the faster we get the said treatment and we can live our happy lives.

      So like... does this gofundme page have a link?

        Yes it does sorry i probably should of linked it.

        Anyone that does fund it thank you so much it means a lot to my wife and i and if you cannot at least think about and discuss organ donation with your loved ones.

        Last edited 29/02/16 2:26 pm

          I honestly can't understand why you wouldn't be an organ donor. They're no good to you once you've expired, but they could save someone else's life.

    Another thing I remembered. I unknowingly put the chain on the door of our house on Saturday night. My brother couldn't get in and started bashing on the door. My mum got up but by the time she had gotten to her doorway, my brother had broken the door frame.
    I ended up fixing it. I usually end up fixing my fathers DIY mistakes and now I'm fixing up my brothers crap.

      Why not just try calling someone in the house? I thought mobile phones were invented a few years ago? =P

        Logic + Scree's brother = Tear in space time continuum

          I think I'm starting to understand why her name sounds like a never ending scream.

            Think of it as less of a scream and more of a screech

    My competition drought is broken!!!
    I just won a Legacy Megazord from Banai Namco!!!

    OMG ALL THE EXCITE!!! *sqquueeee*

    so I had medical lasers shot at my eyes. By a doctor, even! and now I have 20/20 vision. But I didn't gain the ability to shoot lasers out of my eyes. So, really, it was a waste of time.

    Last edited 29/02/16 2:47 pm

      I've been told (admittedly, years ago) that you need to have had a stable prescription for some time else your eyes will just continue to degrade and the surgery is wasted. That doesn't seem to be a concern these days and people seem to just accept that their eyesight will probably not stay perfect and they may have to have another surgery in a few years. As someone whose prescription has never stabilised and my eyes are only getting worse every year, I can't say that the prospect is not without some appeal to me, to just do it.

      Can you share your thoughts/experience in this area, and provide some insight into the cost?

        There's an ideal time, which would have been about 10 years before I did it but they didn't want to touch people with my prescription back then...

        I'm just hoping for 3 or 4 years before reading glasses enter my life. :)

        I'm a young'un, so I was told the same thing by my optometrist. I got a second opinion and went to a pre-operation assessment and was told that it's true that prescriptions change, but it's not a steep decline as it is a slight curve over time, and so laser eye surgery wasn't out of the question.

        Considerable thought should be given if you're going to strain your eyesight considerably after the operation (being at uni, for instance. All of the people I know in uni that have thought about eye surgery has been told to consider doing so after school. Heavy work in front of a computer is also a toss-up, as well.)

        An upside to doing it young is that you'll heal far quicker than if you'd be doing it at a younger age (My situation: one day completely blind, but otherwise cleared for everyday activities, and the next few weeks are full of eyedrops and wearing sunglasses 24/7. They have a specific schedule laid out for you on what you can do day after day..) So age definitely plays against you.

        The eventuality of your vision degrading again after surgery is definitely considered, and mostly accepted, as you said. It's definite that I'll need reading glasses in the future, at the very least. The very good thing is, at no additional cost am I insured for future surgeries should my eyesight drop heavily, but I'm afraid I've no idea of how steep the decline has to be before I'm cleared for another surgery (and consultations to determine so cost you.)

        I went for bog-standard LASIK, although my operation was slightly different as my eyes (MY SPECIAL EYES) had to undergo a slightly different procedure, which I'm sure bumped up the cost a bit, sitting at a pretty 3 grand. Quotes I got from other places were pretty much the same, actually. A grand plus per eye is to be expected.

        I'm happy with it; I'm treating it as a investment, etc, etc. And since I've now put actual monetary worth on my eyes, I'll be treating them far more carefully in the future. Better lifestyle choices and all that.

        Last edited 29/02/16 3:18 pm

          Thanks for the comprehensive response. :)

          Definitely something to think about.

        I had LASIK done when I was 22 (I'm now 35). At the time my prescription had been stable for about 2 years. I made the trip to Bondi Junction with my Mum (we got LASIK at the same time) and it cost about $5,000 neat. I'm glad I had it done when I was younger because it was easier to bounce back.

        My vision was 20/20 for about a year before I started getting headaches. I'm an accountant so I work with computers a lot so that obviously didn't help. I had to get reading glasses but my distance vision was still ok.

        Over the past 13 years my eyes have deteriorated but it was gradual. Compared to when I was a teenager and couldn't focus more than a few metres away I'm still doing good.

      You should ask for a refund and that you'd like your old eyesight back.

      How are the eyes? :)

        God. I can see things in the distance and I'm all like "Wow, I can see things in the distance." It's something, for sure.

          heheh I was all like Wow I can see... stuff! That's several feet away!

          I had a low base to start from...

      Can you at least bleed from them - because that could be really cool.

      I mean, you can sit in a food court, turn to a child and go "Hailll satan".... *eye blood*

        I *could,* but I've been told if that were ever to happen, things would get pretty, as my doctor so casually said, "fucking bad."

      I wish I could do that. Instead I got bright lights and yellow fluid dropped in mine for an hour then had to take a week off work and I still can't see right. :(

    I came third in the small Warmachine tournament. Was expecting to come fourth.

    Been playing a lot of Smite as well. I kinda see the appeal of these types of games but I find the maps to be very limited.

    Last edited 29/02/16 3:28 pm

      Oh nice.
      Still haven't had a chance to try Warmachine - might give it a go at PAX this year if anyone is showing it off.
      What army were you playing?


        and I doubt if it will be at PAX. It wasn't last year. Good thing too since I didn't bring my case.

          I thought i saw some Warmachine set up on a couple of tables?
          I know at the first PAX Aus they were doing A LOT of tutorials for it, which was cool.

          I really like the look of menoth. really cool knights templar vibe to them.
          Cryx are the ones that first caught my attention though. Except Bonejacks looks fucking stupid. haha

            I checked around and I don't remember anything.

            You choose Cryx if you don't want friends anymore.

    Whoa. The return of force-feedback joysticks??

      I loved my sidewinder FF pro.

        Does it actually work with anything? Or at least, anything made after [some point in time around its release/discontinuation which I assume is a good while back]?

          No. Hence the past tense. I still have it, but as I don't have a discrete sound card with "game port" it's a chocolate teapot now. It was brilliant for Combat Flight Sim and Freespace back in the day.

          I use an X52 Pro now for the space-based pew pews.

            Hey I think I have one of them game port thingies probably :P

              Haha would you like a Sidewinder FF Pro with a UK power adapter then? ;)

                Maybe. I do kinda have a thing for peripherals :P

    @tech_knight @redartifice @beeawwb @freezespreston Unfortunately I have come down with a cold so I won't be able to run Pathfinder tonight. Sorry about this guys.

      Oh shit- that reminds me - i need to pick up that humble bundle!

      It wasn't because of the goblin puke was it? :P

      All good Popdart, get well soon man :)

      @tech_knight @redartifice @beeawwb @freezespreston: you guys need to give me a summary of what's gone on in that since our last session together.

        Say this in one deep breath as fast as you can.

        We accepted a contract to investigate some whales that were being beached. Whales don't belong on land. We got on board a whaling vessel, which was not on the moon, but they did carry a harpoon. Drewan likes to climb to the crow's nest. Climbing is fun. On our way there we got attacked by a giant squid. There was lots of fighting and Lundgredolph jumped on top of the squid and was about to get pulled under when a team effort for attacks of opportunity between ... Abelas? Lundredolph? somebody ... and Drewan - he clawed the squid for 3 damage. HELPING! \o/ killed it. Then we made it to the beach. Also did you know that whales are mammals, not fish? Drewan does. Drewan also thinks that the whales are being thrown on to the beach and then dragged inland by a tribe of villagers who want to corner the inland market for whale goods like blubber and oil. It's not inefficient. It's inewhalent. Because mammals, remember? We went inland and there were lots of symbols of the fish tribe and also some writings in Druid which nobody knows how to write or speak. Silly druid people, why don't they share? There's stuff further inland that we need to investigate.

          So equal parts Moby Dick and Shadow Over Innsmouth?

            With a few lightning bolts including one that got the squid inside its mouth for major damage!

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