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    I wanna protest against SERVER MAINTENANCE times. We always get shafted. Only time this week I have to play The Division is now and it's down until 11pm!

    Why does every goddamn fucking game have to run it's server downtime during AEST peak play time. If they did this shit in the US they'd lose their shit! I know we are a much smaller player base, but it's literally every game; always the same time. I bet there's a dozen games that are down right now.

    Who's going to stand up for us and have a go at the industry about this? It's been going on for too long.

    I'm mad. haha... RRRRRRR!

      Because no one gives two shits about us Aussies, and they're arseholes.

      Actually, Ubisoft have said they are looking into alternative server maintenance times.

      Then again, this is Ubisoft so you can't really take anything they say to heart. =P

      I get that maintenance is essential to games like this and that they don't want a version imbalance, I really get that. The thing that I don't get is that it's not like anyone outside of ANZ has access to the ANZ servers, what does it matter if we're playing an outdated version for a few hours? Stuff like this would be a scripted process anyway, why not just task schedule them for 3am at whatever local time the servers are using?

      I just don't get why so many online games find it necessary to do it on Tuesday night. It'd be nice if they could at least stagger the shutdowns between them so that if you want to hop from the other you don't get the exact same maintenance message.

    I'm home after 2 weeks in WA. Will probably do a write up some time tomorrow as I'm too tired to do it now. For now, I'll say I had fun but I am so glad to be home to sleep in my own bed and have a proper shower.

      It can be the most expensive, ergonomically-superior bed in the world... but nothing beats the feeling of sleeping in your own bed.


      *gasp* Man I never grabbed the last window which was the sequel. I really loved Cing's games. I don't think there was one I didn't enjoy. I was sad when they split.

      Last edited 16/03/16 9:31 am

        I still haven't gotten around to it. Nor Another Code R :P

          The only two Cing games I don't own are Again and The last window, both of which were not released in Australia

            I totally forgot that I have Again sitting there too >.>

              *shakes fist at you* I would buy it, but money.

                The strong dollar a few years back was pretty great, along with opportunistic sales. I think I might've grabbed both it and 999 from Play-Asia at the same time, like 20-30ish each.

                Oh man I totally forgot they were the ones behind Little King's Story. Now I'm sad again.

                  Yeah, but at least New Little King's story was good.
                  Again is $30 Aus from US.
                  The last window is $75 Aus from the UK

                  Last edited 16/03/16 9:49 am

      Huh, I've been playing hotel dusk for the past week on the daily commute, it's been pretty interesting, though the stylus controls are sometimes annoying in puzzles

      Last edited 16/03/16 8:35 am

        You can use the calibrate function to help if you need to but the 3ds has much better input then the original DS

          Just some inaccuracy on some things made some puzzles difficult to actually solve, even resulted in game overs at times.
          My major gripe on this game so far is that it's horribly railroading me along.
          For Example:
          Getting the wine label to Helen, Rosa tells me about giving all the labels to the three that asked to take them up to their rooms for her, other two being Iris and Martin, but the game doesn't allow me to collect those labels, at all, ever. I was hoping I could use this chance to smooth over some already ruffled feathers and maybe they'll be more open with me next time I talk to them (Especially Iris), but the moment I go over to the next bottle to use the Adhesive Remover, I get "Not going to get anywhere using this right now", wait... why? You just did it less than 2 minutes ago on Helen's one, why not?! Same happened to the third bottle too. Seriously I noted this down in my book in terms of who had what, for nothing? Not even gonna bother, just leaving this awkwardness hanging in the air?
          Got quite annoying there, also apparently I missed the chance to get change to solve the vending machine puzzle, pretty shitty reasoning there, can't simply just ring the front desk to get it done at any time? Urgh!

            That sort of stuff does suck, but the game was made by a small company and it's an old game

              I do love the sort of moving manga art style with the characters though, so there's that.

                Yeah. They seemed to experiment with each game

    New phone get! :D

      Is it windows?

        Nope. Another iOS phone. I'm too invested in the iOS environment to go anywhere else sadly.

          Oh, boo. I really like my windows phone. =P

            Haha, I wanted to try Windows Phone like 6 years ago, but Telstra never sent dad the Windows Phone he asked for on contract so I never got to try it.

              That sucks. I'm pretty happy with my windows phone. I tried Samsung and it was okay but there was a lot of bloat ware. When my brother destroyed the samsung, i knew I didn't want another one. My only real option was the windows phone, but I liked it so much that I got another one when I upgraded

                Yeah if I was going to go to another phone OS i'd pick Windows I am sure.

                  It gets a bad rap and people tend to ignore it, which is a pity.

                I get it when app developers were not supporting it, but now it has some pretty decent app support, I can't see why people would give it a bad rap now though.

    Hi Gooky,
    Thanks for your order!
    This email confirms that we've received your preorder of the Oculus Rift.
    Order Number: XXXXXXXXXX
    Oculus Rift ($0.00 ) x 1 = $0.00
    Taxes, Surcharges and Fees: Applicable shipping, taxes and duties will be added to and charged in your payment upon shipment of the unit.
    Order Total: $0.00
    Tracking #: (will be assigned when your order ships)
    *spins around on floor*

    *drills hole through to next level*

    Last edited 16/03/16 9:38 am

    Ha, I got an email from the Metallica store the other night telling me about some 'garage sale' they were having, I had a look fully thinking prices would be outrageous & not worth it, including shipping. Nope. They have sooo much stuff discounted heavily, that's worth it, shirts from as little as $3 (none in my size though /sad). I managed to pick up the 2 disc bluray (which is region free afaik) of The Big 4 live in Sofia Bulgaria for 4 bucks, holy shit that is still $30+ here!! I also saw they had these fancy earplugs that are designed for concerts that let you hear everything clear as day and not damage your hearing so I snagged a pair of those as well, because a) I desperately need a pair for & b) they were the cheapest I had seem them at 10 bucks. And the best part was shipping was only $7 which is so reasonable for stuff coming from the states.

    Spahgett's last song played game

    Tis a pity she was a whore by David Bowie

    Also a bit of the latest Jimquisition

    So tired this morning, so tired

      Couldn't remember what I was listening to yesterday afternoon, Spotify tells me I was listening to Frenzal Rhomb and the last track was Mum Changed the Locks.

      Starboard Cannons - Getting Somewhere.

      I love Starboard Cannons. Band from Mullumbimby, masters at the art of storytelling through song. 'Alt. Folk', 'Australiana Roots', and 'Celtic Colonial' are just some of the ways their music has been described. I feel like writing up album reviews for them.

      Tracy W. Bush - AFS Base (from the Tabula Rasa MMO soundtrack).

      ...I miss Tabula Rasa.

      Singstar with the 3 year old, so it was:
      Everybody wants to be a cat, from The Aristocats

    So, PSvr. Thoughts? Feelings?

    On the face of it it seems much better value at half the cost of the Rift with not too much worse specs. Especially if like me you would need a gpu upgrade.
    The question I think is gonna be the software available. No Man's Sky is apparently not supported so it could be pretty limited in the kind of games you can play, possibly to crappy little arcade games.

    Gonna have to wait and see, but it still might be my pick for first gen VR.

      I'm not going to get it, but then I'm a PC person so I'm not really the target.

      FYI, as of November last year this was the list of supported games:

      I got The Gear VR with my new phone for nothing so I'm pretty much sitting with that. Although if they were to confirm NMS for PSVR I would be very interested. particularly with that price and the fact I already have the Camera

      Not for me
      I don't have a PS4 so I could get a Vive/Rift for the same cost as PSVR+PS4
      I'm dubious about the quality of the PSVR and the power of the PS4 to deliver on it. Considering we always seem to her of issues with sub 30 fps on games anyway adding VR is going to be problematic

      UIs seem to be getting smaller and smaller, and this is cheaper (and more space-efficient) than getting a bigger TV, so I'll probably get it for the cinema mode (performance pending, of course) if nothing else, and hope for some cool games for it in the future.

        Intravenous feeding tube and some sort of ex-NASA toilet and you'll be the Lawnmower Man.

      I understand why it doesn't come with everything required to play but I think that's going to burn them a little. Consoles are great for roping in a wider range of players, but they're also the players who need every cord to be in the box. When you accidentally send them back to the store or just generally inconvenience them you run the risk of souring them on the technology.
      For instance the time between plugging in an XBOX One and playing it kills a lot of people's enthusiasm for their new console. The N64 not having an RF cable coupled with availability issues on the RF cable was a nightmare. The PS3 not including a HDMI cable in the box was... weird. It's the whole 'batteries not included' thing.
      If I were in Sony's shoes I'd firmly establish the price for the VR unit on it's own, then only sell it in a same priced bundle that comes with the camera and Move controller (I'm sure they've got a whole warehouse full of them gathering dust, which probably doesn't bode well for the PSVR. =P). They'd run into the same problem as the XBOX One/Kinect did where people who don't need the camera/controller think it would cost less without the parts they don't want, but I think the amount of players who own the camera and controller who would be annoyed by this is relatively small compared to the amount of players whose first experience with VR is going to be going back to the store to spend more money.

      I'd be interested to know what the other VR companies think about it. PSVR is cheap, but it's still expensive enough that people aren't going to put off passing judgement on the technology based on the PSVR's performance.

        I believe Sony has said they will "work with retailers to provide bundles" regarding the camera/move.
        I'm fine with it being stand alone. I don't have the extras but neither am I interested in the move controllers for the time being.

        I don't think it will be too bad re your second point. It might be less powerful but stuff will be well optimised for it.
        And I think VR really does need a cheaper Everyman option to compliment the Rift/Vive high end "this is what it really can do" option. Otherwise it will forever be just a niche peripheral for enthusiasts.

      In all honesty, the PSVR had the most immersive, and by far the most fun experience out of the Vive and the Rift, I got to try all three.
      The resolution is lower, but the screen door doesn't look as bad, maybe it is because of their OLED screen?
      Not sure, but of the reviews I've read, most seem to be saying the same, that the PSVR actually was the most enjoyable of the three.

      Now obviously the PC solutions let you throw a 980Ti or better in your computer for better graphics (but the card alone costs more than the PSVR), but I feel like Sony 'gets' what makes a good VR experience and is working with developers along that tack.
      The initial software lineup looks good, Project Cars and Driveclub and Eve Valkyrie will keep me busy for a while.

      I think it is the best option of the three, I currently own a DK1 and DK2, and will be getting the PSVR, and giving the other solutions a miss for the first few generations.

        Good to hear.
        I think that cements it for me. Might even start looking around for the camera and such.

    Hrm... ABS isn't going to be destroying identifying data collected with this year's census. "It'll be stored separately from the census data..." they say, which is good, because people certainly won't bother trying to hack both sets of data; and public servants with access to both sets definitely wouldn't ever engage in unauthorised access of that data.
    Surely the great risk here is that it'll degrade the quality of census data if people know it's not anonymous, and the census data is so critically important.

      I haven't had a look into this other than saw it flagged the it wouldn't be anonymous.
      Has anything been said in terms of why it is suddenly not anonymous?

        Minitrue says that it'll allowed for better services.

          Anything on the how it will be better or is it just pie in the sky style blanket statements

            The Australian Bureau of Statistics has decided to retain names and addresses collected in the 2016 Census of Population and Housing in order to enable a richer and dynamic statistical picture of Australia through the combination of Census data with other survey and administrative data.
            Whilst the Census has always been valuable in its own right, when used in combination with other data the Census can provide even greater insight. Some examples are:
            The combination of Census data and education data can provide insight into employment outcomes from the various educational pathways available to Australians, and
            The combination of Census data and health data can help improve Australia’s understanding and support of people who require mental health services and assist with the design of better programs of support and prevention.
            The retention of addresses will also support the ABS Address Register enabling more efficient survey operations, reducing the cost to taxpayers and the burden on Australian households.
            This decision has been informed by public submissions, public testing and the conduct of a Privacy Impact Assessment.


              That actually makes a whole lot of sense
              Man I would love to get hold of that data and be given free reign to hunt for random patterns

              Well... as far as providing context for stats goes, they're not wrong.

              Still a pretty damn huge risk.

                Given that it is a risk, I would like to see more justification that the benefit from that context greatly outweighs the corruption of the data from people not answering truthfully.

                  Yeah. They're probably going to have to come up with a more PR-friendly reason than the real one. ie: "I'm not sure you people realize how much privacy is just an illusion anyway; we can get some real results for the sacrifice of something that doesn't even exist."

                  Yeah, that's been my conclusion. At first I was concerned but after some consideration, between facebook, google and the government, they already have almost all the information that'll come up in the census.
                  Surely an opt-out system, with an education campaign, would achieve the best of both worlds?

              But if you give people an opt-out system, then they might actually... y'know. Opt-out. And that'd fuck up the data!

                In a census massively. And certainly if specific demographics have a much higher rate of opt-out than others.
                Trying to track medical data to disease incidents and your vaccination information is worthless because the same people that think 'big pharma' is poisoning people with vaccines are the same ones who don't trust the government because they will replace people they fear with lizard people wearing human skins.

      There is a good write up in The Drum. Which even points out that previous Liberal governments have quickly and promptly stomped on requests to store identifying data.

      This coupled with how far out of touch the NSW Lib's are - I get the feeling the conservative parties are falling apart at the seams.

      It's strange - Google and Facebook probably know as much about me already as I'd give the ABS in the census. But for some reason, I feel less comfortable giving the ABS my name/address etc when I happily give that to Google and Facebook.

        Actually... I'm happy to let Google and Facebook know where I am pretty much 24/7.

        Checking your location history on Google is always an eye opener...

        For anyone who wants to see their own:

          Doesn't work. It asks me to sign in. With an account I don't have :P

          And I don't like using facebook links either, will generally open them in a private window if I have to. I don't like anyone having my data if I can help it. Actually I do most of my things from a small number of fixed locations, I always only ever used MSN or Skype from my home PC for example. So I guess at the very least someone knows the times when I am at home, or when I'm either out or asleep.

          Nothing, I use duck, duck go, and am not on Facebook.

        That's because neither of those parties explicitly give you a choice in the matter. You see it in finance all the time; people will happily pay commissions if they aren't provided a choice in the matter but the moment it becomes a discussion even a $100 fee takes forever to bring them on-board. It's why all the dodgy planners caught out previously on commission based financial products jumped ship and now palm off mortgages or insurance products instead.

        tl;dr - Choice creates resistance. Remove the choice and people play along.

        At least you know what they will do with it: use the metadata to sell to advertisers. And you can be sure they also know a thing or two about encryption and data storage.

        Whereas our government is technologically retarded and side with the US in thinking encryption is the devil and privacy is for people with something to hide.
        And god knows what ill advised, half thought out and poorly implemented plan they will come up to use our personal data for, likely leaking it to every vaguely interested party by accident in the process.

      Yes. At the very least, it should be opt-out. Better to be opt-in.

      UK keeps some of the personal information under the "100-year" rule, on the basis that it'll be useful to demographers and genealogists of the future, which is fair enough.

    Played Cosmic encounter online with @trjn , @redartifice @cj and my brother last night.
    I Was so out of it I forgot to update my score as we played. so when I Did a negotiation with red I won. So funny. Sorry for sorta not really cheating!

      I stand by my first comment when I realised what you'd done.

      Fuck you Chris.


        Love you too Red :p

        Steve wants to play again by the way.

          He seemed confused by the whole affair.

          I'm up for playing again, but dear god tabletop simulator is clunky

            Oh yes. But I think its still running better than it used to.

              I haven't tried it since it was early access and there was basically only a few mods for it.
              Is it much different and do they have some for of 'snap to' support now

    Devastated my bank (Bank of Queensland) doesn't support Apple Pay yet =(

      Do any banks support it yet?

      I work in one of the majors and so far I've heard zero information on us supporting it.

      NFC is already done on the banks apps on Android at least. PayPal takes care of my streamlined/express checkout. It does bring new features to the table that would be good to see - boarding passes, gift card value etc.

      My understanding is that most banks in Australia want to share a much smaller portion of the already smaller interchange fee charged when a transaction happens. Given interchange fees are unlikely to go up. I wonder how long Apple will hold out before negotiating a deal that suits Australia... Unless Apple unlocks the NFC on the 6S so the banks can use it for their own apps... It only took 4 years for Google to do it...

        Apparently no. It's only shit like AMEX & QANTAS credit cards so boo. Just with me i'm more likely to forget my wallet than my phone. Like today, I went to work left wallet at home & had no money on me when I got to work, which was frustrating lol.

        But yeah, you're right on the money with the fee thing.

        Haha, it'd only take my bank another 5 or so years to do something like that if Apple allow such. Since they only *just* brought out an iOS App, the twits.

    Crap. I spaced out and forgot that even though I came in to work early to wait for someone I actually have a ton of work to do here. I went straight into killing time mode and wasted two hours... smooth start to the day.

      Pffft. Who goes to work to do actual work?

    So last night was mod hunting in XCOM 2, now the Tech Knight soldiers all have halo helmets on and speak like Space Marines, killing aliens and ADVENT in the name of the Emperor, it's just the best! :)

    Last edited 16/03/16 11:28 am

    Pretty good comparison of costs between the big three, assuming you're starting without any existing equipment:

    VR sure is pricey. Though PSVR still comes out of it quite well, comparatively.

    *hits klaxon*



      What. WHAT?!
      I was expecting Q4. That's awesome.

      Goddamit all the games are coming out in May/June :O D=. I better start saving my time off. So right now May is - Total War, Uncharted, Overwatch, Stellaris and June has No Man's Sky..... Sorry Overwatch you get the boot.

        Stellaris, Uncharted, and Mirror's Edge in May for me

          You mis-spelt Warhammer..... it's ok thought I understand the excitement of Stellaris's release date might have addled your senses =P

            You didn't even write Warhammer.

            Also, ew, Warhammer, gross.

            Last edited 16/03/16 2:47 pm

    Well, I should be able to play WWE 2K16 by 11pm tonight. :D

    Oh Gawd. Theres a big black crate that has a ps4 logo on it in my office across from my desk.

    Spoilered because politics and this is making my see red.

    Can these MPs behave any more like a bunch of spoilt 9 year olds?

    They wanted a review of the Safe Schools program. Review gets done. Findings say program is good, fits the aim of the national curriculum and makes a few reasonable recommendations.

    And the conservative righteous idiots come out saying the report is rubbish and the terms of reference were too narrow because it wasn't the report they wanted.

    I cannot believe we somehow elected these fuckwits to be our representatives.

      Yeah, it's utterly pathetic bully behaviour. How it must feel to be a GLBTI kid at the moment.

      These are the same dickheads who want an exemption from discrimination laws for the plebiscite. Dear Gods, that's going to be a shitshow

        They react this badly to a report/inquiry - what happens if they get the exemption and someone calls them a nasty name?

        Shitshow is the only way to describe it. It'll be the same as a trip to the zoo... watching adult mammals fling shit at each other... just cos.

        Without an exemption how will the dollop of spineless puddles punch down on all those annoying minorities?

      What is interesting is that some of them are saying "We gave them a very tight specification of review" which reads to me as if to say, "We told them to reccomend scrapping the fucking thing, why didnt they?"

        I'm hoping (probably in vain) that somewhere along the process Turnbull flexed some muscle to make sure report was... reasonable? unbiased?

        Or am I asking for too much here...

        Last edited 16/03/16 3:22 pm

          Given Birmingham is the Ed Minister, it probably was quite reasonable.

      It's like the stupid halal inquiry and the wind farms inquiry. Certain stupid politicians believe that they're correct but they have to go through the process of having someone else confirm their stupidity. Turns out they get really angry when everyone else doesn't support them.

      You're right. They're basically little kids having temper tantrums because they were told stuff they didn't want to hear.

      This is a genuinely serious question. Why are politicians not required to pass an IQ/social intellect test before they take office? Don't we have something similar before kids can apply to study medicine?

        Because many of them would do quite well on that scale. Hell half of them are lawyers.
        A morals and empathy test might give different results

          Yeah, it says a lot that Ricky Muir is one of the most sensible elected officials we have right now.

        At the very least some kind of basic economics course. I think it was 1997 when Pauline Hanson stood up in Parliament and asked why we weren't solving our foreign debt problem by printing more money and using that to pay our debt.

      Probably a good thing you haven't seen Christensen's latest attack. Absolutely appalling.

    Oh damn. And here I am still yet to play even one of them >_>

    Strategy/Simulation/Management games, go!
    Conceptually, I like the idea of something like Sins of the Solar Empire, but I tried playing Rebellion and just couldn't get into it. I've played plenty of Prison Architect since around halfway through its alpha, but I'm growing tired of it. Played plenty of Crusader Kings 2 but, like Prison Architect, it's time to move onto something else. When I get home, I'll go through my steam library and try and narrow things down...

      Children of the Nile
      Reus if you are after something light and shorter in timeframe
      Endless legend is apparently good and could work for you, there is a set turn limit so you don't just hit an endless stalemate

        I totally max out the turn limit and I can't remember if I found a mod to disable it. I like me the loooooong game.

          If you did can you send me the name? Don't think I managed to find one with an unlimited turn limit for EL.

        Children of the Nile is the (kinda) sequel to Pharaoh, isn't it? I couldn't get past the early 3d graphics - I do love going back to Pharaoh and Caesar every now and then.
        Long time Civ fan, regularly play 5 and occasionally go back and play Alpha Centauri; Beyond Earth makes me sad.
        Endless legend looks fun, might have to go watch a Let's Play of both that and of Reus - cheers!

          yeah I got it because I remember playing Caesar 2 (I think that version) and enjoying it but when I went back to get it it was too dated. So CotN was my replacement caesar. It is rather good, I went through and completed all the campaigns, All the DLC and all the achievements.
          But of your list I would give Tropico a go which is similar in style to Caser/CotN but a bit more financially focus, but not in a bad way

      Go with some 'lite' strategy games, like Europa Universalis 4! :D

      Orrrrrrr on a more realistic answer, for ultra-lite, try Kaiju-A-GoGo.
      Step it up a little? I recommend Game Developer Tycoon. Very 'one more turn'ish.
      Wanna get more into 4X territory? Endless Space is pretty damn great, and if you start hankering a little more depth there's always the classic Galactic Civilization 2. (I haven't actually tried 3 yet, even though I own it.)

      Entirely unrelated:
      I was trying to find my games library by doing a google search of my steam community profile, and I stumbled across my screenshots library. ...I'm bloody hilarious. Or at least, Mass Effect 2 is, unintentionally.

      Last edited 16/03/16 5:49 pm

        Haha, "lite". Tried EUIV, but I always end up going back to CKII. Just put both Game Dev Tycoon and Endless Space on my wishlist. Thanks!

      Alright, so strategy and sim games in my library:
      Age of Empires 2, Banished, Cities: Skylines, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes 2, DEFCON, Democracy 2, Empire: Total War, Europa Universalis IV, Expeditions: Conquistador, FTL, Goat Simulator, Medieval 2: Total War, Papers Please, Prison Architect, Sid Meier's Civ III, Sid Meier's Civ IV, Sid Meier's Civ V, Sid Meier's Beyond Earth, Sid Meier's Railroads, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellon, Smugglers V, Stronghold 3, This War of Mine, Total War: Shogun 2, Tropico 4, Tropico V, XCOM 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Zafehouse: Diaries.

        Ooh! Play DEFCON! It's short. And depressing. So depressing.

        Papers, Please is less a strategy game as much as a memory tester timed puzzle game. But it's still an excellent use of your time.

        You should be doing XCOM if you haven't. You should be doing XCOM now.

          Playing plenty of XCOM2 at the moment, but it's time for something new. DEFCON has nothing on This War of Mine, for depression.

            Yeah. I'm not getting that version with children. Just not happening.

    You're in the know, right?

    So i've had my new phone (iPhone 6S) for about 12 hours now. Really enjoying it, it's nice to be using an iPhone that is the latest & greatest which is insanely snappy.

      As much as I used to love my apple phones I now really hate my apple phones =,= But enjoy the new phone feeling =P

        Haha. First time i've ever owned a brand new smartphone. I feel so adult haha. Bought it outright too which is nice.

          Yeah I know the feeling; I was walking around with an ancient flip phone motorola a few years back. Fast forward 6 months in a waitering job and I go and sign up for an iphone plan =P It's a very intuitive phone but it's kind of life facebook; you really need to sink your teeth into it to make sure it's not doing/recording/helping with stuff you don't want it to.

          I switched away from them primarily because after using 3 generations of the phone I realized the company wasn't innovating at all outside of a hardware perspective. And that's not a characteristic I want from my tech. So swapped to Samsung for the first time towards the end of last year.

            Haha yeah. I bought mine outright because well Telstra couldn't offer me a good data option with a phone, but could with a sim only plan, the jerks.

            Fair enough, everyones different. I don't think I could ever switch to Android & like the idea that my phone whether it be a flagship model or otherwise might not get updated the following year OS wise or the fact i'd have to wait for the carrier to approve the update, that I find annoying & problematic. Then again last time I used Android was when my mate had an S3 I think..

              To be fair I'm not your typical Android user; I'm using the accessibility version of the OS which turns it into a prettier iOS interface =P I'm probably missing out on 60% of the settings I could muck around with but that's ok. It's still faster than my last iPhone and I like the notepad thingy when its in sleep mode on it :D

    Through dangers untold. And hardships unnumbered. I have fought my way here to the castle; beyond the goblin city, to take back the child that you have stolen. My will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great...
    My kingdom as great... my kingdom as great...

    You have no power over me! Begone devil game

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