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    Dear TAY,

    I recently completed Telltale's Game of Thrones and need some advice. Firstly, I haven't watched the show, so I was curious to what extent the game and the show overlap?

    Also, I 've played alot of Telltale games, and generally feel I have a good understanding of what my decisions influence vs what is 'fated'. However, things seemed to go especially bad for the main characters during my playthrough; is there much scope for different outcomes or is it really just a misfortune simulator?

      The game is set between seasons 3 and four- the start of the game is set during season 3 ep nine. Many characters overlap, nothing in the game is referenced in the TV series.

      "Families have a bad time" is GoT in a nutshell.

        Do any families have a good time?

        I tried watching the show and was interested enough, but my wife didn't like it and I choose to game with my alone time.

        I bought the first book but lent it to a guy from work before I read it. He then got a divorce and when I asked for the book back he said it was in the bookshelf of the house he lost in the settlement! He didn't even offer to buy a replacement :(

        So anyway this game is all the GoT I know. I'd be too scared to buy season 2 if they make it though - I didn't have too many characters left alive to continue on with :p

          Well the..., they get

          The Boltons do pretty well out of it all? Other than that everyone else has a bad time.

            Urgh they seem like jerks. Jerks always end up on top eh? Just like real life!

    so. a new bit of DLC came out for Dawn of War 2 this week.

    this has me excited that Relic are still making stuff for the franchise under sega.


      Agh I forgot about this and missed the chance to get this for free :(

        They gave it away? Awww...

        If I got the DLC for free I'd be playing Last Stand this weekend.

          for the first 3 days of release yeah, they did the same with the Tau Commander, now it's 10 dollars, it's too much for something I doubt I'd be playing very much.

        I even told you about it! Dammit techie!

          I know... fracking XCOM... it was all XCOM's fault DAMN IT!
          *throws my XCOM2 holographic case across the room*
          *goes over and picks it up then hugs it* I'm sorry

      Is it the Necron? I had a look at that. Grabbed it for some implausible future, but didn't reinstall. One of my brothers did and noted it's just for one of the skirmish/MP single-unit game modes. (Which betrays their MOBA-lite intentions for the title.)

        tbh, a 40K MOBA is something I'd play.

          pretty sure there is a w40k Moba out? or in early access? It's one of the 10,000 games they're working on.

          There this one :D

            well. thats something i'll be installing then

    Currently listing to 60s-80s music through the closed windows of the office. *sigh* must be the end of O-week...

    In honour of our ol friend @haggis, allow me to drop some Friday goodness.

    A man tried to sell me a coffin the other day.
    I told him that's the last thing I need!

      What do you call a fat psychic?
      A four chin teller

      When people tell me they reckon I'm in the closet, I tell em "It's Narnia business"

      Did you hear about the guy who invented Life Savers?
      He made a mint!

    Was not planning to get up quite this early for amiibo, yet here we are. Brain had other ideas I guess.

    For all those thinking of getting a PS-VR it seems Amazon has listed a "launch Pack" which comes with 2 move controllers and a camera. Assuming we get the same thing here, It might not be worth rushing out and buying the controllers and camera just yet.

    Last edited 19/03/16 9:48 am

      Would have been nice if they had done that two days ago when they put up the listing so I hadn't immediately rushed out and bought a camera and move controllers. :\

    Good afternoon Tay. I'm hoping we can get a comment on the latest legal battles facing Gawker? Does this affect the Australian based sites that are owned by Fairfax?


      @alexwalker PLS

      Last edited 19/03/16 2:24 pm

        That's the only reason I want to know! I love this site and giz/lh and would be saddened and disappointed if it gets sold off to a lesser agency that runs it down or closes.

        At the same time what Gawker over seas did is very bad. And suffice to say the comments in court that he (the owner) has made is appalling.

        @alexwalker are you allowed (legally) to shed any light on the matter?

        Last edited 19/03/16 2:32 pm

          I don't see how they could be sold to a company lesser than Gawker.

          Hopefully they get sold to a company with at least some semblance or a moral compass.

            Well in another matter Fairfax is doing some job cuts. Not sure if it extends as far as allure media though.

            Hopefully this post gets enough comments to attract the staff's attention and we can get some more information.

              Whoa, so many new people to Tay.
              I don't think it will affect us as while we're named after the same webpage, everything else is kind of independent. It may only affect the US variation of the brand, as opposed to the others

                That is the answer I am hoping to hear but awaiting a staff member to say.

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