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    Welcome to another week, tayters!

    I bought pokken tournament because it seemed approachable, and realised I'm as awful at fighting games as ever! I have no feel for spacing or timing, even though I understand it on an intellectual level.

    Maybe it's partly because the ai flops so unpredictably between just standing still and pulling huge combos. I haven't gone online because my internet is still all over the place, and this game actually punishes quitters.

    When I have that sorted, can I count on you guys to demolish me online so I may be rebuilt from the ground up as a fighter?

    Make me hurt!

    NNID: Cubits

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      Oooo, I'll have to add you to my friends list.
      My id is Crazyguy1990. you decided to use the math that gets decimals from divisions.
    3/2 = 1(the number of twos in three) remainder 1
    1/2 = 0 (not so many twos in one) remainder 1
    So 1 becomes 10
    10/2 = 5 (number of twos in ten) remainder 0 (the zero remainder ends the process)
    Solution: 3/2=1.5 (get it?)

    So lets work backward...the remainder becomes a new divided number in our series.
    So as we work backwards...
    x(the first of our unknowns)/2=y (the second unknown) remainder 3
    So here is an algebraic series as the source of 3/2...and yes its a series because 2y+3 (or x) become the next remainder and soforth.
    so go graph x vs y and you get wave functions. ;-)

      You realise that dividing an integer by 2 will never, ever result in a remainder of 3, right?

      This is one confusing explanation.

      Also, wat.

        Don't worry, it doesn't make much sense, and I have a degree in mathematics and teach it for a living.
        He's somehow conflated conversion of improper fractions to decimals with a series producing a waveform, yet his equation only produces a straight line and has no relevance to the fractions.

    Dark Souls fans: Play Salt & Sanctuary.
    Do it. Trust me.

      Picked up Game Dev Tycoon over the weekend, and I think I like it? After some reading, I'm not sure if I understand why the sliders are even there to set development focuses, since there's an optimal setting for each genre of game - why not just have a "Simulation Game" skill that levels up, rather than giving the players the choice to have the chance of making a good game, or the guarantee to make a poor game?

        Ahh, Game Dev Tycoon... I really, really like that one.

        The 'optimal' setting is something that you're meant to discover through trial and error, and market research... like the industry has had to. :) There was something really special about creating my dream RPG (which was something like a mash-up of Mass Effect and Skyrim) selecting the priorities I wanted to see in a game, and seeing it go crazy on the charts. Deeply satisfying.

        Also, I think there's a slight bit of randomization in there to keep you from simply picking a genre and setting its graphics/audio/gameplay sliders to optimal positions and keep getting smash hits. But yeah. Grabbing a list of optimal combinations from a Steam guide can pretty much rob you of that aspect of the simulation.

        Things pick up in complexity later on when you move to significantly larger offices and start developing your own console/platform and hold your own conventions, but there's a while there where you can simply knock out respectable 'optimal' titles which review well and build your fan base, funding your engine improvements.

          I understand what you mean there, and in plenty of other sim/tycoon games I'll happily do that trial and error - when it comes to object placement, room size, primary:secondary industries, etc, I enjoy that - setting sliders isn't something I'd consider a great gameplay element though. I suppose that, because gaming is close to my heart, I find it frustrating that their definitions of things like the individual genres, or the development focuses don't match up with my definitions. I think that, if you were imagine a game like FIFA and a game like Championship Manager, they're both "Sports/Simulation" aren't they?

            This is probably your fault for liking weird things. ;)
            (Actually you can do genre combinations later on, once you research it.)

              I love the old city builder games like Pharaoh and Caesar - you tend to get pretty good feedback on industry optimisation when you have one clay pit and one potter and a storage yard filling up with clay or you see deliverymen stationary outside a building because their destination has a problem. So far in GDT, I've seen that occasionally, not always, if those development sliders are off, a review will mention it - that's the primary way you're going to get feedback on those systems, since the review scores and sales have many other inputs and randomisation to mask what a 20% change in one of those sliders is actually doing.
              Tycoon games are definitely for weirdos. Have you played Sid Meier's Railroads? I love that game, just don't expect me to explain why.

                It's been a while but I think also once you've made some games and done post-release market research, you get little indicators on your sliders; little plus/minus signs which tell you which ones are more important. Probably to reflect your developer's increased experience with the genre.

                And yeah, tycoon games are weird. :)


        Oh, sorry, I was talking to fans of Dark Souls. :)

          I get it, but there's something about the art style that keeps putting me off.

            Try it sometime. Or watch a lengthy let's play. Art considerations go out the window once you're in the meat of it.

    Hey people interested tabletop gaming. So I made the (terrible for my wallet) decision to get back into 40K. And since I have a sizable warehouse I thought I should host some sort of gaming session in a few months (thinking around June/July?). For funsies. None of this power-gaming junk.

    Who is interested in playing some Warhammers in the grimdarks? Loops is keen and may have spare minis for someone to use (who knows what points limit we want to use, suggestions? 1850? 2000? etc etc).

    I'm in Geelong. About two blocks from a train station. Weeeee.

      I've got a few friends that are making the plunge back into 40K and I might take that as a signal to begin my own Necron army. So I'm not ready to play just yet but I'll keep my eyes open for future ones.

        Four months is plenty of time to bring a painted Necron army :P Just prime them all, spray them with Leadbelcher, wash them with nuln oil and you're GOOD TO GO ;)

        Or just use unpainted stuff.

          I've got a lot I need to figure out, like what to start out with (Which I was made aware there's a starter pack on GW and their shop is actually local to me), those point values you mentioned before and reading up on the codex.

            The Start Collecting! boxes are great value. A++.

            So it looks like we're going to go with a nice low 1250 points, fyi. Just something to keep in mind :)

            cc @coldcamv

              Alright, I'll keep that in mind once I get everything sorted then get my list in order in terms of additions to the current army, already got some idea but won't know for sure until later :). Makes it much more affordable for me anyway.

      40k is too expensive for me, unless there's a cheaper alternative to games workshop

        Really depends on what army you're after. Army choice can mean fewer models or more options with 3rd party minis. Also ebay/gumtree etc are great as stripping minis is dead-easy.

          Space Marines! Because their the only ones I'm kinda familiar with...maybe Space wolves

            There's a "Start Collecting! Space Wolves" box that's come out recently.
            The Start Collecting boxes are good value. Or go down the ebay path, Space marines are plentiful on ebay and you can bathe them in some dettol and water to strip plastic minis.

        Hey mate - if you still wanted to come and play i have a few thousand points of each chaos and dark angels that i'd be happy to let you play with - no need to BYO

          If you don't mind an absolute newb playing you can count me in (work pending)

            Yeah mate - that's no problem - I have all the rules and taught my 12 year old brother in law to play when he was about 9 or 10, so explaining things is no issue for me.

      Bleh, Queensland doesn't have much going on in terms of 40K. At least a few of my friends are happy to do quick 500 point battles every once in a while.

      Hope you guys have a kickarse time. Do you have terrain sorted or are you going to 3D print some of it?

        I have an Imperial Sector piece (pieces, currently about 5 ruined buildings with heaps of leftovers) of terrain but will need to 3D print a whole heap more. Think I might finally bother to make a modular trench board now I have a bit of space.

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      No play Warmachine instead.

        Tried. Wasn't a fan.

          Then play Hordes.

            Tried Warmahordes. Not a fan. Basically the lore is what sold me on Warhammer (40K & Fantasy) back in 1992. Stopped playing a few times but never stopped loving the general feel.

              Iron Kingdoms has lore. Like with Stryker and the civil war with Menoth in Sul.

                I'm not saying they don't have lore. The lore just doesn't interest me at all compared to the 40K lore and the (now defunct) Fantasy lore.

      I'd be interested. My casual Eldar army is coming along pretty slowly, moving house threw a wrench in the works, but it shouldn't take much to get it done by June/July. I'm working on 1850 points that expands to 2000, but I'd be fine with running more games at a lower limit, say 1000-1250, or even really small/short Kill Team matches. I'm not that great rule-wise so smaller games probably work better for me anyway.

        1250 sounds good to me. It's easy for someone new to get a quick army up (heck, two "Start Collecting" boxes would probably cover it) and should stop some cheese :P
        Should ;)
        I'll put out another mention later/tomorrow and try to start to get a more focused idea on people so I can figure out how much terrain I'll need to print! ...and maybe some tanks, too!

          I'm playing Eldar so there's no avoiding being cheesy, but I'm also bad so it should balance out. =P

            I'm playing Orks so I literally cannot win ever.

    hey mark or alex or even logan, how badly does hulk hogans top rope leg drop legal victory over gwaker affect this site and the rest of group. Does gwaker still have a stake in the overseas sites?

      I think one of the guys commented on this on Facebook. There will be an appeal due to the huge amount involved so regardless we shouldn't expect anything to happen for another year or so.

      I don't think Gawker has anything to do with the Australian version of Kotaku (they're under Allure) Should be fine!

        It'll be interesting to see if the branding is affected, though. The Allure employees may be fine, but if something happens to whatever licence it is that allows them to use the branding (and republish overseas articles), it might be an... interesting situation.

        Edit: I hope things aren't negatively affected for these sites, but it's pretty hard to see anything wrong with the decision. Those guys were very clearly in the wrong.

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          I read that the settlement could result in Hogan acquiring the branding associated with all publications under the Gawker brand. The other alternative is that they could declare bankruptcy and everything would be up for grabs in a fire sale. It would certainly be interesting to see who would want to pick up the various publications and how that affects Allure's contracts.

    I haven't had chocolate for two weeks and have been super good about it. Last night I dreamt that I broke that streak. It was so weird. Now I feel like I want chocolate, but I refuse to break the streak. REFUSE!

      Good time of year for it.

        Best time of year for it, with all the temptation around. Eurgh

      Whazat? I can't hear you over all the munching I'm doing on the giant chocolate bunny I found on my work desk today morning :O

        Have fun running that off =P

          Ok ok... maybe I lied. It's just a chocolate bunny sitting on my desk that I can't touch till my cheat day :( WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

    Morning, TAY.
    Bought Pokken Tournament for $75 from Target on Saturday, and I managed to get Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for $8.45USD off Steam.
    Anyone else pick up anything over the weekend?

    Woo, 20002nd post! Since apparently I just missed 20k.

    Fairly busy​​​​ weekend. Went out Friday night to check out this other climbing gym 9 Degrees with Aerialist Girl and another guy from Mondays. It was weird. And different. And weird. Very vertical, rather than the more hanging-type bouldering I'm used to. Also they go higher. With shorter mats. Also seemed to have a wildly varying level of difficulty between climbs of the same type all around the gym, Totally killed my shoulders, was feeling it for the rest of the weekend. After we were done there we went around the corner to a nearby pub for dinner, they'd just closed the kitchen but were nice enough to open it up against just for us. Phew. One of the other guys from this gym came along too, and was telling us all these stories from when was growing up, getting shot at in Africa and racing elephants and all sorts of crazy stuff. Aerialist commented I was being very quiet, I was just like I have absolutely nothing to add to this :P On the way back to our cars, the topic of Initial D came up somehow. Then Daytona. And Time Crisis. And "omg we should play some Time Crisis!" So we fired up the convoy and headed to Broadway for some brief arcade time. I totally won the first race of... Midnight something-or-other 5. Then she just, *just* pipped me for first on the second race. Bah :P Played the basketball thingos, I've always sucked at them but seemed to get a pretty good rhythm going this time. At the end of the first round I was second to Africa Guy, something like 50-60. Then after the second, it was 106-109. Dammit, so close!

    Saturday night​​ was out with Dan and Flu and co. Been ages since I've been out to the city at all. Or even seen most of everyone :P Finally got to see the inside of Frankie's, every time friends have tried to go there in the past something or other's ended up happening to prevent it. Didn't get any pizza though.

    Ended up downloading the Pokken demo on Sunday to try it out, with how much my friends were talking about it. Gotta say, it's a pretty shitty demo. I could barely figure out what was going on at all, the "tutorial" it offers actually contains basically no explanation of the game mechanics other than you need to build up your special meter to use burst power. Wow helpful. One of the guys was kind enough to actually explain things, and it helped a little. But I still suck at fighting games and this one is super weird, so will probably give it a miss. Which would be for the better, given backlog and impending VR flood :P

    Pokken Tournament is a pretty cool guy. Had a bit of a play on Saturday.

    Weavile is the best.

    I went online and won my first match so now I'm going to quit while I have an 100% win rate.

    I'd like to type up what I did over the weekend but I just resumed my gym routine after 5 months off due to an injured wrist..... *collapses mid sentence*

      Just go back to the giant chocolate bunny.

    Impromptu dinner with a friend Friday night turned into late night drinks & Cards Against Humanity. We played through the entire deck with our mysterious 4th player Rando Cardrissian taking 27 points, because apparently complete randomness is funnier than carefully crafted comedy bombs.

    Then dinner Saturday night where I discovered I cannot drink irresponsibly anymore, and wound up cancelling a trip to Costco Sunday morning - which I think frankly was a relief for the friends we were taking as guests who were nursing similar hangovers.

    Spent all of yesterday feeling miserable due to a combination of hangover and toothache I should probably do something about really soon. On the upside, my boss is in New Zealand most of this week so pretending to be busy will be easier than ever.

    Decided I am well and truly done with Far Cry 4. Decided I didn't feel like going after all the collectibles and started the Valley of the Yetis mode, which TBH annoyed me. Maybe it was just cause I had to start over with no money, no skills, etc. and I'm assuming I didn't get to the "good part" (since I saw a loading screen tip about riding Yetis or something) but the prospect of starting over, getting swarmed with punishing enemies that kill me in one hit, and building base defences was just extremely offputting and I decided to uninstall the game rather than continue. I might reinstall to co-op the campaign with my wife whenever she gets around to it (because I did find it very enjoyable to play overall) but otherwise I definitely got my money's worth, since I bought it on sale with all DLC bundled in for $27.

    Tried Lords of the Fallen which was free on XBL Gold at the moment, which is a good thing because I enjoyed roughly half as much as I enjoyed Dark Souls. I decided after ten minutes I wasn't going to enjoy it and uninstalled it. Maybe if it had been more interesting I would have embraced the challenge (apparently it's easier/more accessible than Dark Souls) but instead I got bored and frustrated. When the first enemy you meet takes 5 hits to kill and one hit completely drains your stamina bar but he can spam attacks at you regardless of your dodging and using your shield to block does nothing, it's like... I could get good at this, but why?

    Pacman, Pacman CE, Galaga and Geometry Wars went backwards compatible recently, so I installed them then promptly uninstalled all of them except Geometry Wars. I just don't have the patience for old games at the moment. Galaga feels unresponsive and I feel like I have played more than enough Pacman for one lifetime. Geometry Wars however is still the bomb.

    Started Massive Chalice. Got bored, quit. No point to this game at all if you've already played XCom, it rips it off but does everything worse - another black mark against the Double Fine name, if you ask me. I liked the ideas driving it but the city/soldier management is too distant and removed to be interesting (much like the world and design of Brutal Legend was great but the RTS boss battles that broke the flow were total rubbish). The combat is XCom-lite and arbitrarily punishing. I feel like good tactics can counter the bullshit in XCom whereas Massive Chalice just unrepentantly pushes your shit in to make you feel bad, plus the RNG is just nonsensical.

    I had a busy weekend.

      Bloody Rando. Fuck that guy. How is he so funny?

      Yeah I got Massive Chalice at launch and have barely played it. XCOM is probably a poor comparison as a lot of the tactical planning comes from breeding in that game and RNG on fertility rates. If you've bred the right team then you're set for a few battles regardless of strategy. That said the scaling in difficulty was ridiculous and there was no clear guidance on how you should or shouldn't progress in the game. I think I lost a few times to lack of proper fertility rates and quit the game. There's definitely a good game in there somewhere but the battles are bare bones and the management aspect is nonsensical due to a lack of any genuine control or guidance

    Dark beer - how long is it going to take for it to become popular again? We're a country of people who like bittersweet things - dark chocolate and coffee both spring to mind - and craft beer is growing at an extraordinary rate, I had a 4 Pines Stout and a Coopers Extra Stout last week and they're both delicious beers. Lots of people are going to have only had Tooheys Old, and that's just plain awful in comparison; that's going to turned them off darker beers, but there's plenty of good options out there now.

      CJ got us to try this one on the weekend that was likened to a Golden Gaytime.

      It was super weird.

        I've had that, thought it was pretty tasty. Definitely a dessert thing though, I wouldn't be lining up for a third and fourth one.

          I'm not a beer guy, so I would only be able to take maybe a centimetre off the glass, tops.

      You can often find the white rabbit dark out and about these days which is a fine drop

      I love Carlton Black, but I've never been able to find it in bottles, only on tap at certain pubs/clubs.

      This makes me sad.

        I much prefer Toohey's Old over Carlton Black, but I do agree that it can be a struggle to get a good dark beer on tap. Pale Ale is the king at the moment. At least a good pale or amber ale is still more interesting than lager.

        ugh. lager.

      For me, it'll be popular around May or June and remain popular until September when it's too warm for dark beer...

    Hey everyone. So I would like to get Mum to play the walking dead game, but I need to increase the time that they give you. Does anyone know if there's a mod for that?
    Also, I would like to put it on my tv, but I've never used dual monitors before so I don't know how to go about it

      Depending on how new your PC and TV are, you may just be able to grab a long HDMI cable (should only go for a few bucks if you ask around) and plug them directly to each other. Depending on your graphics card's defaults you may not even have to do anything else at all, with regards to messing around with screen settings in windows.

      As for timers and accessibility... there are a few different hacks and mods. Nothing official, though, far as I could tell. Could try this link, for example. But before you do that, maybe just try the space bar, first.

        My pc is 7 years old so i think it has pci and the old vga connection. Names may be wrong though

          If you can identify the pin on your card you can get a cable that converts it's signal for an HDMI plug in on your TV. e.g. I was using a DVI to HDMI cable a few years back on my last card. Alternatively you should be able to get a converter that can turn your PC pin to an HDMI output for a plain HDMI to HDMI cable; that said might be cheaper to get a converting cable.

            Even then, if you can't use HDMI you've got to dick around with audio, too.

      Doesn't seem to be a quick fix for the timer thing, you might have to dig around forums and mods for that. It does appear to be a requested feature though

      With regards to the TV depends on your TV and PC setup but like transient said if you've got the right input slots an HDMI cable should handle it. All you need is to connect the graphics card on your PC from your monitor to your TV. There's various HDMI cables that can do that depending on the pin your card uses.

    Anyone else here into Grim Dawn? I've had it since early access and am now crunching through the proper release. Really enjoying it so far.

      I've wishlisted it but that is as far as I have gone

        Yeah same here; I'm curious but I have more polished ARPG's I want to work my way through. Might pick it up a few year's down the line if there's ever an ARPG drought. Curious to see how Wolcen/Umbra will turn out though!

        It's a steal at it's current price. Fully functional game that's got a deep skill and loot system. Dev's are pretty good at engaging the community and releasing updates too.

    Ok! Workout people! I need input; while I'm fairly savvy on the topic myself I could use some input from other experienced sources either for fine tuning or rehauling - @highperformance @liondrive @othergymjunkietypes

    So at the moment the routine is upper body and upper core 5 times a week in the morning, lower body and lower core 5 times a week in the evening and a 2.5-5k swim everyday. The ideal here is to lose weight and maintain/slowly build strength. A lot of the upper body routine at the moment is body weight oriented with lower body being high reps low weights. Worth noting I can't run due to a knee problem so swimming's the only cardio I'm able to do.

      Good lord, that's a lot of gym time!!!!

      Me personally, I'm going for strength training lately, so I'm going before work three days a week, workout A is barbell squats, pendlay barbell rows and barbell bench press, each of them increases by 2.5kg every session until I can't complete sets.

      Workout B is barbell squats, deadlifts and overhead press, increasing weight the same way.

      I'll do warmup/cool down on a treadmill, and occasionally throw in ex-bar curls and skullcrushers if I feel like isolating my arms a bit.

        Nice one; looking at your routine you're focusing on core strength? You've got the right idea with increasing weights/reducing reps with progressive sets. Just be careful because a lot of the workouts you're doing can easily cause damage so don't increase the weights to a point your posture is compromised.

        Unfortunately I have to double down on my routine because of the lack of available cardio options. Because of my knee running, cycling, anything that puts excessive strain on my feet causes issues. So to help maintain cardio and lose fat I do high reps low weights in the evening + swim. If I could go for a long ass run I would prefer doing that to what I'm doing atm.

      Hey man, sorry for the the tardy reply. I'm in O.P office so I gotta be discreet!

      My suggestion is to incorporate a H.I.I.T style weight lifting program if cardio is difficult for you, my suggestion if you're looking to lose weight/build strength:
      Swimming 3x per week
      Weight lifting 2x per week

      You could do an upper/lower body split this way, or alternatively you could look at what I do when my hamstring and back aren't ruined:

      Dead Lifts 3x12-15x65%1RMax
      Chins 3x8
      Push Ups 3x30
      Dumbell Deltoid Flys 3x12x10kg
      Dumbell Deltoid Flys 3x12x65%1RM
      Tricep Dips 3x30

      2 mins rest between circuit set

      Then I would finish off with
      Planks 3 x 2mins
      Single Leg Glute Bridges 3 x 8
      Norweigan Crunches 3x10repsx5 different crunches (An exercise I made up, where you do 10 reps of 5 different lots of sit ups, with 25 seconds rest between lol).

      I like to qualify the importance of cardio and weightlifting together as important for weight loss:
      - Cardio is like going to work and earning money cash in hand, the money/energy you burn is in your hand. The moment you stop working/working out you stop earning money/burning energy. You earn/burn significant money/energy by virtue of doing work/cardio.
      - Weightlifting is like putting money into your high interest savings account. Money you save/strength workouts you complete works longer for you, some workouts have been shown to increase your metabolic rate for up to three days after a session. The workout is an 'investment', greater muscle size/activation means more energy burnt, for longer.

      If you try out the program, let me know how you go! :D

        Nice one, thanks dude. I'm actually looking at hitting the gym 10 times a week (twice x 5 days) and swimming everyday. At the moment my upper body routine is alternating between chest + back vs shoulders tris and bis for four days and one dedicated day for legs. The evening routine is abs + squats + calf raises + leg raises. I'm already doing chin ups, push ups (3 kinds), lat pulldowns, lawnmowers, shoulder press, flys, different bi curls and chair dips + overhead tri lifts.

        Any thoughts on upright rows for the shoulders? I do 1-2 sets of those but I'm worried about my posture with them at higher weights. Also if you get a moment mind giving me the breakdown of your crunches? Atm I'm only doing half raises, leg raises and obliques.

        I definitely hear you on the weights investment, more muscle content = more energy burning even while you're just relaxing.

          That would be a huge program, you'll be ripped AF.

          You'll also be able to take up competitive gaming following that, lots of esports athletes end up training to hone their reflexes and cognitive functioning lol.

          Upright rows are fine, start with a lower weight and build up gradually. Any exercise I'm feeling particularly nervous about (lower back, neck innervating exercises) I start with a weight I should be able to comfortably lift and then build up from there.

          The crunches are:
          1. Normal/Classic stomach crunch (Crunch up until your palms touch your knee cap, down and repeat)
          2. Knees at a right angle with knees together, crunch forward and touch the balls of your ankles
          3. Legs wide apart with knees at a right angle, crunch forward until you feel your abs strain (not in pain, but with fatigue)
          4. Legs straight in the air, reach up and touch the balls of your ankles
          5. One leg straight, the other knee bent at a right angle, crunch forward reaching your hands out
          6. Same as above, switch your legs though lol.

            Ahh bicycle crunches, forgot all about those! I'm already doing the others, 3rd one only partially but yay I'm somewhat on the right track =P Lets see how the results come through in the next few weeks :D

            Also now I'm hungry, meal no.3 you're up =O

            (Man one down side is all my free time is used up in cooking and working out, but I have to admit to feel a shit ton healthier just a few days into this routine).

              It actually does, I know people who load up on stuff like 'Core Powerfoods' to fit their Macros and spend and ABSOLUTE mint. It's tough being super healthy lol.

                I've actually got the diet down to an affordable level? I think I'm spending 144 bucks per week for 6 meals a day which is not more than I used to spend and it incorporates beef, chicken and fish. Researched most of the ingredients and I'm mostly in the clear with dinner being a little unhealthier than I would like (carbs and virgin olive oil) but I think the routine should more than compensate for that.

    Just impulse-bought a Driving Force GT with pedals because it was ten bucks. Whelp :P

      Fucking great bit of kit that, I pretty much taught myself to drive with that & Gran Turismo 5 and playing stuff like ARMA as a driver and using an actual wheel is infinitely better than KB/M

        I've only had one wheel before, and it's a Speed Force for GameCube. And it only works with like two games I own. And it's fucking amazing :P (Especially for $15!)

        Just wish I could've used it on PC via the USB/GCN adapter, but considering how cheap this thing was I figure it should at least be as good. Only annoyance is it looks like the stick is fixed to the right side, instead of being movable to the correct side? Oh well, I'm set enough for some VR racing games now.

          Yeah the stick is a moulded part of the frame and only really an up/down toggle rather than a real gear shifter, you'd need the G27 for that

    Well hello TAY...

    Such a lovely morning, no work for me and I just finished downloading Dark Chronicle, AKA Dark Cloud 2, to my PS4. House all to myself (minus two rabbits) and there's a french press of coffee steeping in the kitchen. If only I has a spread of donuts like in Twin Peaks I could have phrased this differently.

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    Hey all,

    Work's been crazy busy for the last week so I've barely had time to check in on TAY! Had to go to Sydney last week for a day of training which was awesome (Yay Tableau! Rah rah rah!) but then as soon as I got back to Brisbane I got moved on to a budget project which has meant some late evenings, which I'm generally against but actually felt good. I *wanted* to stay back to make sure all of my numbers were decimal perfect and didn't resent it at all.

    Also had the joy of starting to get my recurring injuries when jogging looked at. Turns out my feet / legs are biologically fucked. I have a myriad of small problems that individually wouldn't be so bad but taken together means I'm pretty much always 5 minutes from injury. It was surreal to see my feet / legs in slow motion and freeze-frame where I could see (for just one example) my left foot toes planted with heel about to strike and my right heel was already lifting rather than bearing weight. It's kind of like I'm always half jogging - not a good thing!

    So I've got a bunch of stretching exercises to do and I'm having orthotics printed on Wednesday. It's actually pretty cool how they take a digital imprint of my foot and feed it in to a kind of "reverse 3D printer" that starts with a block of foam and then erodes it until you're left with my personal foot-care device.

    And I'm also going to require regular massages which ... painful as all hell. Short term pain for hopefully long term gain. One of the amazing things was being told that after 16 years of thinking I couldn't ride bikes any more that my original dr had probably misdiagnosed me and it's just that my hamstrings are as tight as steel bars. It's going to take a long time to stretch them out but with time and regular treatment I may actually reach something approaching normality.

    This whole "Best Version of Me" initiative of 2016 is turning out bloody fantastic. I'm feeling really good right now. (Except for my legs. Which are really sore. Time for more Voltaren.)

      Where did you get that diagnosis from bob? I've had leg problems for years and a mix of physios and docs have never gotten it right :@

        So 16 years ago I began having problems specifically riding bikes. What was happening is whenever I'd make the cyclic motion on the pedals I'd feel this "pop" and part of the outside of my knee would visibly pop in and out of place. It was, understandably, excruciating. So I went to see my regular Dr and they said that my knees were mis-formed and I essentially "grew in" to the problem through puberty, which is why I was able to ride bikes as a kid / younger teen. Dr said it was likely (I had to look these up to remind myself) Chondromalacia patellae (CMP) or Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) - and the options were a knee reco or to stop riding bikes. I chose to stop riding bikes, and every time I've tried since then (maybe 2 or 3 times) the problem has recurred in exactly the same way. I can actually make it happen on command if I lay in a certain position and rotate my knee.

        The masseuse said that what it actually looks like is my hamstrings are extremely tight, to the point that they're visibly shortened (the podiatrist said exactly the same thing). When I'm flexing my knees to cycle the tendons are slipping over the knee joint because they can't move anywhere else and that could be the "pop" I'm feeling and seeing. The thought is that as we treat my hamstrings / leg muscles they'll stretch and loosen and give my knee adequate room to move.

      I hate it when they get in there with forearm or elbow. I had a lot of with done on my calves when my heel was messed up. I'm probably overdue for some maintenance.

      Also, parkrun PB! Non-stop 5km at 7:20 pace :D

      Last edited 21/03/16 11:13 pm

        Woo! Way to go with the new PB! o/

        There was so much forearm and elbow work. Made worse by having his entire weight bearing down on my muscles and then being asked to bend / unbend my knees. -_-'

          I'm pretty sure physiotherapists were medieval torturers in a previous lifetime.

    Hola Tay. Busy weekend, lots of board games

    Friday night went to a friend's house and played Commander. Tried out my newly built Noyan Dar deck:

    Managed to fight off 3 other players to come second out of five in our group, which was fun. I really like this deck. Also played the card game Entropy, which is quite good once you get the hang of it- the rulebook is a little jargon-y but it's basically a role-selection set collecting game.

    Saturday I went to the Hungry Hippo with some friends from Canberra who were over, had a lot of fun playing different games. The Hungry Hippo is great.

    Sunday, had a committee meeting for the 2017 Terry Pratchett convention, I'm super excited about some of the stuff we're doing. After the meeting we...played board games, just to break a trend.

    Also managed to do a bit of work on my N7 armour, I've almost finished construction of the back piece which is the last bit. I need to keep some pieces separate for painting and integrating the lights, but I'm looking forward to strapping it all and getting all of the foam out of the way so I can finally clean all of the scraps and foam dust out of my loungeroom, it's a goddamned tip.

    A Monday Morning Question: I watched a couple episodes of Daredevil. Which other superhero needs a limited-run TV series?

      Colossus because Colossus (An x-men one could be cool but interesting to how to keep it contained)
      Wonder Woman
      Harley Quinn

      Deadpool & Cable. Obviously. (Sigh. Never happening.)

      Punisher. In the style of Punisher Max - Ennis' more grounded run. I want an aging hero!

      Sentry has some possibilities, as the essentially un-used Deus Ex Machina answer to Superman.

      I liked the more recent Inhumans run, too. I don't even care if they're unethically shifting focus because Fox is hanging on the X-Men. Some Black Bolt? Medusa? They're a bit... weird, though. Not exactly 'Jessica Jones' relatable.

      Moon Knight is begging for that treatment, but might be considered a bit of a 'darker/edgier wannabe Daredevil ripoff'. Dude is straight-up damaged.

      Captain Marvel would be bad ass, but the loftier movie treatment is probably more fitting, there. Although, grab a TV series of ALL the Avengers hanging out in Avengers Tower, dealing with being room-mates more than saving the world? I'm all over that.

      Venom, yes? Yes? Maybe? Yes? Honestly, his stand-alone run wasn't actually that good, I just want to see him treated well on-screen. That Spiderman 3 outing was pretty bad.


      I'd step over so many bodies to get a Transmetropolitan series happening.

        I'd love Transmet.

        I NEVER want The Sentry in live action. Dear gods that whole character was a fucking mess.

          Completely absurd, and if you read a summary of exploits, unabashed Author's Pet.
          It's kind of like a play on the old Superman problem: "How do we write a plot that can't be resolved by Superman fixing everything by hurling it into the sun before anyone can even say, "We have a problem?"" The solutions in every major event to stop Sentry from just 'rocking up and fixing everything' have been unbelievable.


          I actually have doubts about a Transmet live-action. The art was so crucial. So much world-building contained in all the extra details. Many of the monologues would lose their punch when you have to expend so much suspension of disbelief in someone waiting for them to actually be completed.


          I think an Ennis Punisher run has legs... could do. With the balls to put in a seriously unknown hard-case lead. But I say this as someone who loved The Shield and especially the premise behind Hack. (And David Morse I'll watch in anything.)

            Bernthal has been a great Punisher in Daredevil S2 so far.

            The thing about Ennis' punisher, though, is it's so over the top it's almost Itchy and Scratchy.

              Uhh... are we talking about the same one? I'm not talking about Welcome Back Frank, and its ilk, which were pretty damn itchy and scratchy, sure.
              Punisher MAX... oh. Just did research. It's not the cartoonish one. But it's also called Max.

              I'm thinking of the series that ran 2004-2009 - the one that sort of broke with the Marvel continuity.
              Basically no capes turned up in any of them except for a brief appearance by Nick Fury in Valley Forge, Valley Forge and some other one.

              Last edited 21/03/16 3:19 pm

    Well that's a new record

    Applied for a very low level IT job and sent the application in on Friday night, 8:36 this morning they sent the rejection which means my application managed to last, at most, 36 minutes, perhaps even as low as 6 depending on what time they start.

    I don't need them anyway, I'll go & build my own IT position! With blackjack! And hookers!

      10/10, would support IT Position with blackjack and hookers. In fact, screw the IT position.

        But only if it consents.

          And doesn't charge too much, not like I can afford it on the salary I'd be paying myself...

    Finally played Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

      I've seen it played but has always been in progress by the time I arrive

    So weekend! I've had coffee and am able to think/move again! I bought and played Dungeon of the Endless.... Man that roguelike is awesome. Typical level of finish and polish that I've come to expect from all the Endless games. Worth picking up for anyone who enjoy's Tower Defense games + rogue likes. It's brutal even on the easy difficulty and I barely manage to win one game on the easiest difficulty.

    Aside from that I watched some Daredevil; seems a lot more actiony than the last season; absolutely loving Elektra's performance though. She just oozes this "I'm just as likely to kill you as kiss you" vibe. Probably the best actor in the series atm. Thinking about it now I also really liked the way the Punisher was portrayed; it's almost like the Daredevil series is more about the side characters than the main characters. I was more interested in Wilson Fisk last season and I'm more interested in scenes with the Punisher and Elektra this season. I'm a few episodes from the end but really enjoying the series :)

    Hey guys,

    Our ARK: Survival Evolved Server is now up and running... If you want any further details as to the settings running, check out our site,

    Server is hosted at the Equinix Datacentre in Sydney, and has AntiRaid Weekdays enabled. Current config as follows:

    AntiRaid Weekdays – Base raiding is only enabled between Friday 8pm AEST and Sunday 12pm (Midnight) AEST. The rest of the time, structures take 0% damage from other players. We feel this mechanic is important in giving people a chance to defend themselves, as we believe everyone has school/work/social lives, and figured these to be the most suitable hours where the vast majority of users will be active.

    PVP Enabled – Anything outside of peoples bases is FAIR GO. You can choose to trust, assist, walk away, its all fair game. Don’t be a dick camping and sniping peoples Dinos in their bases. You will be banned.

    Speedy Nightcycle – The Night cycles through at twice the speed. This may be tweaked further.

    20% Faster Taming Speed

    50% Faster Resource Respawn Rate – Trees, Shrubs, Rocks

    20% Slower Stamina drain

    30% Slower Player Food Drain

    30% Slower Player Water Drain

    Last edited 21/03/16 1:52 pm

        I only have access to the internet at work, so I wouldn't bother tagging me in future! :(

          waa? how did that happen?

            Personal choice when I moved. ADSL or nothing. I chose nothing (once you go 100mbit you never go back!).

            It'd be fine if I had TV reception :| But I don't. And I gave away all of my DVDs a few months ago so I have about 40 BluRays and my computer stocked stuff and that's it.

            So now I'm getting back into Warhammer and reading and riding my exercise bike.

              i know what you mean i went from 100mbps/10mbps to 7mbps/0.6mbps... now im on 20mbps/0.8mbps.

              still id take that over nothing at all... bald move there f4ction... honestly dont think i could do it. I depend on it way too much... same as the mrs...

              well done though man, whish i had the guts to do that!

                Once I get TV reception I'm sure I'll be fine but right now it's driving me insane. I spent Saturday at my folks place and watched all of Daredevil S2 because I knew it was my only chance for a while :|

    played so much Terraria over the weekend.
    didnt want to think, so I figured a bit of mindless digging / building was called for.
    few friends jumped in & we all dug a hellevator & then they started building a minecart track across the whole map while I repeatedly 'helped' by summoning the Eye of Cthulu on them.
    good times.

    anyway. got to work this morning & co-worker asked the mandatory 'how's it going?' thing.
    of course, the answer is 'fine' but honestly... i dunno. I mean, i'm not curled up in a ball under my desk crying, so it's not bad. but I just cant remember feeling any different for the last 6 months. I've got no perspective on the question. i've got nothing to compare it to.

    but yeah. the etiquette of polite office conversation sorta precludes responding to 'how are you?' with 'it's been 6 months since i've been properly happy with things, & I cant remember what that feels like, so really have no idea.'

    anyway. how's things with you lot?

      I am glad all I get in the morning is a hello from the lady that sits next to me. Although I'd rather not have to deal with even just that, especially since half the time when I go to try and speak in the morning/when I've been quiet for ages I'll just end up choking and making some kind of unrecognisable sound instead.

      Why do people have to go and be nice for? Inconsiderate jerks.

        I've really enjoyed getting back into pleasantries and conversation with people at work. Even if most of it is meaningless, surface level stuff, I've still learned that the other 20-something year old guy reads fantasy, and used to play LoL, and that the pretty nurse is still pretty (what this means is that I can't handle a full sentence around her without stuttering).

    So yesterday I ran a game of 40K Chaos. I swear I don't know how it even works but my players are either the luckiest or just the most brazen bunch of heretics I've ever seen. They killed a fiery Warp daemon by setting it on fire and all of them managed to avoid the fire burst of destruction that it unleashed before it died.

    Now they're talking about setting a star on fire and forcing it to go supernova with Chaos sorcery. I'm going to have to try and counter their lunacy with even more lunacy.

      killing a daemon with fire... who knew to try that? These guys did!

        So did Tom Jones.

        Last edited 21/03/16 1:57 pm

      If they want an opportunity to attack a star, give them the opportunity. Have the star come to life and attack them back.

      No idea how you'd go about balancing a C'tan fight so it's fair for both sides, though.

        In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is no such as balance.

        That said, the idea of corrupting a star and turning it into a giant Pac-Man to wakka wakka all over space was briefly considered.

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