Tell Us Dammit: Do You Sacrifice Sleep For Video Games?

I'm guessing the answer to this question is yes.

If so, how much sleep?

As a parent, with two super young kids, video game time can be scant. How do you get more video game time? You bugger sleep off and stay up all night glued to the TV screen.


I'm doing not so bad right now. Mainly because I'm pretty much done with all the games I was really excited about. But damn, Bloodborne killed me. Metal Gear Solid V killed me. Firewatch killed me. The Witness killed me.

Dark Souls III is gonna kill me.


    Very rarely will I sacrifice sleep for a game.

    On Monday though I played the Division until 11.15pm, then to wake up at 6am felt awful. I feel like I need more sleep than the average person to feel perky and energetic in the morning.

      The average person doesn't feel perky and energetic in the morning ;)

        Lol - I'm being tested for sleep apnoea atm.... one of the questions they ask is "do you ever wake up feeling refreshed?" What!?!? Seriously! I don't think I've ever woken up feeling refreshed in my life! But then, I'm a gamer with 3 kids 6yo and under!!! ;)

    On the right occasion. Usually, it's because Steam has spent all night downloading a new game and finishes just when you're ready to get some shuteye. I'll maybe stay up maybe an hour just to actually finally get started before I shut it off. I do too occasionally stay up later if I'm playing online with friends.

    Stardew Valley. My first weekend was literally, buy game, download game, goodbye 20 hours worth of life spent farming in the little virtual world. It's not gotten much better, I've got 60 hours logged now and into Autumn of the 2nd year

    Not on school nights but Friday onwards my days tend to become inverted so technically I guess I'm sacrificing sleep but it's only relative to whenever I get up the next day.

    I try not to, especially on work nights. But I do sometimes play for longer then I realise and I'm like bugger, probably should have stopped half an hour ago.

    At the moment I'm sacrificing sleep for... I don't actually know. I keep not ending up in bed til 2:30-3 or so, but I have no idea where that time goes. Reading shit on the internet I guess?

    I'm just glad I have decent train trips to nap through.

    Depends on the time of year. My partner manages to forgo sleep for games pretty much year round. I can do it if all I'm doing is working, but at the height of uni semester...fuck you, I need a nap.

    Sometimes i do but it is never intentional, Usually i just get caught up playing and look at the clock and wonder where the time went.

    I sacrifice sleep intentionally for the NBA free agency start as well as the trade deadline though.

    Not anymore but I'd regularly do it in my 20s.

    I did get up at 4:30am to play Deus Ex: HR when it came out. But these days I'd rather get my shuteye.

    I'll forego sleep unwillingly. For example, I'll look at the clock at around 9, knowing full well I'm going to get off and sleep at 10. At the moment I'm playing The Division, last night I managed to catch myself before it got too serious at 10:15, and all I did was a story mission and two side missions. This tends to happen a fair bit, I'll do a few small things that I reckon only take like 5 minutes, look at the clock when I think it's been half an hour but it's actually been three.

    I'll start up gaming at 7 and then it would cut to the sponge-bob voice over guy saying '6 hours later' and I'm still just sitting there.

    I used to, but these days with being sick, I sacrifice video games for sleep :(

    Not sure if it's sleep time or not, but usually spend a couple hours gaming after the wife is in bed. However if I didn't game, I'd likely spend that time watching anime.

    Intentionally? No.
    But losing track of time and accidentally playing till 1am? Sure do.

    Yes, if I want to play games on weekdays, the only time I have free is very late at night. It's the only times that makes sense with my job. I've also found myself waking up early in the morning to play sometimes.

    I try not to play too late because if I fall into that trap I'm in zombie mode the next day. Bloodborne was the only game last year where I'd be playing into the early hours every day.

    Every day of the week :( I spend the weekends with the missus, so my only gaming time is during the week, so usually I'm running on 4hrs sleep a night... which kills me during the day.

    I'll admit that since the release of The Division the clock has been getting passed midnight before I have gone to bed on a few occasions. It's nice to have found another game that has captured my attention this much though.

    I have 2 jobs, 2 young kids and a wife. You bet I skip sleep for games otherwise I'd only get a couple hours a week to play them.

    Generally I miss 1-2hrs sleep each night, get something like 6-7hrs. I still operate fairly well on 6hrs sleep so it's no biggie.

      You get 6-7 hours WITH 2 KIDS?! What's your secret? :)

        Kids go to bed at 8pm on the dot. Both of them go to sleep and stay that way till morning :P Ages are 2 and 3.5.

        8pm till I go to bed is gaming time for me (on the nights i'm not at 2nd work or spending time with wife)

      Exactly the same...wife, 2 kids under 5. If i don't sacrifice sleep I'll never get to play games.

      Me too, although I try to limit the late night sessions to Friday / Saturday nights. Usually I have to force myself to go to bed after 12-12:30 but on the odd occasion I will push it to 1am.

    I sacrifice games for sleep. I'm up most nights until 1-1.30, up to get the kids ready for school at 6, then off to work... and still I feel like I dont have enough game-time.

    No can do, if I'm not in bed between 10 and 11 I won't function the next day!

    Not any more, I've got a 2 and a 4 year old so sleep is precious!

    Sleep what is this sleep you speak of. Oh its the thing that the kids do so I can get my game time in.

    Not often, but on occasion for a big game yes - I've been known to stay up too 1 - 2am a couple of nights a week, when I full well know my kids will be waking me up at about 6am (not to mention the regular nightly visits and putting them back to bed too).

      This is pretty much exactly my life (even down to the 6am wake up time). Coffee is my best friend during these times.

      Worth it though.

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