Tell Us Dammit: Game Of 2016 So Far?

It's March already. Goddamn.

And sure, it might be way too early to be talking about game of the year, but I want to do it anyway. Why? Because there's been so many awesome games.

What's your game of 2016 so far?

For me there are a couple of contenders.

— The Witness — Firewatch — SUPERHOT — Oxenfree

All four of those games have been, for me, really great experiences. It's tough to call. If pushed, I'd probably go with The Witness, with Firewatch coming in at a close second.

How about you?


    The Witness has utterly consumed me the most.

    Started Firewatch, and it's great, but I have unfinished Witness business that's made me put it off.

      You dun liek wots I liek, therefore yur opinion is an invalid
      *pees pants*

    i know is DLC but some far for me its Dying Light: The Following and if dont accept that then Its Rise of the Tomb Raider

    I think the only thing I have played this year is the original Halo.
    I gotta find me some time.

    XCOM 2. That said we're only 2 months in to the year =P

      XCOM2 has my vote too. Classic but vastly Improved game with enough difference to be fresher than the first remake. Mod support out of the gate too.

    Digimon Cyber Sleuth is soooo goood

      Just grabbed it, hooked already!

    Not technically a 2016 game, but Xenoblade Chronicles X is what I've played most this year. Really enjoyed it!

    Bravely Second is sitting atop the pile at the moment. That may change in the next month or two though as there are quite a number of games coming up that I'm looking forward to.

      Grabbed it day one, remembered the demo transferred some goods over. Finished that.

      Caught a plane, ready to start Bravely Second proper, 3DS battery lasts less than two hours. Less than one on the way back.

      I will play this game dammit!

    I know it was technically last year, but I've only just gotten into Telltale's Game of Thrones and holy crap it's magnificent.

    Only new release I've played is RotTR on PC. But wow it's well done.

    The Witness is great, so much care goes into the islands design. It's also very funstrating.

    I've sunk a good 50 hours or so into The Witness and while I've "finished" the main part, I just worked out how those black obelisks work and my God, I'm gonna be here for a long time yet.

    The Witness was definitely at the top for a while, but it's now been beaten by Bravely Second. The brilliant demo introduction and now playing the main game that has made some great gameplay changes... I am in love.
    Just hoping that the story doesn't fall apart halfway through like in the original.

    I think Firewatch edges out Rise of the Tomb Raider for me. I haven't played any other game that came out in 2016 though. But, like Powalen, Xenoblade X definitely has the most time spent in a game for me this year so far.

    I think the only thing I've played this year is Alien Isolation.

    Current gaming is for chumps :P

      *shakes fist at the anti-Transient and purchases four new indie titles released on Steam this week*

        Nothing wrong with buying the latest releases, of course. I've got a good half a dozen games that were released in the closing months of last year that I still haven't touched, save for moving whatever pile they ended up in out of the way to get to other things :P Money well spent there.

          That can't be right. That would mean we have something comm-- wait. Did you say, 'moving piles' of games? What kind of digital library are you running there, pal? Unless you were talking about actual physical piles of games. But no-one buys physical anymore...

    DARK SOULS 3! ... wait I'm a bit early aren't I?

    Umm, looking at what's come out I've only really played 2 games released this year, Unravel and Rise of the Tomb Raider and I wouldn't really put them as game of the year. I guess Unravel because it's pretty.

    Grim Dawn (considering it officially launched this year) or Stardew Valley, I know ...i know but i just love harvest moon/animal crossing games
    On a side note, still playing MH4U from 2015... almost a whole year still loads of content every month free DLC

    I think the only new games I've had the time/money for this year have been the Pokemon Yellow port (don't think it counts) and Naruto Ninja Storm 4, which isn't bad but not exactly award winning material.

    Did watch Jesse Cox's play-through of Firwatch though, that was pretty fantastic, wouldn't mind picking it up at some point just to explore the things he missed.
    Also The Division is out next week so that could be interesting...

    I thought X-Com 2 was going to be an easy GotY for me.. but now I realise it's not because it's more of the same, which I love because I love the game. However, it doesn't take things so far as to make it GotY material for me.

    The Division.. maybe.

    One Man's Sky is supposedly a June 2016 release.. so that's definitely a possibility too.

    Xcom 2 & Factorio are the highlights of the year so far for me.

    Ashes of the singularity so far, even though its beta I have sunk a fair amount of time in it already.

    Has the promise to be really good

    Even if The Witness isn't game of year (I think it is for me so far anyway) it definitely wins best design. Every intricate detail in that world... It's insane. No other game comes close to that level of scrutinized perfection.

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    Stardew Valley for sure!
    Been waiting for this game for years and its everything I was hoping for ?

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