Tell Us Dammit: What Game Have You Spent The Most Time With?

I was speaking to my brother in-law. He has a Destiny problem. His problem is he plays it, all the time. Even when he doesn't really want. The guy must have put in about 500 hours with this game.

And I wondered if I've ever put that much of my time into one single video game?

I've never really gotten into an MMO or a MOBA. Those games are usually the biggest time sinks. The closest I've come is with Halo 2 and Halo 3. I took the competitive side of those games pretty seriously. I was never very good but I put a lot of time into both. Probably 500 hours or above for both.

What games have you put the most time into?


    I played WoW for 4 years. Was pretty much the only game I played for those years with a short break from it here or there.

    Can't remember my exact play time, but my /played was something like 6-12 months so 4000+ hours.

      I calculated my time played from mid vanilla to mid wrath at around 180 days, about 4500 hours. Was a terrible waste of time that caused irreversible damage to both my academic and social skills. Was the best time of my life ;P

        That game was extremely social for of the main reasons I quit was the people I'd been playing with had drifted away.

        Didn't really affect my academics much...I've always gone for a minimalist studying regime.

    It's a toss up between Starcraft: Brood War, Starcraft II, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, Mortal Kombat II or the various Smash Bros games. Not sure which of them I've spent more time on over the years.

    WoW of course... Filthy casual with 2800 hours, give or take a couple of days

    Recently I haven't spent more than maybe 50 hours on a game....
    So I think the most time would have to be Final Fantasy VI. I think I spent at least 80+ hours when I first played it on an emulator in high school. Then I got the PS1 version which I spent at least 100+ hours if only because it ran so much slower... And then the GBA port which I spent about 100+ hours on first time, and the the save got wiped, so I played it again for at least double that first time.

    Lately? Ark Survival on xbone, but after 2 months I gave up due to trolls, I don't think I've ever been this addicted to a game before....ever.

    I'm up to 1100hrs on a little game called warframe, pretty much the only game I've played in 7mnths. You may not have heard of it, it's Destiny....but better.

      Ah that's really interesting to hear, I played a little bit of warframe but was put off by the F2P model. Would have happily just given them $50 for a basic starter pack with a bunch of weapons and maybe a couple of frames but the transaction model is ludicrously confusing for a newcomer.

      It's a bit of a shame as the moment to moment gameplay of space ninjas was indeed great fun, particularly in co-op. I just feel like getting stuck with your starting weapon for 10+ hours and having to pay for a new one without being able to try it is not a great start, how do I know if I want to buy that weapon if i've never tried even the type before??

      hmm anyway, I think they could do a bit to make it more friendly in the opening hours, might jump back in one day though, and happily throw them some cash if it wasn't so opaque.

        Umm for around $50 you can buy currency to unlock what you just wished for and speed up the process. The F2P is just that though, grind and farm no cash required just takes longer.

          And if that's ludicrously difficult for you to comprehend maybe you should stick with destiny

      Warframe on PC!
      Hold that lift for me too, Tenno! :)
      In a bit over 2 years I've put in 1299 hours and made it to Mastery Rank 20, it'd be more but I have to you know work and stuff...

    Project Zomboid.
    Hundreds and hundreds of hours before it was even on Steam in some of the really early builds, early attempts at modding the game as well before the lua code was released for that. Less hours now that it's logged on Steam, but it still far eclipses anything else. Except maybe Diablo 2. Countless hours on that one as well.

      Project Zomboid


      Played early access version 0.01-whatever for hours until bored.

      Then they release early access version 0.02-whatever, play that for hours until bored.

      Released split screen support, now playing with family for hours on end until bored.

        True story, I've still got copies of some of those early dev builds (0.17c is the earliest I think I have) from Desura downloads on my laptop. I'm actually one of the "Fanboy" edition supporters. :)

    when I was at uni and had free time, probably Goldeneye 64? Unlocking every item, difficulty mode and 100% completing all missions. And the multiplayer - one shot kills. Good god, I couldn't tell you how many hours.

      YES! I rate this. I spent far too many hours on it as well. =P

    According to Steam, I have over 1500 hours in Dota 2. I haven't played that in months due to PC hardware issues.

    I have nearly 450 hours in Spelunky. I haven't played that in months because I thought I'd wean myself off of it.

    I don't know how many hours I put into Ragnarok Online in high school but it probably eclipses the two of those combined. Stopping that managed to turn me off MMOs and JRPGs (it makes sense in my head, even if it doesn't make sense at all).

      Aww yeah Dota. Get back on that!

        Sure, when I can consistently get above 20fps. Haven't played a single game in the latest patch. Annoyingly, I was playing a lot of Vengeful Spirit in ranked and then they buff her to top tier right when my computer gives up.

          I know that pain - computer issues kept me from Dota for a while as well. I ended up buying a whole new rig (was due for an upgrade anyway).

      I am a filthy casual with only 1,331 hours in Dota2, but I would have several thousand in the original Dota (going back 10 years or so) so yeah...

      No ragrets.

      Yeah playing WoW for 4 years ruined MMOs for me for a very long time. I'm only just starting to stick my toes back into that pond's been 6-7 years.

    I only recently checked my Battlefield 4 Battlelog stats, just under 1,000 hrs.

    I got mildly depressed at this revelation.

      Yeah, really need to buckle up and power through. Get to that 1k hrs, you can do it!

        Maybe, I set a goal to get 500 kills with every primary/sidearm which I completed ..... I may have to extend that to equipment....

    Elite: Dangerous takes the crown for me. I think last I saw I'd spent something like 320 hours in it, which eclipses any single other game I've played before. That's spread across the span of like a year and a half or something though. My next most played game would be Splatoon, which would have to be my most intensively played game. Last I checked I was at 250 hours, but that was over the course of only three months.

    Probably a toss up between Diablo 3 and Oblivion.

    I've put so many hours in to Diablo 3 on Xbox it's ridiculous. I didn't think it'd interest me beyond the story but I just can't seem to stop playing it.

    I played 250 hours of Skyrim. Possibly a similar amount on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The only other game that would come close would be Sonic the Hedgehog when I was a kid.

      Animal Crossing is the best example of one of those games where you do it all, feel stupid about it and don’t think you’ll ever do it again.

      It’s just so pointless, and with so many different styles of game borrowing components of the ‘collect-‘em-up’ gameplay style I’m a bit fatigued of it. I don’t think I’ll ever get hooked like that to a game again.

    ... Dark souls.
    Previously FF7, although I spent a lot with Morrowind as a teen... jobless and such.
    I do a full run of FF7 every year and then "challenge" runs, solo character, starting equipment etc. FF7 is so easy though it's not really a challenge.
    I've deleted maybe 60 Dark souls characters... all with new game plus at least. I started saving them to a hard drive but i realised a big part of souls is making new, fashionable characters. Different eye/skin/hair colour... i'll stop now

    Last edited 10/03/16 11:28 am

    Destiny - over 1200 hours.

    Mass Effect trilogy ran about 330 hours, Civilisation II ate my life for a couple of years, Elite: Dangerous I have around 3 weeks of playtime.

      Mass Effect. Oh yeah. Big hours spent on that one. Especially ME2. Amazing game. Just wish I could play it again for the first time.

        I do keep meaning to do a final run-through to max my Shep all the way through the game. Maybe I'll start over Easter... :) I never played most of the ME3 DLC or the revised ending. Not because I had anything against it, but after seeing the end of the game, I just felt 'done' with it. That final sequence with the great music... wow.

        Just like any time I hear Sia's Breathe I think of the amazing ending montage of Six Feet Under and that's me in bits. :/

          Oh the ending of six feet under. I was in a room with 4 other people and I had to pretend to have a toilet emergency because I didn't want to cry in front of all of them. Such an amazing ending. Keith! Why???!

          I replayed ME3. Enjoyed all of it until the end, which, like everyone else, I didn't like. So cheap. Such an anti-climax.

    I was completely addicted to Maple Story at one point in my life. Played it for four years or so. I don't have any exact figures but it was in the thousands. I know X-Games or whatever that old in game chat program was called recorded well over a thousand on its own and I did not use it all the time. My second most played games were probably Battlefield 2 and 2142 but I'm not sure if I ever breached the 1000 hour mark with either of those games.

      Ah, I remember my MapleStory days. I reckon I racked up a nice chunk of hours just trying to complete that awful jumping quest in Sleepywood.

        Haha, those jumping puzzles were brutal xD

    Ooh, I can't exactly remember the total tracked time as I don't have my 3DS to hand, but Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokemon Y are easily the top ones here.

    Years back, I did a System Transfer from my old 3DS XL to my OG 3DS (months before the "News" were released, in prep of getting one) and to my horror, it was not a smooth experience.

    Both games were digital eshop purchases, but I had lost the AC save. Bizarrely, the Poke y save was transferred unscathed.

    I don't know what I did wrong, what went wrong, and was scared to death about trying it again or recovering my back-up unless I also lost my Poke Y saves.

    Other games I've been known to dive into:

    Dark Souls
    Super Mario 64
    Wii Sports
    Lego City Undercover
    Smash Bros

    I wouldn't necessarily count something like Skyrim, even though I've put in excess of hundred hours into it, looking back I actually don't think I ever 'loved' it like some of the other games I've devoted major time to, weird right?

      Ha, that Skyrim thing is so funny, feels like a giant to do list but you never enjoy the doing.

    World of Warcraft and Binding of Isaac Rebirth would be my two most played games without a doubt. Played WoW excessively from launch until the 4th expansion and have dabbled a little here and there since.

    I have over 270 hours clocked in on the steam version of Binding of Isaac and a good chunk of time on the PS4/Vita version too.

      Damn. How good is BoI? On a related note, is the PS4 ever getting the Afterbirth edition?

        It is pretty damn addictive! It is my go to game when I have like 30 minutes to kill.

        Afterbirth should be released on consoles soon according to twitter. They mentioned they are going through the final submissions now.

    Oblivion / Skyrim / Fallout 3.
    Witcher 3.
    Battlefield 3 / 4 / Bad Company 2.
    Assorted versions of PES.

    Closing in on 3,000 hours in Dota 2. Add maybe another couple hundred hours of Dota 1 and HoN.

    Only other thing that comes close in the Guitar Hero/Rock Band series. I bought every single music game that came out on 360 and beat every single song multiple times, so that's probably a lot of time. Probably.

      I thought I played a lot of Dota 2, and I'm only at 1000 hours! It took me far too long to switch over from Dota 1.

    I've been playing Runescape on and off since 2002 and World of Warcraft on and off since 2007 most of the time was heavily invested into Clans/Guilds it could easily be as high as 10,000 hours between them. regrets? nah I met some really awesome people and plenty of memories.

    I played WoW from launch till last year and I think I have over a year of time in game.

    most played on steam is Torchlight 2 at about 250hrs.

    but I think all the hours I put into morrowind would beat that by a significant margin.

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