Tell Us Dammit: What Game Would You Like To See In VR?

2016 was supposed to be the year of VR. We'll see if that actually eventuates, but March 2016 has almost certainly felt like the month of VR. Mainly because of GDC and the PlayStation VR price announcement.

But it got me wondering: what games would like to see in VR?

For me, I only want to play experiences designed from the ground up for VR. I don't want to play Minecraft in VR or Mirror's Edge in VR. I would like to play new versions of those games created specifically for a VR experience, but I don't know if I'm too enthusiastic about played modded versions of existing games.

How about you?


    No Man's Sky

      Pretty sure they've announced it'll be VR.

        Yeah, I vaguely remember it being announced a while ago but haven't heard much since. Can't wait though!

        Nope, no announcement yet. I'm expecting they'll save it for E3, just a week before the game is released.

          Thought I read it in a FAQ or something either last week or early this week. Think I can find it again now? I know they were at least looking at it, and seeming to favor Occulus over Morpheus.

    F-Zero. I mean it's obvious that's the reason Nintendo has been holding back, right?

    New Vegas or Skyrim
    I'm sure my young bloke would vote for Jurassic Park - he's mad for dinos.

      You can play both of these pretty well using either the free Virieo software or the payware VorpX - both a 3rd party injectors which are at a stage where playing Skyrim almost feel like native VR (just be aware that some people can't cope with classic first person locomotion driven by stick/keyboard in VR and get sick fast - I'm not in that case, and there's an habituation effect as well so things often improve as you get used to VR)

      I'm mad for dinos too, Jurassic park experience would BLOW MY MIND

    Just about any spaceflight sim, which are the only type of game I think VR would improve. No Man's Sky, elite, Star Citizen. Those are games I might consider VR game changers. I'd probably say flight sims in general, or racing sims, if I were more into those games. I don't want to play FPS games in VR.

    I maintain that VR is suitable less for gaming and more for simulated experiences.

    Sports games would be alright, Although that wipeout looking game from last week looked pretty sweet despite knowing i would feel sick playing it.

    We need X-Wing in VR, and even a new Jedi Academy in VR - don't believe the people who say first person locomotion is impossible in VR, there's a fan made VR mod for Jedi Academy which I used with my Rift DK2 and it's awesome!
    But the other type of games I'm looking for is a rebirth of adventure games - no click and point anymore, it will be walk and use instead. After having enjoyed the recreation of iconic scenes from Totoro and Spirited Away in the DK2, I could totally see myself play a Monkey Island game in VR. Look out, there's a three headed monkey behind you!


    Or rather, a version of it where you're mostly confined to a small Vive sized area and aren't required to run through the level.

    Imagine trying to hold really still to keep time from progressing while you assess your surroundings - then actually dodging bullets with your body position, watching them fly past your head in slow motion as you gradually lean to the side to avoid them.

    I think it would be perfect.

    Also, I'd like every game to have a "VR tourist" mode, where instead of playing the actual game you can just visit the locations and enjoy existing in them without gameplay. Alien Isolation without the Alien for example, just enjoying how well realised Sevastopol station was.

    I want a Mass Effect style RPG. Space combat instead of ground and wing-mates and co-pilots instead of crew-mates. I think if done right it can be epic.

    The game I'm most interested to play right now is BattleZone. I just like the game-play and it looks like it can really pull off enjoyable game-play.

    Rocket League lol

    I want to get some crazy nausea when the ball flies towards my face.

    But for real, I also want a Rocket League camera view from inside the car, its not useful but would be awesome.

    It's actually a hard question because at the moment most people will only be thinking along the lines of "Do this genre, but in VR" which just means instead of seeing it on a 2D screen, it's now in a 3D space. To me, the main advantage of VR is the fact that you have better camera control and a finer control over your interaction points (as opposed to a mouse pointer of analog stick controlled pointer) so I can't really imagine a game that would only work in VR.

    If you're talking augmented reality games though then that's where VRs strength is at the moment until we have a better way of simulating physical and tactile feedback in games. The creative, artistic and design sides of the industry are going to benefit greatly from VR as well since they'll be able to have finer control over how things are placed and shaped.

    I'm thinking Journey. Don't know why but I strongly think that game would be great in first person (platforming trickery aside).

    Or any of the Lego games.


      That is both wrong and sick.

        It is indeed. However it does point to the fact that VR porn will be extremely popular, despite the fact that few will admit to using it.

          It'll be the only reason VR survives its infancy imo

    Space Harrier/Fantasy Zone. Something old school and colorful. Actually, that could be freaky.
    Maybe something like Flower? I think something peaceful and chill like that could be great.

    A VR MMO would be mad, but would like to see some mortal combat / street fighter style games that get your really involved but i do see a big influx of simulator games coming.
    immersed flight sim, car racing sounds dreamy!
    Cmon 5th april!

      First Person VR WoW? I may never come out again.

      Pretty sure they announced Final Fantasy Online was coming to Playstation VR

    Imagine a range of games all about exploration of amazing places, like the first half hour of bioshock infinite, live worlds with all sorts of interesting things to do and see.

    What difference would you expect from minecraft if it was adapted for first person VR vs being built from the ground up?
    Personally I just want GTA online in first person VR.

      Considering one of GTAV's biggest flaws were it's inaccurate controls, this makes a great deal of sense.

    A Star Wars space sim like X-Wing or Tie Fighter for sure.

    Also I'm a massive horror buff so any kind of first person horror game would be incredible!

    A survival horror game with strong story and puzzle elements. Too many games focus on the survival or the story or the puzzles, rather then a whole package

      As a FNaF then? :-P

      Edit: Actually hold the phone, that might work for FNaF. Instead of using the mouse, you have use your own head to look left and right to shut the door and turn the lights on...

      Last edited 17/03/16 12:35 pm

        I would rather a game geared towards tension, as opposed to jump scares. More like Silent hill and Fatal frame then FNaF or DayZ

    Spider-man! Or a Iron Man game that also has parts as Tony Stark. Imagine his lab and his suit in VR.

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