Tell Us Dammit: Would You Buy A PS4.5?

Last week Kotaku broke news that Sony is in the process of working on a PlayStation 4.5. A more powerful console designed in preparation for 4k resolutions.

Here's a question: would you buy it?

In the wake of this news the response, as far as I can see, has been mostly negative. No company has ever really tried to sell consumers on an upgraded version of existing console hardware like this. It essentially requires buying a whole new console. Details are scant on how this whole thing will work, but it does feel a little strange and my instincts are telling me it's a bad idea.

That said — we live in a different time. People upgrade their phone on an annual basis — why not consoles?

What are your thoughts?


    I use my PS4 everyday. I get value out of it. So yes I would buy an upgraded model (providing its a tangible upgrade)

      This is the same for me. If it is a tangible upgrade then I'm likely to get it.

        As well, will upgrade if it's a legitimate improvement, means i will also have easy lan setup at home to game with the missus or when mates come over

      Yah me too. I don't want 4k but I do want better framerates. If it can do that then I will completely consider it.

        It wont be powerful enough to bump 30fps games up to 60fps unless they lower some graphics sliders. Whats more likely is they bump up the sliders and keep them at 30fps.

      Same here, I'm always using mine...but then again, I'm assuming the main difference would be the resolution the games run at, not the games themselves. You'd buy the same game disk, but the game would detect whether you had a PS4 or PS4.5 and choose the resolution accordingly. If that's the case, then I wouldn't bother since I have no interest in getting at 4K TV at this stage.

    Yes, but that's only because I don't have a PS4 (or any current gen console) so it would be a good purchase for me.

      me too, haha. I welcome the best version to get as my first new gen console.

    It would depend on how much more power it had vs. how much it would cost.

    If I bought a standard PS4 (I had one but I didn't pay for it & it was stolen when my house was broken in to) ID be suuuuuuper pissed though.

    I have a Wii U and don't even have enough time for that. Netflix just dumped so much good content. So No, I would not buy a PS4.5

    I'd honestly be incredibly surprised if this was a genuine 4K-capable console. I'm willing to bet it's more like "4K Blu Ray/streaming enabled".

    When the current PS4 can barely crack 1080/60fps (hell, 1080p/30fps), the step to 4K is massive. PC-wise, to play modern games at 4K and an acceptable framrate, you're seriously looking at something like a 980 minimum. Preferably a 980Ti. That's an $1100 GPU alone.

    Disclaimer: own both a high-end gaming PC and a PS4. Love them both.

      According to the original article, video is already possible and games are the target:
      The current PS4 can output 4K photos and videos, but cannot support 4K resolutions for games. With this upgrade, it would.

        True, but everything is still rumour at this stage. I'd be incredibly surprised if Sony were working on a 4K gaming capable console, unless they plan for it to cost $2000.

        If it is 4K gaming though, then to answer the question I'd probably buy it.

        EDIT: My main concern, if it is a 4K gaming upgrade, is what happens to users of the original PS4? Will devs make a pretty version for the 4.5 and a scaled down one for PS4? Will they bother? How will traditional console players handle the (until now) PC-centric upgrade cycle? Consoles have generally been a "plug and play, buy the next one in 6 years time and don't worry about graphics settings, parity, etc" affair.

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          I guess my point was more that it is already apparently "4K Blu Ray/streaming enabled". Completely realise that anything beyond that is speculation.

            Ah, gotcha. My understanding is neither MS or Sony have updated their consoles to HDMI 2.0 (which is required for 4K playback) but I could be wrong.

        I think it's less about 4k and more that they realized the PS4 isn't nearly powerful enough to push enough pixels fast enough for PSVR to be close to parity with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Pumping up PS4 would allow them to be viable for porting games for the PC VR systems to console.

          Sony knew the current ps4 was not powerful enough for VR and high resolutions. their plan was to get people buy a second console from the beginning.
          They are doing this because they know most people are gullible enough to buy a new console, they are turning into apple. Exploitation is highly profitable.

        Can't play 4K anything as they are not HDMI 2.0. The console is easily powerful enough for 4K video just can't output it. Also the bluray drive won't be able to read the new 4k Bluray movie discs.

          PS4 actually supports 4K for video streaming and bluray playback already. Just not for games.

            Maybe it can stream 4K cause that's just data over the net but 4k Bluray nope and once again you need HDMI2.0 to output 4k vid to a screen/tv.

            "During the recent interview, 4Gamer brings up the topic of Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray, and asks the Executive Vice President about Sony Computer Entertainment’s thoughts on the subject, and whether we’ll have some sort of compatibility with it in this era of the PlayStation 4. “The Blu-ray disc drive that is currently installed in the PS4 is made exclusively for the Blu-ray disc player, so it cannot read the 3-layer media that is standardized by Ultra HD Blu-ray,” says Ito. “For this reason, the PlayStation 4 models that are out in the market cannot be compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray.”

              Software / Firmware issues mainly. It's capable of doing it, they just haven't bothered. Definitely supports 4k streaming and displaying 4k photos.

      980 ti under 700. youre an idiot.

        Show me where in Australia you can pick up a 980Ti for under $700 AUD. Ti, not 980.

        The cheapest on PCCG is an EVGA for $999. MWave's cheapest is a Gigabyte for $1049. And those are two of generally the cheapest Australian retailers for PC parts.

        Seriously, show me where I can buy a 980Ti for under $700 AUSTRALIAN, because I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

        No, Newegg etc don't count unless you can get it here officially without using mail forwarding. Please include sales taxes, exchange rate and delivery too.

        Also, no need to be a dick.

          Under $900AUD ..haha but no, no where has it under $700..

            Daaaaaaamn, that's really good. I'd be tempted if I wasn't waiting for Pascal. Thanks for the heads up though!

            (still no "under $700" though haha)

              I always wonder about people that say they're "Waiting for tomorrow's thing." These companies always announce the next few iterations in advance, do you just never buy anything? When do you decide it's the right time to say "Fuck waiting, I'll just have to buy today's thing".

                Normally I'd agree with you (hence why I bought a 780Ti at a time when the Maxwell 900-series launch was well known to be coming soon).

                But Pascal is meant to be a genuinely larger jump from the 900-series than the 900-series was over the 700s. HBM on the flagship, etc etc. Whereas Maxwell was for the most part an efficiency gain.

                Plus, an upgrade every two years is easier to stomach on the wallet than an annual one!

                  HBM won't be on the new Pascal unfortunately. It will have GDDR5x.
                  HBM2 is not ready for mass production and nVidia don't want HBM1 and its 4gig limit. If Pascal is weeks away than go for it.

      TBH even a 980ti is going to struggle with stuff. It's a big step up like you said.

        Yup, that was exactly my point! Hell, I still see benchmarks of some games where SLI 980Ti is required before you start seeing 60fps 4K at anything other than potato graphics settings.

        It's just such an absolutely absurd increase in processing power. It's 4(!) times the pixels of 1080.

        So hey, look. If Sony somehow do this and at a mass market-ish price point, I'll be first in line. I just wouldn't hold my breath when current $2.5K PCs struggle with it.

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          It's not true 4K. Its upscaled 4K. It will likely render games at 1080p.

      my thoughts exactly..
      4k? theyre barely doing 1080 at the moment..

      i think this is a good idea though, something thats crossed my mind before. having tiers to current consoles.
      those that want to shell out the big $$ for the improved graphics can, where as those that dont arent forced to - just like it is with PC. of course, the current advantage consoles have is the fact that it's easy to optimise games due to the single hardware configuration, but im sure if microsoft/sony makes a second one it wouldn't deviate too much from the base version.

      I totally agree. Although your thinking of the price of a titan x. All the same though cuz you need two 980ti to run 4k acceptably. No way will a 500 dollar box run 4k res at even 30 fps let alone 60. I think as someone said is will stream 4k content and be able to push 90-120 fps in psvr @ 1080p.

    You've completely ignored much of the history of the industry if you can say nobody's really done this before.

    I didn't want to touch an Xbox 360 until they upgraded it so Red Ring of Death wasn't a bloody feature anymore. That was in 2010.

    Not to mention the countless iterations on portable handheld consoles between each new product launch.

    Yes on the face of things, I'd get one of these. It's always about 'one' game. Always.

    The first game I thought a PS4 was worth a damn to actually buy was Bloodborne. I got it about a year ago. Apart from maybe two other games, I've not gone near the thing. I have an affinity towards playing Souls-ish games with a Playstation controller myself, so yes I've got DS3 pre-ordered.

      And you completely ignored the fact that's it more about nobody having released a significantly more powerful console (if the rumours are to be believed) for their SAME generation of games.

      Hardware fixes like the red ring 360's are not in any way, shape or form on the same level as this would be.

      Last edited 31/03/16 11:36 am

        Sorry, sorry.

        In future, I will stop ignoring facts about rumours.

          Stop ignoring context to suit yourself while you're at it.

            NEVER ignore a FACT about a RUMOUR.

            Wait. What????

              You know I never actually said that, right?

              The fact is the discussion being had is in regards to a more powerful system. The fact is that said discussion is very much not about general hardware revisions/fixes that he was using as examples of "Oh it's been done before, you don't know what you're talking about!"

              The fact said discussion is based on rumours still isn't me saying or even implying, "Never ignore facts about a rumour!". I only even mentioned them because that's where the whole discussion, that is actually happening and is therefore a fact, stems from.

              But then he pulled it out of context for his own snarky remark because he clearly had nothing better to say, and now here we are... You repeating something I never actually said, and me overusing and bolding the word fact simply because I can.

              Last edited 31/03/16 5:38 pm

                Ummm. I was just kidding around. Soz.



        Isn't that what the 3DS did with the "new 3DS"? Sure,they added a couple of extra buttons, but considering the number of games that actually use them, it's essentially just a faster version of the old 3DS with a better screen and a more refined 3D mechanism.

          Handhelds, more specifically Nintendo, have always been known for this sort of thing though... Admittedly I could have differentiated handhelds as I was simply referring to the primary home consoles.

          Since even the original Gameboy days they've been releasing hardware reconfigurations and such, but it was still largely the same console for the generation barring a few notable exceptions which bridged some gaps.

            Add to that, Nintendo had the memory expansion pack for the N64, and in Japan the N64DD would be comparable to a PS4.5
            This type of things has been going on for ages.
            Oh, I'd buy a ps4.5

        If Sony had the balls to downgrade the PS3's hardware early on in the console's lifecycle, what's to stop them upgrading the ps4's?

      Form factor changes happen all the time and while there are often slight benefits in terms of power and a little better performance, it's not the same as upgrading from an i5 to an i7, or upgrading your video card. The PS4.5 is not just about the introduction of 4K support, it's also about significant GPU performance upgrades which is where the problem lies.

      You are right though, this isn't the first instance of this. The New 3DS is most likely the first and look how well that's working out.

      They actually solved that in 2009 (RRoD) I had a phat model bought in that year and it never Red Ringed, last year though I replaced it with an E-Model because the power brick kept overheating and I was over the disc tray getting stuck!

      You need to expand your gaming mind my friend... The Division is your friend. :)

    I would. I dont even find it to be that bad of an idea.

    Upgrade, get better visuals.

    Don't upgrade, get the same great games.

    Win/win really.

      Right up until developers start promising "Oh it works fine on older consoles!" and then flat out don't deliver.

        It's actually already happening - developers saying "it runs fine on consoles" despite many games regularly dropping below 15fps at times. AC:Unity was a really beautiful slideshow on PS4. The Division regularly drops frames on PS4, and not just because of server lag. Dark Souls 3 is getting some bad press on Xbox for running terribly, tho that's barely/not-yet (depending on your philosophical bent) released, and so probably has a performance patch pending. Long forgotten is the promise of the new consoles bringing 1080p60 gaming.

        Hilarious to think that PC gamers were worried about lazy ports, when it seems like its the consoles who are getting the short end of the stick this generation. I'd buy the new PS4.5 if developers continued "targeting" the old specs, so I could get acceptable performance.

        Last edited 31/03/16 12:21 pm

          I agree. Just look at the debacle with Hyrule Warriors: Legends and the old 3DS vs New 3DS issues it has, virtually unplayable on the old hardware. I foresee this only working (and granted we know so little about it at this stage), if all games worked on original PS4, and got a slight upgrade in performance on PS4K. Otherwise it's another Sega CD.

          I was hoping for equality by them making PC ports better not making console versions worse.

          That's a good point. Target the old specs. I don't want to upgrade to keep getting 30fps. I want to upgrade to get 60fps + consistently.

          In fact, I wish they'd DECREASE the gfx settings on PS4 games so I COULD get a better framerate. I hate the chop. #HATE THE CHOP.

    If it offers a noticeably better experience for exclusive games then I will buy it. If it comes in a bundle with PSVR then I will buy it. If some older PS4 games are patched to take advantage of the added horsepower for smother framerates, like Bloodborne, then I will buy it.

    If it just upresses and outputs to 4k (i.e. if it's a glorified PS4 slim) then I will pass.

    If this was always on the cards (which you would assume with companies like Sony and MS it was) why didn't they just design the consoles in modular fashion, with up-gradable parts ie. GPU, CPU, memory etc.

    I would find it easier to swallow if I were just thinking about upgrading one specific "module" for $X to fit my needs as opposed to the full cost of a console replacement, and I think a large majority of the userbase(s) would also.

    And it would be alot easier to get past my Wife who I can imagine would just say "You already have one, why are you buying another?" which is a fair comment considering that a purchase like this ($$ wise) deserves to be discussed beforehand, assuming you have a SO or Parent etc.

    And I know this is getting into PC territory - but it isn't the exact same thing, it is somewhere in the middle.

    A solution like this would allow iterated expansion of performance for the consoles without forcing people to re-buy at full cost a system that already sits next to their TV.

    Just my thoughts anyway, I could be way off in my assumption of how the wider community would react to a design like this.

      This is a much better way to approach the situation i think, especialy since i dont really want to buy another ps4. The only problem i can see is when newer games can only be run with the upgrades. The main reason for me getting a console is the ease of plug and play!

    It really depends what the upgraded PS4 is. Without details it's impossible to say.
    If it was just an upgrade to 4K display? Not a chance. If it was a significant upgrade to graphics? I'm tempted. Are there games I'll only be able to play on the PS4.5? Then most likely yes.

    Havnt seen negativity so i dont know where u are getting that from.
    I would as long as they offer a trade in deal with the old model (obviously must happen?) and it does away with them stupid touch sensitive buttons that make discs eject randomly.
    (even after a replacement console and not having anything touching the edges of the console!)

    No, for the same reason I'm not buying a New 3DS, there's just no justification for it yet. I'm really worried at the implications of it too. If it were just 4K support then there wouldn't be any issue, but the improved GPU performance means that all those PC specific performance problems consoles were shielded from (due to different CPUs, GPUs, etc.) will now start to plague consoles too. We've already seen it with Hyrule Warriors on 3DS so the precedent is there.

    I'd buy it but I'd hope that it was every 3 years, minimum, not every one or two years.

      Agreed. And that means the timing for this is just about right. If it releases in November or later, it will be 3yrs since launch of the current gen consoles. Time flies. Feels like much less time has passed since these consoles launched.

    I don't have a 4K TV so I don't need one, but if the new console suddenly becomes a requirement for future games then I won't be happy.

    Perhaps this should have been a poll?

    Would I buy a PS4K? Yes.

    I'd buy one.

    Even though I've barely used my PS4...

    Where's the real incentive to buy though... Sony have barely released any exclusives this generation.
    I saw a comment the other day that roughly said "my six hundred dollar Bloodborne machine, is going to end up being a six hundred dollar Blodborne machine".

      Most people have $600 FIFA machines, so it isn't too uncommon.

    Not enough information out about what the 4.5 actually is to make a decision.

    I wouldn't buy an amended console that is basically an afterthought. I'll keep with my PS4 and buy a 4K console when the next generation comes out.

    So if you dont have a 4K TV is there any point?

      There aren't any details out, so this is obviously all speculation, but I could theoretically see games running at 60fps on the 4.5 and 30fps on the 4 due to the increased processing power.

    I don't have a 4k TV, so no.

    I'm happy to wait until the PS5 before I need to start worrying about 4k support for anything.

    Now that MS has finally realised their "every console is a dev kit" I probably won't be buying any PS product again. Unless Sony follows suit, though given the way they bailed on the "PlayStation Suite" before it was released and turned it into the abortive "PlayStation Mobile" I'm sceptical about that ever happening.

    "No company has ever really tried to sell consumers on an upgraded version of existing console hardware like this. "

    New 3DS told me to tell you it says 'Hey'.

      GameBoy Colour is cranky 'cause no-one ever gave a crap about him.

    I feel a bit cheated by this, especially after recently buying a PS4. You better believe that upcoming, more demanding titles are going to be superior on the new console. if they have some sort of upgrade plan, where you can trade in your old console, then I would consider it. If they are going to make it a thing where consoles get refreshed every two years, it would work out cheaper to buy a powerful PC for your living room, which can last you up to six years (my i5-2500k still works beautifully) essentially nullifying one of the biggest reasons people choose a console.

      You shouldn't feel cheated, as you have every right to upgrade to the new console when it comes out (circa 2017 by reports), and enjoy your PS4 in the meantime.
      As far as trade-in program goes, I'm sure there'll be a trade-in offer at EB / JB hifi, but as in most cases the value you get from the trade in will be stacked in their favour. That's just the nature of buying tech.
      As for the reason to choose a console, I think for most people it's the plug and play aspect more than the no upgrades side of things. Besides, unless there are PS4k exclusives, you don't really have to upgrade at all.

        Hey Charlie, thanks for the reply. I understand what you're saying, but when I read this:
        I can't help but feel disappointed in my ps4 purchase. I was kind of under the impression that I wasn't going to have to upgrade for some time. I don't feel like I have got my money's worth with my ps4 as yet. I don't want to have to accept hobbled performance because the made their machine with terrible specs to begin with.

        Last edited 31/03/16 5:41 pm

          Yeah, fair enough. I do see your point. I suppose consoles were one of the last bastions of the multi-year lifecycles in tech compared to phones, PCs, etc so I can definitely understand the frustrations.
          As you mentioned, hopefully there will be an upgrade program from Sony to reward their 'early adopters' with an easy path to purchase for the PS4K.

    Why do I think of the Sega 32X when I read this article.

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