Ten Great New Locations In World Of Warcraft: Legion's Main City

Ten Great New Locations In World of Warcraft: Legion's Main City

Video: The floating city of Dalaran is returning as the main neutral hub in World of Warcraft: Legion. A new expansion means a new, reconstructed city, with most of its environments redesigned and filled with goodies that fit the upcoming level 110 Broken Isles theme. The city's layout, the intercrossing towers, bridges and halls all make for a great place to explore. And even though the expansion's still in alpha, it's already filled with a ton of great stuff, not just the trainers and an NPC with the daily quests. WoW veteran Crendor collected ten of his favourites, including a bunch of alpha glitches:

Damn, the artefact/archaeology-themed hall and the engineers' hall (number three and number one in the video) have some cool-looking interiors!


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