The Big Question: McDonalds Or Hungry Jacks

Anime Makes McDonald's Better

Have you seen the Japanese anime McDonalds ad? It's insane.

It also brought to mind an age old debate that's been burning since the dawn of fast food. McDonalds or Hungry Jacks?

I feel as though I could make sound arguments for both. Truly, the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks. They're also higher calorie and a bit greasier. I'm fine with that, but as a health nut I appreciate the mildly healthy options. I especially would call to attention the Warm Chicken Salad.

Best healthy fast food option ever.

What say you?


    Hungry Jacks burgers are better than McDonalds, but I find McDonalds are better in all the other stuff (fries etc).

    I tend not to eat either one very much these days, though. Living where I do, I'm lucky to be close to places like Fancy Burgers, Burger Foundry and Nordburger which are all vastly superior to the big franchises. More expensive, too, but worth the extra money.

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      yo adelaide bro

        Represent, dawg.


          Grill'd is #1

            Enuf Burgers in Glenelg is brilliant. Sam Kekovich burger on a damper bun, with a side of some of the best chips EVAR (with the aioli dipping sauce, of course). *drools*

            Grill'd is good, too... very similar to Fancy Burgers, I find.

      i really gotta try a few more burger joints, only ones ive had so far
      are Nord = amazing (the GO road one,not the norwood one)
      Foundary = meh
      Republic = amazing
      American Cup Cake Diner/Sugar Shack = 8/10

      and thats all ive really tried.
      ive heard burger theory is good and sneaky pickle is supposed to be really good too.

        Burger Theory is good (although I'm not really a fan of those brioche buns that everybody seems to want to use these days). Chuck Wagon (just down the road from the American cupcake diner on the parade) is pretty good, too.

        Burger Foundry is usually great, although I've had one or two average ones there, too.

        The burgers at Nordburger are awesome (on the parade - haven't tried Glen Osmond rd, but I assume it's the same). But they really let themselves down with the chips. If you've got burgers that good, why let yourself down with what appear to be Birds Eye chips from the supermarket freezer?

        I love Fancy Burgers, too (on Magill Rd, although there are a few around including one just off Rundle St in Synagogue place). Crispy bacon & cheese is my preferred option there.

          i found the burgers at the GO road Nord to taste slightly better than Norwood. i used to eat norwood all the time, but GO is closer to work, so i go there now. the only time ive not liked their chips is when ive driven them back to work to eat them, and thats only a 5 minute drive. eating them fresh in store is the way to go. alos i dont mind the chilli beef and cheese fries they do- very tasty.

            I've only ever eaten Nordburger in store, never taken it away. Always found the chips to be a huge letdown, so I don't eat them anymore. Never tried them with the toppings, maybe I should give it a shot.

            Also a shame that they don't do hot dogs anymore, used to be a nice option to mix things up a bit.

        If you want something bigger and greasier try Burger Addiction in Rundle Place

      My question is... why are all the good burger joints in the eastern suburbs.

        Better class of product for a better class of clientele? :D

        But seriously, some of these places (e.g. Fancy Burgers, Burger Foundry, Chuck Wagon etc) have a few outlets around the place, not just the east.

      Try Chuck Wagon on O'Conell
      Great burgers :)

        Yeah, I've been to the one at Norwood. It's good!

    I like hungry jacks better. But it's hard to vote for it when it is getting more and more difficult for me to find one in the city!

    Maccas. Though I love Hungry Jacks onion rings.

      One of the things I really don't like about them. Give me real onion rings any day!

      When they actually put the onion in the rings, they're good but been stung few times when its just batter in a ring shape.

    Nord Burger in Adelaide, or Burger Republic for that matter


    But if forced to make a choice, I'd go with Hungry Jacks because they have a vegetarian burger and I don't eat meat.

    Now that I can hotcakes and chicken nuggets at the same time, maccas all the way.

    Most things at Macca's are pretty meh. HJ gets my vote for having the Angry Whopper, letting me substitute the bread for donuts and having those big frozen drinks for $1.

      There is a burger made of donuts??

        Can I substitute the bread on a burger?
        What about donuts?
        Ummm OK?

        I supplied them myself, two Krispy Kremes. I'd always wanted to try it. The sweet and spicy actually played off each other way better than I was expecting. Something to tick off my list of life experiences.

        Look up Luther Burger on Google for the inspiration.

          in adelaide we have a burger joint that does a glazed donut burger.
          also do a peanut butter bacon burger too.

            I think there are some places down here in Tas that do it now too. I've at least heard of a waffle burger.

      Holy crap, I just looked up what an Angry Whopper is, that is a scary looking burger.
      Also is 3580kj which is about half my daily allowance in a single burger!
      (The ultimate double whopper is 4860kj, that is astounding)

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        Hungry Jacks has cheaper burgers, with more calories. Is it even a question after that?
        Edit: didn't mean to post as a reply but whatever. When you eat 15,000kj a day, a burger that size is a blessing.

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    Well I don't tend to eat either of their beef burgers, but as far as the chicken burgers go the Hungry Jacks Chicken Crunch Burger is amazing but I still like a good old McChicken on occasion. The fries are definitely better at Maccas and I have found the service to be better too, so they probably win out in the end.

    But I try and stay away from both of them (and the others).

    Oh god, neither.

    The McCafe at least has some things that resembe food I guess. I'm not a foodie snob but the burgers, fries etc. always leave me feeling sick about an hour later, and leave a blechhy aftertaste. I only ever stop at the lithgow one as it has clean toilets, and sometimes grab a hot chocolate and a biscuit or a cake. I've tried the wraps and they weren't too bad, but the rest of the food, I genuinely can't stomache at either chain. KFC gives me the same grief. Haven't eaten a burger from any of them in a long time.

    As far as main chains go, it is pretty much only Red Rooster that I ever will stop for an actual meal, their roast dinner or quarter chicken and chips style packs are not too bad, and don't leave me feeling sorry and queasy later.

      Haha man, I remember the last time I went into my nearest Red Rooster (before it shut down a few years back).

      The guy told me that they'd run out of chicken, "but we've got everything else" :P

        I was amused when Red rooster started doing fish & chips. Then I tried some.

        It's uh... well... just don't eat Red Rooster fish & chips.

    I worked Hungry jacks for 4 years. they are your cliche' a current affair food danger story.
    Im sure maccas has a scary side too but I can eat there in ignorance

      Yeah I actually prefer the taste of the burgers but am terrified of the food standards at Hungry Jacks. McDonalds, being a huge multinational conglomerate, certainly has strict guidelines in place that are enforced at each store, one horror story affects the entire brand. Mc Donalds has more to lose, therefore I trust them over Hungry Jacks.

    when ive gotten hungry jacks locally twice ive come down with food poisoning. but they're frozen drinks are surprisingly good.
    maccas create a burger is surprisingly sufficient.

    Between the two, the burgers are indeed better at Hungry Jack's. Although if McDonalds had the Serious Lamb Burger as a permanent fixture to their menu then they would win every time hands down. That thing was amazing.

    But yeah, I usually end up feeling like I'm carrying a brick in my gut after HJ's so I'd usually rather avoid either of them if I can help it.

    More importantly, why can't HJ's do decent fries. I feel like this is the one thing holding them back from burger dominance.

      If anything their fries got worse recently. They used to have the same cut as maccas but the salt sucked. I had some fries their recently and they've gone for a slightly thicker cut which are a bit rubbish.

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      when I worked at HJ's about a decade ago we kept a salt shaker full of KFC salt. Fresh, straight out of the fryer chips with KFC salt was the bomb diggity

    wHATEVER oNES cLOSESHIST aT 2am i'M fINE catch you shhhlater I LOVE YOU MATE

      catch you shhhlater I LOVE YOU MATE

      That should be Macca's advertising slogan instead of that stupid "I'm lovin' it" or whatever it is these days.

    HJ's for the burgers but Maccas for the breakfast (especially since it's all day breakie now)

    Hungry Jacks but it's been so shit lately and they stopped their 2 for 1 Tuesday deals. Haven't had either of these in months.

      They have an app you can win prizes from if you are near a store. They often have a 2 for 1 in there but it's only certain burgers. Before people complain about it posting to your facebook, you can turn that feature off.

    Hungry Jacks for me, i like maccas but the stomach cramps they give me are just not worth it.

    The burgers at HJ's are smaller than maccas but i find they are more filling.

    Big Breaky Wrap and Bacon Deluxe.... Nuff said.

    I will take either usually a whopper (if i am a feeling hungry and ultimate double whopper) or a Quarter pounder are my staples at each.

    I go to HJ's less as the kids much prefer Maccas nuggets and i didn't like them renaming their grapefruit frozen drink to fairy floss or whatever it was (something i actually got very angry about).

    HJ for the Whopper, super cheap frozen coke/fanta and their occasionally really cheap meal deals (depending on the season you can get a pretty good amount of food for $5).

    McDonald's for everything else in terms of taste/quality though. Maybe it's just because I was indoctrinated into the McDonald's machine but HJ food tastes different in a way that is distinctly "not as good".

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    Was going to go for HJ because there burgers are better but generally the only thing I'm getting is coffee and macCafe is surprisingly good for a terrible coffee.
    Also for some reason the maccas nuggets seem better as is there breakfast so Maccas pips it for me

    Both are Evil but Maccas at least generally has some freshness to it, every burger at Hungry jacks is a limp microwaved POS. The actual flavour of the meat at HJ is a closer "simulation" of BBQ'd meat, but I don't know how anyone can be fooled to think it's good.

    A fresh Cheeseburger, McChicken or Big Mac (if not fresh then complain, it's maccas and they'll remake it for you) with crisp fries is bang on the money for a cheap, quick meal.... no complaints.

    Given that 8-bit is about as close to my house as either a McDonald's or a Hungry Jacks I'd be an idiot if I ate at either.

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    Maccas, though neither more often than not. All HJ bugers taste exactly the same, a uniform mass of painted on charcoal, mayonnaise and ketchup.

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