The Big Question: Multiplayer Or Singleplayer?

Okay, I like both. And I feel as though it's difficult to compare them.

But imagine you had to choose between single-player game experiences and multi-player experiences.

Which would you choose?

I honestly don't know. I mean my gut feeling says 'single-player' — because those are the experiences that stay with you, the experiences you share and discuss.

But some of my favourite gaming moments have come from the chaos of playing against other human beings.

I'm a bit torn.


    Co-op Multiplayer, because it can make even the dullest game a more interesting and different every time. Case in point: Destiny, I would never endure the Omniguul strike that many times on my own, was only fun with my mates jumping around shooting stuff.

    You need to differentiate between:

    a) co-op multiplayer

    b) adversarial multiplayer

    Yeah, I cant make the call either. Single player games are more consistent, but the highs of multiplayer are that much higher.

    For me and a bunch of friends, one of our best gaming moments has been a throwaway moment in Everquest, and something so basic its crazy. Someone fell through a fake floor in a tree.

    The resulting corpse run to get their gear back became the stuff of legend to us, and still something we talk about some 17 years later, along with a bunch of similar day to day adventures. Likewise, some of the high end raids my guild managed to pull off were the same, and it was simply because it was stuff that wasnt (and couldnt be) scripted.

    Its that randomness that makes multiplayer hit such high notes, but it also means theres a lot of low notes inbetween, at which point the consistency of single player games can give a better experience.

    Playing through something like Mass Effect, or The Witcher has a satisfaction that you wont see in multiplayer, because in those games the scripting does work. But the highs of those games cant beat online highs, just as they dont deliver the same lows.

    For both though, the core material still needs to be good enough to allow that enjoyment so to me, its the base game that decides.

    I honestly couldn't decide. And why should I? If none of my friends are online, I'm playing single player, but as soon as 1 of about 3 irl friends comes online it's multiplayer. Mostly because of the friendship I guess. We jump in to a party and socialise, talk about our day, work, games that are coming out, arrange when and what we are doing on the weekend.

    I'd hate to lose single player as much as I'd hate to lose multiplayer... so I guess I honestly can pick.

    I play both but interestingly if the multiplayer portion of a game is co-op I tend to stick to single player (Borderlands being a big example) whereas competitive multiplayer often has me ignoring the story - unless the PvP is shite like Far Cry 4 or Tomb Raider

    I deal with people all day. I don't like people.

    I play games to escape the world.

      ^^This. If i wanted to interact with people I would go outside and interact with my friends or family. If I'm playing computer games it's because I want to escape the world for a bit.

    In my experience, single player lends itself better to encapsulated story experiences.. more emotional experiences that leave a more lasting impression.. however, there are exceptions to every rule. I'd definitely prefer a single player game like The Witcher 3 over a multiplayer game like (insert latest and greatest fantasy online game)

    Multiplayer is a simplified gametype that is only just getting out of its infancy.

    I am pleasantly surprised by this result. I assumed given the general over-representation of multiplayer games on here that's I'd be the minority.

    I hope this kind of information reaches game devs - not every game needs MP!

    Single player games are for immersion and escape in my mind. Multi is for laughs and competition and socializing, to me.
    Whenever co opping with my bro or whatever I tend to just play the game in a fairly shallow manner, whereas single player I'm a bloody obsessive kook.
    I guess I'd have to pick multi if I had to choose cause few games tell good stories or offer challenging or original gameplay these days.
    Id miss dark souls and deus ex and Zelda like fuck but!

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