The Big Question: Summer Vs Winter

I'm looking out of my window right now and I have to say: it's looking super wintery out there. We're in the process of transitioning and I'm pretty happy about that.

On the whole, I think, I prefer Winter.

Winter is clearly more suited to video games. Terrible weather, rain, cold temperatures. Summer is the time when you're supposed to be out and about doing real life things. Don't get me wrong, I love doing things, but here's a list of things that are better in winter:

— Video games — Rock climbing — Porridge

Those are pretty much my three favourite things. So yeah, I vote winter.

Which do you prefer?


    Basically what he said. Though I'll swap rock climbing for playing/watching various winter football codes.

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    I hate being cold more than anything (I think I'm part cat). The only time I like winter is if the house is well heated, I have a big pile of blankets to hide under and I don't have to go anywhere. Summer is much better.

    Winter simply because it's a lot easier to get warm than it is to get cool in Summer.

      I'm exactly the opposite. It takes me ages to heat back up, but it takes just a short blast of air con in summer and I'm all cooled down already.

        I can only assume you're a thin/tiny human like my wife who has the same problem :P

    You can always put more layers of clothing on if you're cold (or snuggle under a blanket, or build a fire, or use a space heater) but there's only so many layers you can take off when it's hot. Eventually you're just simmering / broiling in your own skin.

      You can only put on more layers if you have them with you. And then if you don't want them, you have to haul them with you all over the place. Also all the extra layers and padding are way uncomfortable and restricting and yuck.

        You're layering wrong. Two words: Merino Thermals

          That sounds way too hot :P
          (I find all long sleeves to be annoying, so even one layer there is too many. Tshirt + jeans = all-year uniform)

    Winter, you can only get so naked to stay cool in summer. Also I sleep 8 million times better.

    Winter, without a doubt. Have a heater that works, don't have aircon that does a good enough job.

    Plus Mark's reasons, except Porridge, I can't stand the stuff personally. Fried bacon on the other hand...

    Winter. I'd rather freeze my ass than sweat my balls.

    You left out the most important thing, winter food is so much better than summer food.
    Big roast dinners, thick chunky soup with crusty bread, casseroles, osso bucco, warming curries.
    The on the other hand you have salad as far as the eye can see.

    Also Red wine > White wine.

      Ugh, salad. We're having salad with mango in it for dinner because summer. So lame.

        You don't make friends with salad.

          This is a well known (and oft-misquoted) saying in my house.

            Yeah I misquote it depending on the day (today is a misquote day) and frame of mind. :P

          Indeed. I wheeled out this exact image last time it was an issue.

      +1'd for the wine snipe alone! Love a good red myself

        Reds go in the fridge over summer time for me, the theory being that by the time it's come out of the fridge and gone into a glass it's going to be a lot closer to cellar temperature than if it had just been sitting at room temperature.


    Winter sucks because it is cold. The cold sucks because it makes everything else terrible. Numb toes -> put on some socks -> feet start to sweat -> socks get damp -> evaporation occurs -> feet are even colder than they were to begin with. Numb fingers regardless of how many other layers are being worn, stuck choosing between whether to be unable to do anything with your hands because they are cold or because they are encased in gloves. And then usually the aforementioned sweat equation comes into play.

    All the alleviations of Winter revolve around making it warm instead of cold. But Summer does that by default. Summer rules.

      you! i like you! and your reasoning! SUMMER HIGH FIVE!

      Yep, +1 for the hands thing - I don't do gloves, because I'm attached to a computer for 14 hours a day so my hands are just really fucking cold for 6-8 weeks of the year. Winter's redeeming features are field hockey and food - so many options when there's no disincentive to have a slow cooker or oven heating up the house for half a day.

        6-8 weeks. You have 1 short winter you SOB :P. but seriously Summer is the best and it is for 1 simple fact, Daylight!
        In winter you have an average of 8 hours of daylight and 16 hours of darkness. That means you either go to work in the dark or come home in the dark and that sucks. Plus in Tasmania Fog blocks the sky 50% of the day and then during winter you only have blue sky maybe 33% of the time so over all you only see blue sky 16.5% of the time.
        Summer is the exact opposite 16 glorious hours of daylight to do as much as you please.

        Other then this vital bit of information both summer and winter have their fair share of ups and downs that keep them on par with each other.

    I like getting out on the river so I pick summer.

    Humidity is the worse! its a pulsating aura that reminds you that summer sucks, so Winter for me.

    Both. No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Summer = mountain biking and hikes and Winter = Snowboarding and hiking.

    NEITHER! Autumn for the win! The days are sunny and warm but not hot. The nights are cool enough to snuggle under a doona.

    Winter all the way. I'm one of those people that can wear shorts and a T-Shirt on a day when everyone else wears jackets and jeans, but whenever there's a little humidity and heat and I'll melt straight away.

    Summer on the Gold Coast is near unbearable

    thats not even a question. who are all the poms voting for winter? and who are all the cold lovers enjoying depression with their lack of Vit D.

    i'd rather be warm and having to cool down, than being fucking cold and having to find a way to warm up and avoid shrinkage and being stuck in doors, and not absorbing glorious amounts of serotonin boosting vitamin D and not having to wear 4 layers of clothes on my commute to work, and not going for bike rides coz its too fucking cold and too dangerous.

    dont get me wrong, im the guy that will wear shorts during winter, because, fuck pants. but winter is so dreary and pathetic hear in Australia, we cant even get nationwide snow, i mean come on, if you are going to do something, do it properly.

    Winter by a mile.... but then I live in QLD and the winter is hardly savage :)

    The cricket is the only redeeming feature of summer ...

      We barely get one week of Winter up here. :(

        My aircon is set to 30c. Summer all the way anything under 30c is ridiculously cold, i dunno how the southerners survive. Probably helps i work outdoors so 39c is quite refreshing when it was 45c the week before

    Mr Serrels, do we need to ask this "Big Question" every year?

    It doesn't seem like the opinions are changing any time soon.

      Constant vindication that my opinion is objectively true is never a bad thing.

      (Summer lovers need to be put in their place, after we've had to suffer through all the TV advertising which simply assumes that Summer and the beach are inherently good and noble things.)

        *Objectively popular

          I'm surprised we haven't covered this... but one of the really important, fundamental truths of the world is that whatever I personally believe is a universal truth.
          (And when IF I die, the world will end.)

    Summer by a mile. Less getting sick, less having to dick around with 15 layers to go down to the shops, less leaving the house in the morning while it's still dark and then getting home after work and it still being dark.

    The only redeeming feature of winter is I can get a firepit and drink more whiskey

    Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. I much prefer Winter over the melting apocalypse that is Summer in this country; as others have said, there's no real limit to how many layers you can put on to warm up; there's a very real limit to how many you can take off to cool down.

    To those of you saying you can put on more clothes to stay warm in winter but can only take off limited clothes in summer to stay cool, have you heard of this fantastic invention called an air conditioner?

    My vote is summer, hands down. In Melbourne, Winter is depressing, always cold and wet, it gets dark too early, there are no good events happening. Winter is when I travel overseas to where its warm!

      Air conditioning doesn't do shit outside though. At least you can rug up outdoors and be comfortable.

      Also the electricity bill from running an AC all summer sucks ass

      Finally, Adelaide summer is brutal.

    There are 2 other seasons y'know and they're both better than summer or winter. Winter - cold and daylight is too short. Summer - too hot and humid.

    Autumn and Spring - now you're talking!

    Winter is coming and I'm very happy.

    We try to get down to Melbourne every year during the colder months to get some real winter. The 4 days a year of winter we get in QLD doesn't cut it for me.

      We need to lobby the government to allocate us more Winter. It's unfair how much more of it the southern states get.

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