The Big Question: Will You Buy PlayStation VR?

Well, the news is out so we might as well ask the question: will you buy into PlayStation VR at $549.95?

I definitely will. But I've already got the PlayStation Camera and a couple of Move controllers in my garage somewhere.

And, compared to the Oculus Rift and the Vive, the price is right. There's also this point: of all the VR experiences I've had so far, PlayStation VR has been my favourite. The experience with the camera and the move controllers have been perfect.

How about you — are you buying one?


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    No support from Chuloopa

    VR intrigues me and I'd love to have a headset that can replace all my screens, but the price is a little prohibitive for something that's currently being marketed as a peripheral. Even if money was not an issue, I just don't have room for VR. If I could sit in a chair and manoeuvre via a controller I'd be more amenable but the simple fact of the matter is, I can't use VR in my apartment.
    tl;dr: No.

      Why can't you sit in a chair and manoeuvre via a controller?

        I'd love to but everything I read seems to suggest the focus is on creating spaces you have to move around in.

      I'm planning on getting it and I also plan on not moving out of my chair. What makes you think you need so much space?

        Everyone keeps talking about making VR spaces in their homes and the hand tracking so it felt like it was a mandatory part of the VR experience. If it's not then my interest level just rose.

          Sure there will be a few games like that, but most will not. Eve: Valkyrie is the type of game I'm looking forward to, that and FPS games. The Playstation VR website has a few games up, check them out.

    No. What's the white box and what's the black box?

      The white box is the one that it comes in, the black box is an external processing box

    Yes I'm preordering tomorrow from EB and if it turns out crap from reviews well then I'll just get a refund for what I've put down.

      exactly... I just pre-ordered but can always cancel so why not

        Same here, pre-ordered through EB. This thing is going to be limited quantity because of the RGB screen, trust me on that!

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    While the pricing isn't horrible, it's still VR, and I am not on the VR wagon.

    Couldn't afford it if I wanted. :-/

      I dun even have a ps4, so no go for me already, but even if I did, no chance I would fork out that much. Would prefer one for PC.

        A Vive or Oculus costs twice as much, plus over $1000 for a rig that's capable of running it...

          Can't afford not to get one then!

          I've already got a very capable rig. The extra cost in buying on of those would be worth it to me as I have a lot more content on pc than I would ever have on console. Plus I could use it as an actual work tool (like 3d modelling in VR etc.)
          By the time I bought a ps4, the VR kit, and games to play for it, the cost would be around the same as just buying a PC kit, and I already have content for that!

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    Nope, dont console game.
    will need the money for PC VR

    I dunno. Maybe. The problem I have is that I don't have a PS camera or move controllers so the price quickly escalates for me into the $700+ range.

    Having said that, I'm still not convinced on VR personally, and if I was to jump on the VR bandwagon this will probably be how I'd do it, rather than an Oculus or Vive. But at the moment it's still slightly too expensive for me to take the leap on technology I'm not personally sold on.

      Not really, you can buy a camera and a move controller for $84 total today, so it is under $650.

        But you'll be needing another Move controller - so really $700 is a fair estimate. And software? Let's say $750 (generously) - and the cost of a PS4 (not everyone has one yet) - so if there's a game worth spending over $1100 on (a generous estimate again) - it'd really want to launch with a killer app.

        I see both your points - both valid.

    Not really an early adopter, especially for something as radical as VR. Yes, we've seen the tech build up over the last few years, but it's still an unknown quantity exactly how much support it will get and how much product there will be for the platform. Even the stuff that does come out, not sure if it will really use the tech well.

    And at that price, with those unknowns, it's just not a good enough ask.

    Probably, even if it's just for the cinema mode - it's cheaper than a new TV, and I don't have room for a larger one anyway. Still want a better idea of how the processing works - if playing a demanding game in Cinematic mode cuts the framerate or something.

    Already pre-ordered mine. Used it once and was immediately sold. Cannot wait.

    Just preordered from EBGames. I've used VR on my phone and stuff and it was fun, the price is actually better than I expected (I expected $800) and the oculus/vive requires shipping, needs GPU upgrades and then I would need to mess around with my PC to use it.

    PS VR will hopefully be more streamlined, and demand for this will be heaps high for Christmas. It's worth the preorder at least for now.

    The fact that I dont have a ps4 camera and 2 move controllers, as well as just not being pulled in by the experiences I've seen so far, it would be taking away many I could be putting into a new pc... can't justify it. That's about a third the cost of the new rig (minus the video cards).

    Probably should have had a vote option for "I don't have a PS4".

    I do have a PS4, and an oculus, DK1 and DK2. I am probably going to go the PS4 route, and stick with the DK2 for PC shenanigans. But I'll make my mind up closer to October.
    I won't be buying the Vive or CV1 though, even though my PC is up to scratch. Just too much $$

    Like Mark said, I have also tried the CV1 and the PS4 VR, and the PS4 experience was the most fun by a long shot, even if the others are technically higher spec/better, the PS4VR was great, and it feels like the games will be more tailored and more fun.

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    I imagine this will give me the same problems as wearing a headset, fine at the beginning and uncomfortable in a few hours. I'll wait for a friend to buy it and try theirs.

    My answer is, depends!

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      My problem also stems from my experience with headsets. Basically, my head is fucking enormous and I am concerned whether the adjustable strap will extend far enough for me to wear the VR headset.

        I have a stupidly big pumpkin, and the demo unit fit my noggin with space to spare.
        I cannot however purchase hats...

        Support group for pumpkin heads? There's a reason most of my shirts button up.

    Love my Gear VR... love my playstation... all good things. Gonna preorder this before I have to wait another 6 months after they sell out.

    Just pre ordered online as soon as i found out the news!
    Got the camera when i got my ps4 so no issues there for me - Whats the go with the Move controllers?! I used to have two but sold one to a mate and now i just have the one - Are they still required or is it built into the final headset now?!

      Not required, but if say you have a game and want to track both hands, then you will want two Moves. It can track off the gamepad or a single move as well, but for two handed flailing action, a second move might be worth while

        Thanks - I couldnt find this info clarified anywhere but i suppose for games like among the sleep the two move controllers would be great!!!

    Please please please bring out support for Project Cars on release!!!!

    Shit would be amazing!!!

      It is on the supported list.

        I noticed and am amazingly excited! Been sinking so much time into that with the G29 this will just complete the experience!

    Can't justify the price. Maybe when or if the price drops.
    Plus it needs a game to really make me want to get on board.

    Yes I think I will.
    I want to give VR a proper crack but I'm not willing to pony up the $2000 it would take for the Rift/vive and pc upgrades.
    $600 is cheap enough to see if I really care about VR and if the platform goes anywhere.

    Already have Oculus preordered so unless PS VR offer more exclusive content, probably not.

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