The Evolution Of Final Fantasy’s Behemoth From 1988 To 2016

The Evolution Of Final Fantasy’s Behemoth From 1988 To 2016

Video: While the story and the setting are always different, the main Final Fantasy games have a lot of reoccurring elements. Behemoth is one of them, appearing in almost every game, and its appearances are a super way to track not just the evolution of Final Fantasy, but the progress of the entire medium.

RinoaMoogleGames‘ clip shows every appearance of the monster, starting with a very pixely 2D Final Fantasy II from 1988 and ending with some intense Final Fantasy XV footage. A lot has changed over these years!

And no wonder Final Fantasy VII was so popular back then. Easy to spot the quality jump in the video from VI to VII and how it compares to other console jumps.


  • Cloud in the first image, poisoned AND mini? Noob, where’s your ribbon? How could you screw up the slots? Maybe they didn’t like to think of Cloud with a ribbon in his hair? He goes further than that… Didn’t have to comment but I did anyway.

  • As much as FFXIII likes to garner negative attention, goddamn was it gorgeous. I always forget how good looking it was.

  • It irks me a little that in a video highlighting the evolution throughout the games, why the creator chose to use remastered versions of FFV and FFX. Sure, the point is still made, but it irks me.

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