The Final Badarse Civil War Trailer, Starring Your Spectacular New Spider-Man

The Final Badass Civil War Trailer, Starring Your Spectacular New Spider-Man

Video: It's here — your next major look at Marvel's big superheroic dust up, Civil War. You'd think someone would be pleased, but no, Teams Cap and Iron Man are far too busy being glum at the thought of fighting each other for what they believe in. Oh, and a certain friendly neighbourhood arachnid, of course. There is so much new footage in this new trailer, it's honestly a huge surprise, even with Spider-Man's inclusion. Check it out below:

There's a lot more of the idealogical debate between Iron Man and Captain America, and the cost of the destruction superheroes cause. But there's still a ton of action, including an incredible chase sequence between Black Panther and Winter Soldier, Black Widow beatdowns, and the amazing shot of Ant-Man flying into battle on Hawkeye's arrow.

Still? Nothing quite tops our spectacular introduction to Spider-Man — making an incredible entrance on Iron Man's side. Good lord, this looks like a ton of fun.

Captain America: Civil War releases April 29.

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    ...So Spiderman is a 12 year old boy, based on his voice?

      Well Peter Parker is a high school kid.

        Peter Parker was in Midtown High for the first 30 issues of Amazing Spider-Man. After that, he went to Empire State University. While he was "a kid", he was more of a young man. Puberty hits around 12-13, and the resulting testosterone causes a deepening of the vocal cords. The radioactive spider bite also enhanced his muscles. He SHOULD sound more mature and not squeak. It's just weird to everyone because the figure he has in the trailer is masculine but the voice is childish... which goes against all the other cartoons/games/movies.

        I really hope they fix the voice and get rid of the dark line alterations they made to the arms/etc to make it original. The mask and lenses look great.

      He's 15 in the movie. They're going for a comic accurate representation for once. He's being played by a (then) 18 year old.

        Instead of a 30 year old man as in previous films.

          Precisely. Though Holland will age, it'll be more 'appropriate' to the Spiderman character, instead of Parker looking like he's ready for a middle age crisis by university....

    He looks too comic booky even for a Marvel film.

      Yeah, that CGI or whatever they've done looks pretty bad.
      Still hyped though :)

        looks more likle they took some ques from deadpool, ie a physical suit and cgi eyes.

        It might not actually be finished yet.
        Often the trailers will have cruddy cgi when the final film has great cgi.
        Unfortunately, in some cases the cruddy trailer cgi ends up in the final film.

    Looks painfully boring. I'm so done with Marvel films. Same thing over and over zzzz

      Buckle up as they are really just getting started pretty sure their roadmap goes into 2025 with no end in sight "no end in sight" just let that sink in, then when people finally get bored just reboot for the next generation, its like printing money!

      Last edited 11/03/16 8:18 am

      Theres always one

        I never understood people that click on a link just to leave a comment about how they don't care. Most of the articles on kotaku i skip because i don't have any interest in the content yet some have an overwhelming desire to do the opposite. Makes zero sense to me.

        Last edited 11/03/16 10:07 am

          There's no point in not liking something unless you can tell everyone

            And there's no point liking something unless you can down-vote everyone who doesn't like it, right? Come now, let's not be hypocrites, let them have their opinion.

            It can't always just be rampant hype and fanboy-ism. Some criticism like this is fine, fair enough, some people are getting bored.

            Hell, I'm looking forward to this as much as anyone (I enjoyed the Cap films more than a lot of the other Marvel films), but lets not down-vote someone who wishes to step in and say, "this circle jerk ain't for me".

              No problem with an opinion that comes with constructive criticism

    Looks ace. Yet another reason to buy a movie ticket this year :-D

    This will be better than Batman V Superman

      Could be. Doubtful, but it could be.

        Will easily be. Batman vs Superman looks like a colossal pile of shit. I can't imagine how anyone could watch the trailers for that and think it's not going to be a gigantic mess.

          I thought the latest trailer looked alright, the Batman fight looked like something out of the Arkham series and it was actually about Batman fighting Superman not about spoiling that there's another villain lol.

        Or you know, it's possible to enjoy both...

          Your logic has no place here.

            It's kinda illogical, really. Nobody said anything about not enjoying both. The point was that one will still be better than the other in most people's eyes.

      Of course it will be. DC films are largely inferior (select batman films aside).

      I was interested when it was just Batman Vs Superman. Now they're trying to shoe-horn in a load of Justice League stuff in a rush to try and emulate the success of Marvel's Cinematic Universe. It's not hard to imagine that rush is going to cost them.

        Except you don't know it's 'shoehorned', the only thing you go by there is hyperbole spread by people who seem to have something against this movie being made.

          No, I don't know if it's been shoe-horned, but I get that distinct impression from personally seeing the trailers. In fact, I got that distinct impression when it went from "Batman vs Superman" to "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice".

          It's Spider-Man 3 all over again, too much going on for one film. They should of just stuck with Batman vs Superman, which would of sold it's self. No need to shove in Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Doomsday, afterthought or otherwise.

          Last edited 14/03/16 7:57 am

            We've had it confirmed that Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg are brief cameos and that's it. Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman are the three mains. Doomsday is a final 'battle' villain with Lex Luthor (still not sold on Jesse but that's neither here nor there) driving things in the background).

            In a 2 1/2 hour movie, that's not exactly shoehorned, that's just spiteful rhetoric from people for some reason. Otherwise the same could be said about Civil War with the amount of characters it has, or we are compelled to take the same road with Avengers 3 with its already is confirmed to contain 68 different characters lest we be beholden to hypocrisy?


            In regards to Spiderman 3, Spiderman 3's issue was *not* the amount of characters it had, as shown by masterfully made movies such as Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, but how they were utilised. Raimi had no interest or love for Venom and didn't want him in the movie at all, hence him being 'shoehorned' in. You can see the difference with Flint Marko being written superbly and acted exceedingly well, yet everything with Venom is awful, flat out awful.

            Last edited 14/03/16 8:09 am

        I guess it depends on your definition of 'shoehorned' but this movie was always going to be a set-up for the broader DC Universe.

        After the backlash (and relative financial underperformance) against Man of Steel, Warner Bros got cold feet about their DC roadmap. BvS has never been 'Man of Steel 2', and has always been a set-up film. Remember, Justice League is currently in production - Warner Bros. isn't following the Marvel/Disney model of giving each JL member a stand-alone before the team-up movie.

          I'm glad you guys are optimistic about it. I was initially, I'm just not now.

          And I'm sorry if I sound like a bit of a Marvel fanboy comparing the two, it was just an obvious comparison to make.

    But how do Spider-Man's eyes move like that?

      They are like camera shutters. I suspect that will actually be cameras too.

    Wow that suit is VERY bright. like wow.
    I'm excited though. Winter Soldier was amazing so having the Russo brothers back is really cool.

    I REALLY hope the CG on the Spider-Man suit is still in production, because that really didn't look that great. I like that they're at least trying for the expressive eyes from the comic, but it looked painfully fake.

    They played the Spider-Man card way too early IMO. They could have banked on the mystery and hype about Spider-Man's mere inclusion and rode that. Instead they spoil it in a trailer because people can't wait till the movie is out to see the reveal. This "I want to know/see everything NOW NOW NOW" nature of fans has ruined movies. Plus it creates articles like this by asshole sites like Kotaku who'll gif the moment in the preview and slap it all over the site just for a few extra clicks.

    Other then that, I'm loving the alterations they made to the story to make it fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

      Wholeheartedly agree. I still reckon they should've done an after credits sequence at the end of Ant-Man that teased Spidey but nothing official was said. That way u get some internet buzz, people buying tickets just to see if it's true and leave the door open for an amazing reveal in civil war.

      I have to partially agree about the fan side of far as I'm aware they seem pretty keen on having all these superhero movies release as soon as they're mentioned. Waiting is what makes them great. Surprises make it better. If you knew something was going to happen because you saw it in the trailer then that pretty much ruins that scene when you see it in the movie.

      But if you don't like the way the site advertises and posts...why are you here?

        But if you don't like the way the site advertises and posts...why are you here?

        Because, unfortunately, Kotaku is one of the top brands in gaming media and gets a lot of other news before anyone else. I do think that when dealing with moments like this, you don't need to plaster the scene as a gif as the preview image, thus ruining the moment more. There are better ways to tease it so the reader has to actually click on the post to see it... But Kotaku don't care about that. Posting spoilers as preview images has been debated a million times before on this very site, but they don't learn, it's all about the clicks.

          Agree @mase ... i saw the image of spidey on here and in my fb newsfeed half a dozen times before i said "screw it" and watched the trailer.

          You're right in the respect they should be teasing the reader rather than just popping a gif of the exact moment. Leaving literally nothing left interesting in the article. But that's never going to change. Not on Kotaku, not on Facebook or wherever on the internet. It's great when something is done properly...but it seems the vast majority of sites that post this type of material have no idea how to tease it.

          I retract my comment, it's a bugger that gaming and similar sites rely on clicks.

      It's the last trailer, consider that's all we got, they're still banking heavily on the mystery idea. I'm frankly surprised we didn't see it after Superbowl.

      My cynic-sense tingles with the feeling someone high up wanted to "be first", before some jackass leaks a picture.

      Unfortunately, it's just as unfinished as a leak would have been.

      Personally I would have loved the first time I saw Spidey be in the movie.

      But in the world we live in today that is an unrealistic expectation. With a movie this big someone would leak it, the movie comes out at different times worldwide so most wouldn't have the option of avoiding it and it would be a mess. At least this way Marvel has controlled the first look we got of the character and also can use Spider-Man (a hugely popular character) to advertise and bring in the general public.

      Plus the movie is out pretty soon, I doubt we will see much more of him before then. We saw Black Panther in costume when Boseman was first cast but we still know little to none about his place in the film. I think they are still keeping back the good stuff.

      This "I want to know/see everything NOW NOW NOW" nature of fans has ruined movies.

      I don't totally disagree, but I've got to point out that how much more successful comic book movies have been since they started just admitting stuff. None of this 'there's possibly a Thor movie in negotiations but we're still not sure so we won't mention it until it's released' stuff. Spider-man in the MCU is only happening because they actually committed to it. If it were left a rumour like in the olden days it would have been derailed the second one of the studios got cold feet.
      One of the big driving forces behind the MCU is that they're finally being up front and this is part of that. It makes it all a bit less exciting between movies but I feel like the movies themselves are infinitely better.

      Also keep in mind Spider-man being in it may be old news to us but it's still huge news that's going to bring in a ton of people. That's part of why everyone involved agreed to it. Plus it's a bit over dramatic to say this ruins movies. I can understand liking seeing this stuff for the first time on the big screen but I don't think the movie really loses much by having this reveal in a trailer. If this is holding the whole thing together then the movie has to be pretty crap to begin with.

    Thats the first movie iteration of spider-man that has actually looked amazing, love it.

    did marvel pay you to write this james lol

    Oh wait. It's about a bunch of dudes fighting. That's cool. I like that, and don't feel in the slightest bit threatened. Carry on.

    Nice, but that suit looks off, is it CGI?, and I must be under a rock this past month, is it just me or is Batman and Superman and Civil War quite similar? heroes fight against one another, but a baddie is waiting in the wings that will unite them

      in civil war, the baddies are who the audience decides to side with and against. well, at least it is in the comic.

      Last edited 11/03/16 11:33 am

      The story is actually really similar.

      Govt says unchecked heroes/viliians = bad
      Govt Sends Supes/Ironman to stop it
      Bats/Cap believe this is a violation of freedom and therefore fight against the odds.
      Supes/IM beat the crap outta Bats/Cap while discussing morality of being OP.
      Supes/IM win the fight but lose the moral victory and learn the error of there ways.

      IM wipes his brain, Supes decided he will no longer follow the US govt rules.
      Bats is smug and goes back to gotham, Cap gets shot and dies.

      Last edited 11/03/16 11:51 am

    never mind, I fail at reading comprehension.

    Trailer looks great, I can't wait for this OR BvS. And with Daredevil coming at the end of the month today!

    Last edited 11/03/16 12:49 pm

      Daredevil comes out next week

        Oh, I had in my head that it was later in the month, the same day as BvS. Was it at some point and they brought it forward or am I just dense?

          Yeah I think it moved. It's official release is the 18th so we should get it Saturdayish. Then Batman V Superman the following week, and in Oz we get Civil War at the end of April. Gonna be a great few months.

    I feel like I'm the only one in the world who had no desire to see Spiderman again. Am I?

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