The Full Trailer For Game Of Thrones Season 6 Is Here

We're so close.

Hopefully season 6 is a step up from season 5. Let's be honest, it was a little bit whiffy.

Image: HBO

But I'm still keen. And as someone who prefers the shows to the books, I'm looking forward to where the show takes things.


    Considering what we know and what we suspect that trailer seemed to be deliberately misleading with respect to the fate of certain characters.

    But whatever happens, there is no stopping the #CLEGANEBOWL hypetrain.

    Bran looks more like Maester Luwin the older he gets.

    Hopefully season 6 is a step up from season 5. Let’s be honest, it was a little bit whiffy.

    Still the greatest show of all time.

      Yeah the White Walker attack alone from S5 automatically made that season better than most things on TV (and film for that matter).

    EURON GREYJOY @ 1:08, right after Theon.

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    When does the season 6 starts? Getting 3 months foxtel for free.

      Trailer says 24th of April, Foxtel has been pretty good with it (timing-wise) last few years so I expect we'll get it on the 25th.

    Season 5 was a bit... so so. I'm hoping this will be a good season. Just seems like they're meandering now until George Pirate Martin gets his shit sorted :P

      I think season 5 was good, last episode ended with surprise.

    Who was lying dead at the end when Sir Davos got badass?

      Since that looked like Ghost, I think it was Jon Snow

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