Two Halo Teams Are Playing For $1 Million Right Now!

Two Halo Teams Are Playing For $1 Million Right Now!

Okay, the Halo world championship finals are happening right now. You can watch it right here.

The winner takes home US$1 million. Ridiculous.

The final takes place between CLG and Allegiance. Old school Halo legend Naded is taking part, so I’ll be rooting for Allegiance!

The runner-up takes home $500,000, and 343 Industries’ Bravo just announced that they’re starting up a Halo professional league. Looks like Esports is back in a big way for Halo. That’s pretty exciting.


  • CLG won. Now, does anyone know how to get the Halo World Championship Req pack by watching the Finals as mentioned on the Halo Twitter feed?

  • If you’ve watched it via twitch or the xbox interactive app, google the req pack and find it on – it’s a purchase/download that will appear in your download queue when you fire up your xbox. It’ll then be in your ‘open packs’ section.


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