The Long-Dead Lobo Movie Was Just Resurrected By The Writer Of Wonder Woman

The Long-Dead Lobo Movie Was Just Resurrected By the Writer of Wonder Woman

For as long as Lobo has been one of the most visceral, popular and controversial comic book characters in DC's library, there has been talk of a movie. Nothing's ever come of it — but there's a hopeful sign. The writer of the new Wonder Woman movie has been hired to write a new screenplay. The Wrap reports that Jason Fuchs, who not only wrote the new Wonder Woman movie but also last year's Pan, is rewriting Lobo from the ground up. That suggests other people who have previously been attached to the project may no longer be involved.

The intergalactic bounty hunter has long been a character Hollywood has wanted to adapt, but been afraid to. In that way, he's similar to Deadpool, since both characters thrive on their R-rated aspects. The difference between the two, though, is that Deadpool is infinitely more popular. Still, it's hard not to look at this sudden move as a reaction to the success of Deadpool. Plus there's no doubt that, handled the right way, Lobo could be a hit.

At this time, there's no word if Lobo will be written as part of the DC Cinematic Universe that includes Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad. Hiring Fuchs makes it seem more likely, though, since he's already written one of those movies. And if that ends up being the case, the idea of Lobo taking on Batman or Superman on the big screen brings a pretty big smile to our faces.

[The Wrap]


    Lobo? Another comic book character I've never heard of, google to the rescue! :P

      I recommend you start with Lobo Paramilitary 0 The holiday / christmas special.
      It's the best one of the bunch :)

      I recommend you delete this comment before the Lobheads come after you.

        And the delete button is where for guests exactly?

    He would have to be a completely CG character. Like what they did with Collosus. No actor in the world could pull this off.

      Have you seen the fan film of Lobo's Christmas Special? It was made about 10 years ago and got a cease and desist order, but it may be on the interwebs somewhere. The guy who played Lobo in that was pretty damn good.

    Ehhhhhhhh, was never sold on Lobo. Give me a swamp thing movie before that, or hey even sandman. In fact, now comic book movies are so big, why don't they try and pull more from stories that aren't published by the big two?
    Omfg how great would a PROPER league of extraordinary gentlemen be?
    Or a movie based on Brubakers Fatale, or any of his stellar crime themed comics?
    Remenders black science and low would be great choices for big, extravagant sci fi flicks...but we get tomorrow land instead right!

      Yeah, I wanted to like Lobo, but he seemed less self-aware than Deadpool - a try-hard version that kind of missed the point of what was great about DP.

    I knew this would happen as soon as Deadpool was successful, prepare for the gritty super anti-hero storm.

    I don't know how they could manage to make this though. Lobo is not mass-market and is effectively biker Superman.

    Dude killed his whole species for fun...

    Last edited 17/03/16 3:14 pm

    At Oz Comic Con in 2014, Jason Momoa was asked which comic character he'd like to play. His answer was: Lobo.

    He also denied being Aquaman that day (it wasn't confirmed yet).

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