The Remastered System Shock Already Looks Sensational

The Remastered System Shock Already Looks Sensational
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The original System Shock is often overlooked in gamers’ memories, partially because the sequel carried on SHODAN’s legacy so exceptionally well.

That won’t be the case for much longer.

Night Dive Studios, the developers who work behind the scenes to get older games re-released in a digital form and the same team responsible for the recent Turok: Dinosaur Hunter remaster, have been touching up the original System Shock for modern audiences.

One of the studio’s first ventures — their very first, in fact — was to get the original System Shock 2 in the hands of gamers once more. They’ve done that. But now it’s time to give that other Looking Glass game a bit of love.

This is what the original System Shock looked like.

And this is what Night Dive is doing now.

Good God: it’s not so much a fresh coat of paint as it is a total overhaul. That’s the benefit of using Unity in 2016 as opposed to an engine from 1994, I guess.

Either way, I want this game. Night Dive Studios can take as long as they need. But I want this game.


  • Never played the original but would defiantly get this. Kinda feels like Doom 3 and i loved that game.

  • Looks great! i actually never played the first, played a good chunk of the 2nd. Would be amazing if the 2nd one got remade as well :O

    Can’t wait to play this though!

  • Wow that looks amazing. I didn’t see the point and click interface at all tho, did they scrap that aspect of the original? For those that havn’t played ss1, it was kinda like doom but with the press of a button the cursor would come up and the game became first person point and click.

  • Instant purchase. Looks great. SS1 had me hooked, loved SS2 and while Dead Space felt like the true spiritual successor (vs. Bioshock), it was SHODAN that made the System Shock series amazing for me.

    The audio logs in particular brought that creepy/real vibe. Sounds like they may be keeping the same voice logs (unless they’re just place-holders for now). Also read somewhere that the original voice actress for SHODAN may be reprising her role. Sweet!

  • Niiiice!

    I remember trying to play it in Dosbox back in the day, however i got super confused at the millions of keys needed to play =P

    This remake/redux looks amazing!!!!

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