The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

There are many ways to die in the Souls games. These are the worst. With Dark Souls 3 coming out in two weeks — sooner, if you're lucky — it's got me in a contemplative mood about the series. Beating Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne count among my greatest gaming accomplishments, but that didn't come without great trial and error.

(For this post, FYI, I'm counting Bloodborne as part of the Souls games.)

Death is constant in Souls, and it doesn't always arrive way you expect. It's a game that enjoys tricking the player around ever corner. Such as...

Those F'ing Mimics

The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

Source: Sohlol

Someone Fell For That?! Oh, Wait... HEY

Source: Mark F Krzewinski

The Ol' Skeleton Kick

The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

Source: Giant Bomb

Everything In Sen's Fortress

No explanation needed.

The Conveniently Placed Fire Barrel

Source: Rissababalissa

Oh, It's Just A Few Enemies

The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

Image Credit: reddit

One Giant Leap For Hollowkind

The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

Source: Nihonnoai

Didn't See Ya There, Offscreen Enemy

Source: Derek Hernandez

The Cocky Emote

The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

Source: Unknown

One. God. Damn. Arrow.

Source: yahtzee19

Getting A Boss To Its Last Hit, Then Screwing Up

The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

Source: reddit

Jumping Off A Dangerous Cliff

The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

Source: Kotaku

This doesn't even cover the other terrible things that can happen, like:

  • Trying to find the next bonfire and losing 30,000 souls!
  • Rushing through a familiar area and dying for no good reason!
  • Ignoring a status effect and suddenly dying of, say, poison!
  • The camera locking onto the wrong enemy!
  • Convincing yourself that the next time you fight the boss, you'll win!
  • Deciding it's a good idea to play these games in the first place!

Share your stories of woe in the comments below. Together, we'll praise the sun and try to fight another day.


    That damn jump tutorial at the start of DS2. I almost gave up with the entire game after that.

    Lazy article is lazy.
    Can we get Mark on this? I'd like to read an actual article based on this, instead of a list of clips.

    Yep, I can relate to the second one:

    I still remember the first time I encountered a Vagrant. Navigating Anor Londo, avoiding those damn Black Knight Archers, when I spot a Vagrant on one of the perilous bridges. I was so confused (having never seen one before) that I stopped to look at it... which netted me a Knight Lance Arrow into my chest, knocking me off the ledge. To make matters worse, I was so keen on getting back to that spot to see if the Vagrant was still there, that I was a bit reckless running past the demons, and copped a spear across the back of the head, knocking me off a ledge right before retrieving my souls -_-

    I've benefited from this before.

    An invader saw me on the cliffs in that forest valley area near Sif, but must have tripped or glitched or something and fell into the water under that bridge to the boss fog.

    This invader had a LOT of souls. Then they were my souls.

    The worst way to die is when you get impatient with the game and try to rush through some part. Especially when you are running back to collect your souls from dying previously because you were impatient. These games reward thoughtful play and exploiting the environment and mechanics more than most games I've played.

    I still maintain the worst is dying with a large amount of souls to an enemy that's a decent trek from the bonfire and then panic rolling off a cliff because you were trying to be too cautious on the walk back to your souls. so many levels lost because of this.

    Dark souls 3 I'm thinking of keeping count of how many souls I lose

      Maybe it'll be a complete dick and actually tell you. So you can look at the figure and despair.

    Worst way to die? Not even close there. The worst way to die is when you are doing epic dodge and you fell off the cliff, then you respawn and proceed to pick up the soul from where you died but the same enemy is there and you did another epic dodge and fell off the cliff again. Bye souls.

    I've started playing Demon's Souls for the first time in preparation/hype mode for DS3 and last night I was a fair way through 4-1 when I was traversing the cliff edge past the vanguard and you fight the first gold skeleton. After killing him my auto-lock switched to the flying stingray things and I promptly walked off the cliff face.

    Then I tried to run past all of those damn skeletons, obviously I ended up losing 20k souls... At this stage of the game that's around 8 levels :(

    Thank you comments section!
    Multi-handedly (can't say single) turned a crap article into a good one.

    Worse than any death is farming sunlight medals in das2 for the platnium. Must platnium before das3!!!

    Less than 2 weeks. Less than 2 weeks.

    I came here just to say that.

    Losing 56k souls during a SL1 run because you rolled off the edge at the bottom of tomb of giants and then getting absolutely ganged on the way back down.

      but if you're doing a sl1 run the souls wouldn't really matter

        They matter quite a bit for leveling your pyro glove and reinforcing your weapons/armor.

    How about falling off the edge of the arena not once but twice last night in SOTFS after hanging around for twenty minutes trying to get a full team for some boss fights (using bonfire ascetics) because I was too busy going through the inventory looking for buffs. So frustrating lol. I've lost 150k+ souls so many times this week. The DLC bosses can be a nightmare with their overly long reach!

    Definitely Mimics and mistiming rolls would be my personal most embarrassing cause of deaths =P

    I was glad that DE Souls and DS2 didn't feature as many as DS1, so so many of them!

    I wonder what nasty new ways DS3 will have to kill us?

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