There's A Puppet Playing Diablo On Twitch Now

There's A Puppet Playing Diablo on Twitch Now

Video: "I am blue because that's the way I was born..." "'Literally a puppet literally playing games.' Both statements are true." Oh, Bennyfits, let's be best internet friends. He's only got three archived broadcasts so far and no bio but it's plain to see that the fuzzy blue puppet called Bennyfits has the glow of game-streaming greatness about him. That gravely voice, the way that he mumbles his way through Blizzard's loot-tastic and his banter with text chat make for some of the most entertaining stuff on Twitch I've ever seen.

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If this is a one-human operation, the skill on display is impressive. One hand in the puppet, one hand on the mouse and some other off-screen wizardry? However this person's doing it, it's great. Just listen to him talk about his gaming habits at 25:50 in the video above and try not to giggle.


    One hand in the puppet

    What are you talking about, one hand in the puppet? It's almost like you're suggesting that the puppet is not really alive and someone is controlling him... *gasp*

    And people say there's nothing good on the Internet anymore.

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