There's Going To Be A Bloodborne Board Game And It Sounds Wonderful

Video games might not translate to movies well, but board games are a different story. Gears of War, StarCraft and Civilization all proved winners. Soon, we'll (hopefully) be able to add Bloodborne to that list.

A few days ago, board game designer Eric Lang revealed "Project Dream" via Twitter. Project Dream in this case being Bloodborne. Details are thin, but Lang provided a few tidbits in his follow-up tweets:

Publisher Cool Mini or Not has quite the pedigree when it comes to great board games, being responsible for the likes of Arcadia Quest and Super Dungeon Explore. Going by Lang's (admittedly brief) description, Bloodborne should also be a delight when it arrives.

@eric_lang [Twitter, via Nerd Approved]


    The card art could be amazing!

    I'm pressing money into the screen, but nothing is happening!

    You rolled a six: You die!

    (Yes I read the story, sounds fun. It's just the first thing that entered my head when I saw the headline.)


    This is going to cost me some money.

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