There's Going To Be An Esports Hall Of Fame

Given that the industry is already at the point where people are looking to preserve the history of players, it's inevitable that someone was going to formally recognise that through a special process. Tournament organisers ESL are looking to do just that, announcing this morning the creation of the "Esports Hall of Fame".

According to the landing page for the new venture, those inducted into the Hall of Fame will be done so via a "nomination and voting process overseen by experts" from each of the relevant communities.

In the beginning, those communities will include Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, StarCraft (both versions), and some unnamed titles from the fighting game community.

The first game to have a player inducted will be Counter-Strike. ESL creative producer Ken Chen told Yahoo! Esports in a video that players will have to be retired for at least a year to be nominated, and that the nominating panels will be made up of commentators, writers, as well as "experts in the scene".

"We aim for the Esports Hall of Fame to be a place where we can preserve the history of esports. We feel like the history is very rich, there are a lot of stories we can tell," Chen said.


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