These Are The Best Australian Deals For The Division

These Are The Best Australian Deals For The Division

So, The Division is out today. No doubt you’re thinking about buying it. No doubt you’re looking to save some cash.

We’ve done a little bit of digging and found the best prices in Australia.

Big W

$68 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. I’m guessing each Big W store won’t be rolling in stock for this, so maybe call ahead before you make the trip.


JB Hi-Fi


Also — there are more JB Hi-Fi stores in Australia.

EB Games

Have you spotted any better deals for The Division? Let us know in the comments.


      • Not sure what you mean by technically, surely places that sell under $99 aren’t selling at a loss? If so, I’d be interested to hear how that works. From a consumer point of view, it certainly comes across as being overpriced at $99, when $69 for a game is becoming more regular these days.

        • I worked at EB Games a number of years ago as a manager and at the time, EB paid a premium price that would often (at times) leave very little for profit unless priced at the RRP, As I understood it, this was in return for exclusive access to premium pre-order deals. Back then, these stores selling below $90 were absolutely selling it at a loss but they had other products to inform their profits, EB only has games, thus a higher pressure was put on the new releases to sell at a higher price. Not sure what the deal is now, though.

          • That’s pretty much it.

            Big W and Target can sell games at a loss because they also sell things like clothes and furniture that they make a significant margin on. EB only sells games & related merchandise and local distributor’s buy prices don’t leave a lot of wiggle room when it comes to markdowns, thus forcing such retailers to sell at RRP.

        • I can tell you for a fact that cost price on this game is $75. They are definitely selling at a loss, in the hope that people who buy it, might also buy high profit items at the same time.

    • EB games price matches, has a seven day satisfaction guarantee, and you get points on your EB world loyalty card. These factors present a different sort of value, but value nonetheless.

      • Made EB price Match, but they skimped out on the Pre-order bonus, might go back tomorrow with my receipt and ask about it.

        Note Ask about it and accept that No we price Matched could be their answer.

        Also a 2.6gb Patch Day 1? Get your shit sorted Ubisoft! Buying a new game is like buying a C64 game it takes forever before you can play it now, although at least it’s only once.

  • Got mine (PC) from OzGameShop, received key overnight last night and preloading now. Download server is pretty slow. Despite having the ability the download at 12MB/sec, which Steam servers often are able to handle, the Ubisoft download was peaking at 1MB/sec this morning when I left for work.. so glad there is preloading available.

    They have it for $67.99AUD, I got it slightly cheaper than that as a pre-order with $5.50 store credit taken off the price as well. For less than $50 (basically same price as EB), I’m happy with this purchase even if I end up only ever playing the single player. I asked OzGameShop why the physical disc is cheaper than the Digital Download and they didn’t know the answer.. it’s weird how that is the case everywhere, especially considering that most games require a hefty digital download.

    • 12mb/second!? I’m lucky to get 800kb/second when downloading! Can’t even imagine how fast that it. Is that nbn?

    • pre-loading? Does the PC version come out later than console? I played a few hours last night from 12 onwards

          • Actually it’s 6 am CET (Central European time) which is 8:30pm Central Australian time. Going from what Uplay shows.

          • I downloaded a 3gb patch at 10:05 am this morning, and my uplay client has been showing a “play” button ever since. I’m using teamviewer from work, so i can’t actually test if it’s playable though

          • Actually it’s 6 am CET (Central European time) which is 8:30pm Central Australian time. Going from what Uplay shows.

          • I checked my download at around 10:30am and the play button was there, so you’re probably right about that.

            Also, noticed that somehow my download speed was set to 1MB/sec in the download options. I know I never set that. Once I changed it to max, I started to get 12MB/sec and the remaining game was downloaded in around 20 minutes.

            Ready for me to play when I get home tonight 🙂

          • Yer i’m just going by what they had in their client 12am EST is equiv to 3pm AEST. If they’ve actually released it earlier cool

    • That’s interesting. I’ve got ability to download at 18-20MB/sec and last night was getting around 6-10MB/sec when preloading…the servers must be swamped now or something…

      • Turns out the setting in my download option was set to 1MB/sec.. weird because I’d never changed it. As soon as I changed it to max, I started maxing out my download speed of 11.9MB/sec.

    • Got my online yesterday and received key overnight. Kicked off preload at 6:30am and it was done in 45mins. Via uPlay was pulling about 9MB/sec.

    • OzGameShop here too. Got a uPlay key for $57.49 after $5.50 store credit.

      Downloaded overnight, but noticed it was going at a fairly steady 1.8MB/s (my max) when I went to bed.

      uPlay has some weird BitTorrent like behaviour as well I noticed. The uPlay.exe was uploading at 50kB/s at the same time, but only to/from one Akamai address.

  • You can get a digital copy of the game for PC from Gameplanet UK. They are charging £29.99 which came out as $59 aud according to my paypal invoice. Got the key immediately and they are an authorised distributor for ubisoft.

    • And if you join a certain steam group you get another 5% off that.
      Gamesplanet UK was the best deal.
      Was originally going to go with ozgameshop but a few days ago they were unable to sell more copies it seemed.

      • Cheers for raising that. I saw the offer but didnt end up doing it as I thought the extra 5% wouldnt break the bank. Either way hopefully someone else here wont be lazy like me and get the full discount 🙂

  • Google ‘reddit the division gamesplanet deal’ and find the thread on how to score 30% off on Gamesplanet. Get’s the game down to $55AUD for PC 😉

  • “Big W typically provide the lowest price on new release games…”

    Since when? They used years ago and then basically started selling at $15 higher than their competitors. I used to get my games from Big W all the time until they stopped being competitive.

    I find Target usually has the best deals on new games. Although it appears Big W may be getting back on board.

  • The Plight of the Australian Video-game Enthusiast:

    Big W: No stock.

    Target: Nobody at the electronics counter.

    JB Hifi: Scowls from the alternatively-dressed staff when you remind them they used to sell games as loss leaders and had to introduce lists of games banned from being traded.

    EB Games: Because stuff you that’s why.

      • RIP Gametraders. Do they even still exist anymore? I loved working at my local Gametraders store, shame they lost out to EB and JB.

        • Here in Brisbane I know of two, one at the Morayfield Shopping Center and the other at Chermside Shopping Center.

          I like the idea of them, however EB’s ZING will probably push them out soon enough

        • Brisbane still has 2 stores Morayfield and Chermside. The Logan store closed down a few weeks ago. I don’t think the others have much left in them as well.

          But on the up side I did get complete boxed copies of Gradius and & Megaman 2 for $30.00 each recently. Thanks Gametraders!

  • Scored Far Cry 4 for free with my first GTX970. now scored the division for free with the second card added to the rig as sli… 🙂

  • Heads up, I always get EB to price match. They have never refused. I just bought WiiU Twilight Princess with Amiibo for $68 at EB when they price matched Big W for me.

    • It does depend on the store, I have been refused a few years back when I tried to price match with Big W and they first said it was on sale there and as such not able to price match, then grumbled that they were just selling it at a loss to get people to buy ‘their other crap’.

      I promptly turned around and walked into Big W. Who cares if they are taking a loss on selling it, it was the cheapest price.

      I went the JB Hifi route for The Division, pre-ordered it last month and it is now being couriered to my office this morning so I can play it once I get home from work. I could have bought a digital key and played it at midnight…but damn, i’m too old for that s**t nowadays…

          • Bit odd…they said it goes live at same time for consoles and PC. Yet UPlay shows 6am CET (central European) which is 8:30pm central Aus. Servers definitely weren’t live as of 4hrs ago when I checked before work.

            Damn Ubisoft and their lies….at least 8:30pm is a much better time for me.

          • It was 00.01 on the 8th of March AEST for xbox. I was playing last night from 9pm (in the west here).

          • ah that would have been nice, I only played 2.5 hours before I had to sleep. Would have been nice to drop 3 or 4 hours and still get a full nights sleep!

          • @Denaz I know that feeling, you can tell you’re solely being fuelled by caffeine when you continue to grab your mug over and over long after you’ve finished your last coffee

  • My local EB always price matches without question. Plus being level 4 on their loyalty program means I can return any game up to 2 weeks later for a full refund if it’s no good or hell, if I’ve finished it. For Ubisoft and their recent knack for downgrading their games this is a godsend.

  • I picked up the division last night for $65 @ ozgameshop, key came a few hours later and preload finished by the time i got up for work.

  • US$48.00 on GMG using their 20% off voucher, PayPal invoice is for AU$67.25, got my key instantly, so there is another option…

  • Yet I pre-ordered this for $57 AUD using the internet….Seriously go to, hit “AUD” up the top and search for whatever game you’re after. Shows the prices from a bunch of online retailers.

    My copy of The Division came courtesy of an online German store.

  • Picked mine up this morning from JB in Bondi Junction $69 plenty of stock. Now watching the 2.8gb download tick over at a snails pace… Meh

  • Average game is average… which for ubisoft I guess is pretty good.

    I wish Vivendi all the best in their takeover bid.

  • Just FYI: There was a lot of confusion over the time the servers would go live, and the time that the PC versions would unlock to play. So to clear up some incorrect info in these comments: The game can be played right now in Australia (and NZ etc). They unlocked it early on Steam/uplay and the console versions unlocked at 12:01 am last night.

  • Paid full price for the digital version, not bothered though as I got in a good 4hrs last night before I had to go to bed 🙂 so happy about it being released on Aussie eastern standard time!!

    I go with EB normally though, price matching has never once been turned down for me, and I’ve been going there for close to a decade now.

  • I’m in such a shit position atm.
    Computer getting too outdated to play the division at a stable framerate
    Friends are all playing on PC so PS4 is a bit out of the question
    Internet connection currently garbage (because telstra gave away our ADSL2 port when we moved 1km down the road)
    Closest retailer a 5hr round trip
    Probably no division for me, I might consider an online purchase tomorrow for the PS4 but I am not sure yet.

    • it does such a great job with the matchmaking and teaming up with randoms (if you’re not after a solo experience) that it’s worth a look on the ps4

  • got my Gold edition for $105 last week
    – same place sells keys (including pre-order key) for $45ish AUD
    key comes through instantly

    cant remember the place, im at work and its on my personal email.

    • loving the game and i got the gold edition from psn store.. how do you access the rewards? i’ve no idea where to find the armor sets. the vendor in Manhattan doesn’t sell them

  • Argh, I still have a ton of games in the pile but the hype, man, the hype…

    I suppose I can justify buying it because I backed out of the SFV purchase, though.

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