These Xbox One Bundles Are Cheap, Really Cheap.

Some of these bundles are legitimately great: you can save a couple of hundred dollers if you pick the right bundle. Goddamn...

If you're into Kinect...

— 500GB Xbox One console — Kinect Sensor — Xbox One wireless controller — Dance Central Spotlight full game download — Kinect Sports Rivals full game download — Zoo Tycoon full game download AU$399 — a saving of $200.

If you like FIFA...

— 500GB Xbox One console — Xbox One wireless controller — FIFA 16 full game download — Three Xbox exclusive FIFA Ultimate Team Loan Legends — Free month of EA Access3 and play upcoming EA games before they launch — 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial AU$399 — a saving of $100

If you're into indie games...

— 500GB Xbox One console — 7 great games from independent developers (over $130 value) — Wireless controller & headset — 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial AU$399 — a saving of $100

If you're into Halo...

— 500GB Xbox One console and wireless controller — Halo: The Master Chief Collection - download — 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial — Kinect sensor sold separately AU$399 — a saving of $100

If you're into Assassin's Creed...

— 500GB Xbox One console** and wireless controller — Assassin's Creed Unity full game download — Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag full game download AU$399 — a saving of $100

If you're into Gears of War...

— 500GB Xbox One console — Xbox One wireless controller — Full game download of original Gears of War remastered in 1080p — Superstar Cole multiplayer skin AU$399 — a saving of $100

So yeah, these are all some pretty compelling deals. Personally, I'd go for the indie one, but that's just me.

Thanks Ozbargain


    That Indie pack is really, really good.

    What if I'm into RPGs? :-p

      Microsoft has a product for anyone who wants to play RPGs. It's called Windows 10.

      Isn't that what a 3DS is for?

        That, my vita, ps3&4, 360 sure, but I'm an entitled internet commenter, everything must be about me!


    $399 for an Xbox One plus your choice of 1 full game download of either Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, or Rare Replay

    would you have preferred a Luke Hopewell phrase like "fuck me..."??

    What is wrong with Goddamn? Get a grip.

    On a side note, the indie kit has a further $50 off if you order today.

    looks like they're trying to flog old 500gig consoles perhaps. But most of those do look like good value.

    I wonder what an X1 Kinect trades in for at EB? If you have no interest in Kinect and no interest in any of the other bundles, might be worth trading in the Kinect and getting money towards a game you actually want.

    Why the asterisks next to 'console' on the Assassin's Creed bundle? Doesn't seem to refer to anything, on this article or on the store page...

    Fire sale!

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