Think Dark Souls, But With Samurai

Think Dark Souls, But with Samurai

Video: Ni-Oh! has been development for over a decade, but if this gameplay is any indication, it's gonna be worth the wait. The title's developer, Team Ninja, finally got around to uploading an official version of the Tokyo Game Show footage, which was shown behind closed doors.

It reminds me of Dark Souls, but set in Japan, which could be a very good thing.


    Think Dark Souls, But With Samurai


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    Well well. A true competitor? I hope so, after playing souls it's hard play a game with sword fighting and not be able to roll/parry/dragon head flame :)

    Give me a halberd/pike/bardiche/spear etc and i'll be pretty damn pleased. Let me run around in my underpants too, like in real life.

    Combat seems a lot faster than the dark souls genre but definitely looks good. Would love to see this game closer to release =O

    When will Japan learn to use fonts that don't make their games look so cheap. Those hit registers are embarrassing.

    I love the variant stances added to the combat, reminds me of the first Witcher's combat, wished they show some bow combat, just to see if its an effective long range option or just a deterrent/stagger option.

      So do I, it was the first thing I noticed.
      A bit disappointed that it seems to be just a broad feature, using only 4 of the standard 10. (For swords I mean and then when using a spear it's just the same setup)

      Sold me anyway, despite my nit picking

    Reminds me more of Onimusha, and not just because of the setting. The combat looks far faster than any of the Souls games.

    Wow, that looks quite fun!

    Here's hoping it isn't a PS4 exclusive, i'll have to keep an ear out =)

    Did anyone else notice that noise from Gears of War at about 2:05? haha

    Where the hell is Otogi ! thats what i want to know

    It looks a lot like Onimusha, but with demons and samurai. Kind of like what Onimusha had.
    Alternatively, it reminds me of an arcade-styled Soul of the Samurai, complete with demons and samurai. Kind of like what was in Onimusha and Soul of the Samurai.

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