This Scene From 1979 Revolution Puts You Inside Iran’s Notorious Prison

Ahead of its release next week, choice-driven-game-cum-interactive-documentary, 1979 Revolution has released a first look at how its scenes are going to play out, beginning with a harrowing interrogation inside Iran’s infamous Evin Prison.

Developed by Rockstar Games alumni and boasting an impressive cast drawn from the likes of Homeland, Argo and more. Many years in the making, 1979 is more than just a well-made game, with a torrid political history of its own. Its creator, Navid Khonsari has been branded a spy by his homeland for his role in the game, while other Iranians working on the project have had to protect their identities during the development process.

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Gameplay-wise, it seems to draw heavily on the Telltale style of choice-based games, giving options for dialogue and actions that expire in a short amount of time. The appearance of “he won’t forget this” in the upper left corner seems utterly familiar, though within the true-to-life setting of revolutionary Iran it feels far more chilling. Khonsari has coined the term vérité games to refer to his creation — a game that seeks to allow its audience to “explore, play, listen, and interact within the real events of the Iranian Revolution of 1979.”

In a time of tension between the Middle East and the West, no one can ignore the ongoing repercussions of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. This fact could make 1979 Revolution an important game for everyone to experience in 2016.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday releases on Steam, GOG and Humble store on April 5.

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