This Twitter Bot Is Coming Up With The Next Hit Mobile Game

This Twitter Bot Is Coming Up With The Next Hit Mobile Game

First there was Flappy Bird, then Crossy Road, Shooty Skies and recently even the terrible Dark Souls tie-in, Slashy Souls. You may be wondering — what’s the next hit game that will come out of this iconic naming convention? Luckily, Twitter bot Verby Noun has come up with near on 6500 options for you to peruse.

Verby Noun, hailing from a location called Placey Country, automatically pairs combinations of words and generates a title screen for them in the vein of a simplified Crossy Road. Some almost make sense, like ‘Testy Connection’, while others like ‘Joggy Cracker’ are not so close. Some of them even sound like they’d make decent games.

Some of them sound like a comment on society.

Some of them sound like a 50 Shades of Grey tie-in game.

And some of them are just plain silly.

Which of these Verby Noun games would you play? Tell us in the comments!


  • Knifey Wrist made me laugh – that’s gold!

    It’s like if that Australian with the spoon from the Simpsons suffered from depression after being called out on his spoon by a child. Later that same day he tried to kill himself by cutting how wrists with the same spoon, to no avail.
    Later, after being found crying in a well-soiled mens room, he went through rehab and found (insert deity here).
    Part of his treatment was to get his feelings out through creative media.
    This is the game that came from that therapy – a dark game contrasting the differences (and ultimate similarities) between knives and spoons, and the cruelty of youth.

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