This Week In Games: The Division Is Here!

Man, big week. The big hitter this week is clearly The Division, fresh off successful Beta and a hype train that's been rolling for years now.

But Hitman is also out this week. Hitman. 2016 is crazy...

Alekhine's Gun (PC)

What is it? A game about an assassin. Seems to have decent writing, and pretty high production values. Should you care? Hard to tell from the trailer. Worth investigating.

Case #8 (PC)

What is it? A pretty goddamn terrifying game about trying to escape an underground prison. Should you care? Actually looks interesting, and well-made.

Hitman (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? Wait, this is out this week. Holy crap. It's Hitman. Should you care? It's been a while since we've seen a truly classic Hitman game, but I'm still keen.

Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator (PC)

What is it? "A thoughtful look at tanks and the men who date them." Should you care? OK.

Shardlight (PC)

What is it? An adventure game set in a post apocalyptic world. Should you care? Looks great and has a reasonable amount of buzz about it. Nice art style.

The Division (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? It's here! And by all accounts it's pretty damn good. I'm keen to try this, to get on board at the bottom level Should you care? People really seemed to love the Beta, which has me quite hyped to get onboard.

The Guest (PC)

What is it? An adventure game with puzzles and whatnot. You must escape from this room and solve mysteries. Should you care? Looks pretty polished and interesting.

Did we miss anything? What are you picking up this week?


    The next 14~ hours until release for The Division, I'm attempting to cram in as much work as possible. Get the day to go faster.
    Yet here I am. Woops :s

      I was thinking the same, do as much work today so I have less pressure tomorrow when I'm trying to work on 5 hours sleep. Yet here I am reading your comment :/

        You guys aren't alone lol

          Here I am reading everything I can about The Division when I need to cram Uni work so tomorrow is free :D

      I've taken the week off for The Division! YAY!

    Found The Division beta to be interesting, didn't really "wow" me though. Pre-ordered it yesterday because it's decent if nothing else and I'm up for a shooter atm...and the pre-order discount was nice.

    If all else fails I also bought Stardew Valley on the weekend (yes I pirated it first like many others) and am loving that so if The Division is a flop I have something else to keep me occupied for the next year or so....

      Pretty much the same feeling, though I didn't play the beta. Pre-ordered it over the weekend because it does appear to be a decent shooter with RPG elements. Even if I only ever play it as a single-player game, i think it will be worth my time.

        Yeah, I'm looking at it as a more serious Borderlands. The main criticisms I've seen of it are people who don't like the RPG point judging it on bullet sponges etc because it is what it is. That's the genre the game is in, if you don't like it then odds are you don't like that genre to begin with.

          Yup. A "realistic" Borderlands.. that sums up my thoughts also.. and if I choose to, I can go do some PVP'ng as well.. I did play Battlefield 3 off and on.. enjoyed it occasionally.. so having the option to do it or not do it, plus having instanced loot for when I do play PVP or Co-Op, really makes me excited to play.

          Hey mate so is it an mmo like destiny or a co op game like borderlands? If it's like borderlands where a person can solo all of the content then I'm definitely interested. However, if it's like destiny where some of the content requires a group to complete then sadly, with my limited gaming time, I'm out.

            As far as I can tell, you can solo all the mission content if desired... Admittedly some of it becomes a lot harder, but it's doable (incidentally, the co-op matchmaking has been really good so far, so even if you don't have anyone to play with at a given time, you can find others to pad out a team).

              And the matchmaking is 10x better than Destiny's, if you were going by a comparison.

              Ok thanks, I only get an hour here and there to play so it's hard to get together with other people cos I'm always the one letting everyone else down. I loved borderlands and the division looks awesome so would love to give it a crack!

            It's pretty much like Destiny minus the strikes and more story. But Destiny while mechanically a fantastic game, was very sparse on the story.

            The Dark Zone (which is billed as a PVP group activity area) was actually awesome playing alone, the tension is far higher, and you really get that lone wolf in a lawless land sort of vibe. Do you risk extracting next to a group of three other players (who could kill you instantly for your gear), or do you wait for the next one? Do you try kill those NPCs even though you'll be leaving your flanks open, or keep moving? There's much more risk/reward dynamics when you have to pick your battles.

            Based on my time with the beta, i'm really excited to play more by myself than with others.

              That sounds pretty sweet! So you permanently lose gear? Can you play off line? Or is it online only? Australian servers?

              Last edited 07/03/16 1:58 pm

                Australian servers yes. You can permanently lose gear in the Dark Zone, yes, but not the gear you already have equipped. No offline.

                The way the Dark Zone works is that when you kill either NPCs or other players they'll drop gear. The issue is that this gear is contaminated so you have to keep it in a special bag that has only 6 spots. You then need to take this gear to an extraction point, fire a flare up, and wait 90 seconds for a helicopter to come and pick it up. Once it's picked up you can collect it, decontaminated, from your stash at your home base and equip it.

                When you have dark zone gear to be extracted, it shows up in a bright yellow bag attached to your backpack. All other players can see this and that allows people to decide whether you are worth killing for gear or not. So that's one issue to deal with. The Extraction takes 90 seconds and gets marked on everyone's HUD / map while you wait for it, so extracting can encourage others to come to your location to either extract too or kill you for your gear. Each extraction only allows for 4 players to extract gear, so it can be very tense when you have 5 players waiting at the extraction point as the helicopter comes. Someone's gonna miss out, so there's temptation to try and eliminate the competition to get your gear out of there. If you die to another player, you can run back and kill them with no penalty to try and get your gear back too. If you die to NPCs your gear drops and can be collected by other players as well.

                So yeah there's a ton of risk / reward mechanics in the Dark Zone that make it feel both tense and rewarding. Having something to lose really makes the little victories feel even better.

                  Thanks for the info mate! This sounds awesome! This game wasn't even on my radar but I may have to check it out now. I'll do more reading on it and maybe wait for a review or two...

    I'll wait for the Division reviews, still on the fence about it.

    Have a few games to get through before the Dark Souls 3/Uncharted 4 hype strain pulls in mid-April.

    I don't know if I can pick up any new games this week, but I think I'd jump on Hitman over the Division. I just don't think I'm ready for another open world MMO-lite shooter where you play for the sake of playing. While I'm intrigued by the setting and story, I have a feeling it won't have a great deal of longevity for me.

    "By all accounts"? I've heard from more people in the "it's alright but I'm not convinced of its longevity" camp than the "it's the second coming" camp. I'll play the PvE to cap, try out what (if any) PvE end-game it has, then leave it and watch the community implode from the sidelines. The schadenfreude will be to die for. :3

      From the list of Content that Massive are setting out to release over the year, I don't think there'll be scarcity in terms of 'content' for all of us.

        I'm just seeing exactly what Destiny laid out for its first year, content-wise: a couple of events over the first few months - one PvE focused, one PvP-focused; one co-op-focused end-game PvE activity released early on, and a couple of expansions spaced out down the track. PvE endgame we know about: dailies, weekly missions, and a raid coming in April. All I'm saying is that it sounds very familiar.

        Except for the whole "season-pass exclusive events" thing. As I said, I'll watch from the sidelines.

          Agreed, however Massive so far have 'outdone' themselves compared to Bungie. Bungie started cocking up when it came to Crota's End and weren't all transparent about their plans and such. Meanwhile we have Massive that rely on their community and want to put in what we want.

          Time will tell.

            I'd more say they're on-par - TDB/Crota's End didn't seem to be a "cock up" until it landed three months after later. I'm just saying their year-one roadmap sounds exactly like what Bungie announced prior to Destiny's launch. I'm not hoping it goes tits up - I'd love to be wrong; but after Destiny, I'd much rather pay more later on for something I'm convinced will be worth my time and money, than pay $50 now for something that might not be... especially when my gut is telling me the Dark Zone endgame that Massive/Ubi are pushing people towards will be a suicide mission for new or solo players looking for better gear. The end of the beta showed me what happens in there when people stop working toward specific gear, and it's more reminiscent of online survival games than MMOs or shooters - and those communities tend to turn on one another pretty quickly.

            But this is all pointless rhetoric. As you say, time will be the final arbiter, and I'm content to wait on its judgement.

          Don't let destiny ruin other games for you, I know... its not easy, but not all devs are like that :P

            Come on though, Bungie had the unenviable position of having to work out all the kinks alone, and first. It's easy to say Massive are doing things better when they've had the chance to learn all the lessons with none of the consequences by watching Bungie stumble.

            It's a new genre of games, and a fusion between an FPS and an MMO. The thing is, it's really down to consumer expectations. There aren't really many FPS games that deliver more content than Destiny year one, but it falls short of what people expect content wise from an MMO. People expected MMO or RPG content even though Bungie never explicitly called the game either of those things. I think the consumers are just as much to blame for Destiny's reception as the developers are.

            I think Bungie made a lot of mistakes with Destiny, but I also think they've built one of the most engrossing settings for a new IP in a long time. I loved my time with Destiny, and I will buy Destiny 2 without a second thought. After all the controversy, there's no way that's not going to be the best version of their vision for the franchise they can do.

    Why are more people not losing their mind about the tank dating sim?!?!
    I had no idea this existed - checked out the steam page, watched the video, looked at the screenshots, read the description - hilarity ensued!
    Holy cow - how do these things even become things?! It's incredibad! It's amazing!
    Oh man - it's so bad. but so good.
    I want to play it just for all the horrible tank puns!

      Tanks for the great post.

        Sherman, no problem.

        Your reply is on the right tracks as well.

    seeing as hitman is episodic, i will probably just wait till the game is released in full.

    I am more than ready for the Division but what I am not looking forward to is the influx of mass hate and stupidity its launch will bring. Because lets face it, it could be the most awesome game in the world but its fate has already been sealed for some.

    Last edited 07/03/16 11:15 am

      Yep, unless I'm having problems I stay away from the usual suspect forums as they are just full of frothing idiots!

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Thieves Guild is out today on PC and Mac.

    Please Ubisoft Gods, make The Division good - I swore to myself never to pre-order another Ubisoft game, but I really liked the world and gameplay in The division - but I too, and worried about the PvE and longevity of it all.

    Looking forward to division :) Would be looking forward to hitman if it wasn't episodic :( will pass on that until its released in full

    Anyone else completely over AAA games/studios?

    Indie is where its at for me these days.

      Nah, I play a bit of everything.

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