This YouTube Channel Is Definitely The Best Place To Listen To Video Game Music

If you are looking for good, high-quality video game music from all of your favourite video games, hunt no further than GiIvaSunner, who has done us all a great service with these uploads of songs we all know and love. For example, who could forget the iconic Slider song from Super Mario 64 (above)? Or the classic — and catchy — track that plays when you enter Kokiri Forest in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?

Here’s Undertale‘s excellent track, Megalovania:

Remember this great Metal Gear Solid song?

Or this wonderful new track from the newly announced Pokemon games, Moon and Sun?

And of course it’d be a disservice not to talk about the fantastic themes in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

Classic! You may even want to use this as an excuse to listen to some great music you haven’t heard before, like this fantastic track from Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f:

Or this excellent Koji Kondo track from the upcoming Paper Mario: Colour Splash:

And who could forget LoveLive! School Idol Festival? Not me, that’s for sure.

Just some great video game music all around. Check out GiIvaSunner’s YouTube channel (h/t NeoGAF) for more.


  • So, going in blind, clicked on the Sun/Moon as the only theme that didn’t immediately start playing in my upon seeing the logo. After a brief period of confusion, I played the other videos and “got” the joke. The project diva is some top notch work right up until the vocals.

    • What’s wrong with the vocals? Yes, they don’t fit the music, but if you listen carefully to the words, you’ll hear their true meaning.

      • Oh I had no issue with the vocals, but the mix work done on the intro to make it sound like it belongs was done so so much better than the vocal section

  • To save space, I always try to find game rips.

    For example, the complete Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon soundtrack is 5.17KB in size.

    If it was in .mp3, then it would be 23.8MB.

    Another benefit is that it loops perfectly if you smack it into repeat

  • Here I am thinking “gee what’s so great about their channel that they need to get featured after all this time?” and then I actually listened to one. Great bait 😛

  • Some of these are actually fantastic, took me a while to clue onto what was actually happening haha

  • Yeah Kotaku you may wanna play this one a little less subtly. I’m sure most people wouldn’t even bother playing the clips to get the joke.

    • Yeah, I know I didn’t bother until I read the comments and then was like.. oooooook better play one to see wtf is going on…

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