Ubisoft Is Selling Incredibly Early Assassin's Creed Movie Tickets And A $1600 Crossbow

Grab Incredibly Early Assassin's Creed Movie Tickets And A $US1,200 ($1,596) Crossbow

Production company New Regency is so sure about December's Assassin's Creed movie that it's already talking sequel. Might want to pick up a ticket early, along with . . . I dunno, a $US1200 ($1596) replica of a 15th century crossbow. That sounds nice. Ubisoft has teamed up with the bundled experience vendors at Kernel to give incredibly eager US fans a chance to secure passage to Michael Fassbender's holiday assassination spectacular. The company is offering packages that range from the completely ridiculous crossbow seen above, crafted by Hollywood prop maker Tim Wildgoose and limited to 20 pieces, to a $US15 ($20) LED watch and some temporary tattoos.

Grab Incredibly Early Assassin's Creed Movie Tickets And A $US1,200 ($1,596) Crossbow

If I'm getting a Fassbender tattoo it will be real and in a place you'll never see it.

Other packages include a $US600 ($798) statue, a $US120 ($160) hoodie and a $US60 ($80) replica Hidden Blade from McFarlane Toys. Along with expensive merchandise or what's sure to be a crappy watch, bundles also include a movie ticket, a digital copy of the script, a chance to win a trip to this year's San Diego Comic-Con and months of worrying whether you made a wise investment. Unfortunately the packages don't ship to Australia. What a shame.

Assassin's Creed: Magneto arrives in theatres December 26.


    I'm guessing a fASSbender tattoo somewhere on the bottom area.

    Preorder bonuses for movie tickets?!

    Oh, ubisoft.

    Unfortunately the packages don’t ship to Australia

    Well, yeah customs wouldn't let that in the country anyway.

    who is actually dumb enough to spend that amount on a crossbow? i mean buy a proper one

    I'm definitely going to pre-order this film's season pass. It's the cheapest way to get access to its DLC.

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