Ubisoft Just Photoshopped A Machine Gun Onto A Kangaroo

It's always good to know that AAA games will have local servers. Question is, how do you go about telling the public?

If you're Ubisoft Australia, the answer, apparently, is to Photoshop a kangaroo holding a machinegun while wearing a split beanie and a gas mask. And something around it's paw that I can't quite make out.

I wonder what the ping would be like if the local servers were actually located in the Simpson Desert. Players have already been getting better pings from New Zealand to the east coast than from Perth to Sydney, after all.

Ubisoft's ocker spin on the local servers did have one positive result: it opened the door for others to play on the theme. Although for whatever reason, Australia's computing power is most closely associated with a potato.

The PS/2 plug with an SSD is a real nice touch.

Nevertheless, it's nice to know that The Division will have local servers. The last thing you want to deal with in any shooter, first or third-person, is having to allow for a massive amount of lead time on your bullets because of lag.

But were kangaroos really the best way to advertise it, Ubi? You could have at least gone with a dropbear.


    Thing around it's paw is the watch from the game.

    Do you even play the games you report on?

      I've played the Beta for this game (which isn't even out yet), and I didn't know it was the Watch.

      It's not as obvious as everything else in the picture, maybe if the watch face was visible.

        I haven't even played the Beta but I knew there was some sort of Watch, PipBoy thing from the footage I've seen and assumed this was on the Roo.

      Given how many games get released, I think it is a safe bet that most journalists only have an in-depth knowledge of only a fraction.

      With that said, would an in-depth knowledge of this game have really improved this article? It's just relaying news from a press release. It isn't a review or opinion piece about the game.

        watch was a preorder item for the collectors edition.

        It's one of the main gear items that the characters have in the game, Alex has done another article about the division in the past.

        2 second google etc etc

          Okay, but why does this even matter to this particular story? The news is that the game will have local servers. Whether the kangaroo is wearing a watch doesn't really seem that relevant.

            It is like talking about Fallout and say I don't know what the guy is wearing around his wrist.

      I played the beta but honestly can't remember the watch, more to the point found the whole experience pretty forgettable...........watches aside :-P

      Came down here to also advise that the thing on the wrist was the watch.

      It's in the collector's edition package too.

    Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that The Division will have local servers. The last thing you want to deal with in any shooter, first or third-person, is having to allow for a massive amount of lead time on your bullets because of lag.

    No, the last thing you want to deal with is a heavily armed Kangaroo.

      remember that time we declared war on the emus?

        Bro, you can't talk about the Great Emu War without a trigger warning.

          I still can't believe we lost that war.

            We really needed to play the emus against the roos.

            Work smart.

              Yeah, but can you imagine the catastrophe if they worked together? They wouldn't be holding up no shield for a coat of arms, they'd be holding up servos and 7-11s.

                They'd just replace the other animals already doing that.


          Truly the Darkest Chapter of our History.

      People are critical of John Howard for lots of reasons but at least the gun buyback got guns out of the paws of dangerous kangaroos.

    I'm curious to see and feel what the difference with the latency will be, providing if we were running on Asia/US West coast servers for the Beta's. I couldn't notice any lag during those weekends.

      There was a tiny little bit of lag. Very tiny. Probably a 0.5 second to 1 second delay if you shoot players.

      The tweet says it'll be "the same Oz-based servers used in the Open Beta", so I'm guessing it'd be near the same?

      Will be the same, as we were on those servers for the beta :)

    That looks less like a machine gun and more like an assault rifle.

    I also have to say I'm not too optimistic about the stability of the local servers if the picture is an accurate representation of their cooling system...

    Last edited 02/03/16 11:56 am

      At least those windmills will keep them cool.


        I'll build my own servers.. with blackjack, and hookers!

      Maybe the servers are water cooled and the windmill is drawing up the required water for them to stay operational, boom science! *drops mic & walks away*

    they really should of invested in some kind of building to put them in, I know the outback can be dry most of the time but I what about during the rainy season?

    Props to them for going to the effort.

      Of having local servers? Or photoshopping a machine gun onto a kangaroo? Because both are pretty cool.

        Meant the severs but the roo is also great.

      I agree... I know its not much, but we don't ofter get much love from these larger devs :)

    Oh, this is awesome news!
    didnt know about the server till now!

    I thought that image was from Uncharted

    At least we never declared war on Cassowarys, those things are damn prehistoric murder birds.

    No perth servers :( Someone needs to build a server farm smack bang in the middle of the country so everyone gets equal speeds. You have power it completely with a solar farm.

      I agree, but to be honest, I really didn't notice any lag when I was playing (perth here too). It was actually really smooth. In the end, it could always be worse :P

    that roo looks like the kind of bastard that runs up behind you when you've called in an airlift in the dark zone, waits until the 10 second mark before it lands- aims at your head with an M1A and pops you in the head and near point blank with 1 shot and jacks your shit.

    Yeop, he looks like a total dick. Definitely aussie.

    Last edited 02/03/16 3:29 pm

    So amped for thsi game :) Also major props to Ubi, I know its not much but some aussie love goes a long way in my books! doesn't happen very often

    This is the first game I've considered pre-ordering for quite some time.. and this news has made that an even more likely outcome.

    explains why the latency was so good - impressive
    client side hit detection is a worry though

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