This Video Game Lets You Shoot Dildos At Donald Trump's Face

For the past 30 minutes I've been playing a video game that lets you shoot dildos at Donald Trump's head.

That's what the game is called: 'shoot dildos at donald trump's head'.

I do not condone shooting dildos at Donald Trump's head. Unless it's in a video game, in which case... go on then!

This game is very rudimentary. You shoot dildos from a disembodied gun covered in love hearts. You try your very best to hit Donald Trump in the head. If you hit him hard enough, he will spout a catchphrase, talk shit about Obamacare and continue on his way.

I've been getting very adept at hitting Donald Trump in the head with a dildo from very far away.

The reason for this game's existence is simple: it's an attempt at reducing the anxiety the developer has at the real possibility of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States.

thanks for playing! this is a game i decided to make to deal with my feelings of anxiety and horror at the prospect of donald trump coming into power in our country.
i know others are in need of the same relief, so i'm hoping it lightens everyone's spirits :)
it's not really a game you can win, and there's no ending. just have fun shooting donald trump in the face with dildos and when you're done share it with your friends.
enjoy <3

Yes. Thank you. I had a lot fun.

You can download and play the game here.


    I'd much rather he was a character in The Division that you could take out in a much more explosive and gory fashion.

    Terrible. Where's the throwing douches at Hillary game?

      I'd wouldn't mind a game where you set Bernie Sanders on fire too. Call it "feel the burn". See what I did there? I made that overdone pun come around full circle.

      Last edited 15/03/16 1:33 pm

      You! I'll have you know I'm stuck with a [1] that I can't get rid of now, and it's got your name on it!

    So this is what public political discourse has descended to. In case anyone hadn't noticed, democracy is pretty much finished.

      Descended to? It's been there for a pretty long time. First (that I'm aware of) was the cartoon figures in newspapers, then the internet happened and we got political web browser games in the 90's.

      This is just the latest installment of take frustrations out on "politician X" because if you do it in real life you'll get thrown in prison.

      What xenoun said. If you haven't heard of stuff like this happening before you really gotta start reading political cartoons, browse flash game websites and browse youtube

      You know America is a republic not a democracy?

    This campaign of Schlong-shaming just has to stop. None of us would be alive were it not for big dongers.

    I wonder at what point the people who make or publicise things like this game will realise that they are directly contributing to Trump's popularity. Every time you call him insane, racist or w/e slur you prefer, he successfully uses that to shore up support amongst the disaffected Americans who are sick of being called names and sick of the establishment politicians who they perceive as too gutless to tackle issues like immigration. Not that Trump gives a stuff about these issues, but he equally isn't cowed by stuff like this game, and that's what people like about him.

      Exactly. When it comes to Trump, I've said before that people are forgetting the term 'any publicity is good publicity'. Things like this about Trump have been going on for a long time now and has done NOTHING to stop his rise so far.

    For the past 30 minutes I’ve been playing a video game that lets you shoot dildos at Anita Sarkeesian's head.

    That’s what the game is called: ‘shoot dildos at anita sarkeesian's head’.

    I do not condone shooting dildos at Anita Sarkeesian's head. Unless it’s in a video game, in which case… go on then!

      Oh shit, thanks to double standards, now I'm a misogynist!

        This post was brought to you by Double Standards (TM). "Double the standards, double the fun!"

          Double the fun eh... I must now develop Triple Standards! (TM) :P I'm not actually not what that'd entail but I intend to find out!

          Last edited 15/03/16 4:36 pm

      I have to admit the very first thing that came to mind was Karen Straughn's videos on the "Beat up Anita Sarkeesian". I've heard feminist say they're all against double standards so I traversed the comments section thinking I'd see them make an organized hate campaign against this game developer too... but it's dead quiet.

    Steven Joyce should sue for royalties.

      That incident came to my mind when I read this headline. Probably what inspired the game.

    Yeah mention must be made of the NZ MP Steven Joyce whom this face-dildoing must be inspired by. John Oliver did a segment on it a couple weeks ago.

    hmm starting to worry about you serrels... yesterday it wasthe game about dicks penetrating dicks, and now its a game about throwing dildos and dicks at donald trump. And dont lie.. right now your thinking about your wife but george takai has appeared instead hasn't he

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