Wargaming’s CEO Is Officially A Billionaire

Wargaming’s CEO Is Officially A Billionaire

It’s pretty well known that World of Tanks makes Wargaming a lot of money. The free-to-play tank battler might not have the player base or reputation of League of Legends, but it makes the Cypriot-based business more money per user.

It makes the company’s CEO, Victor Kislyi. He founded Wargaming in 1998 and ahead of the company’s anniversary he’s got a rather nice bonus: he’s now officially a billionaire.

Bloomberg reported recently that the net worth of the Wargaming CEO is now valued at US$1 billion, while the company is worth approximately US$1.5 billion.

Kislyi controls a substantial chunk of the company, with a 2013 report revealing the CEO owns 64 percent of the developer-publisher. Another 25.5 percent of the business is controlled by a stake in his father’s name. The life-long gamer and lover of tanks supposedly isn’t too fussed, however. He told Bloomberg that he maintains a “very modest” lifestyle and has never worried about his personal valuation.

Wargaming is continuing to expand its reach outside of the free-to-play market. The company is spending US$26 million on its esports ventures alone, while exploring other projects — including the reboot of the Master of Orion franchise, which became available through Steam’s Early Access late last week.