We Have Entered The Black Desert

We Have Entered The Black Desert

The official Western launch for the Korean PC MMORPG with the magical character creator of magic and creation is two days away, but we've got a little head start in Black Desert Online. Honestly I've no real idea what to expect in the game, which apparently goes beyond sculpting your character to perfection. There's fighting things, and extensive housing system, crafting — basically a bunch of things I've only read about thus far. I didn't get too far in the beta. I didn't want to spoil anything.

I downloaded the game and created a character this morning. I logged into the world, opened up a menu and just stared at it for several minutes. That's a lot of icons.

We Have Entered The Black Desert

My first step will probably be logging out, deleting my character and then remaking him several times, trying to get him to look right. He's not quite there yet.

We Have Entered The Black Desert

My main problem is I'd really love to play a Wizard (in Black Desert that's a Witch, only with a penis instead of a vagina), but I hate the basic character appearance template. So far no tweaks I've been able to perform have given him the keen edge I'm looking for. I'll probably wind up just rerolling as something else.

We Have Entered The Black Desert

But for right now this is me, standing in a village while fantasy music plays on a loop and icons beckon me to quest. How am I going to fit this game in with Blade & Soul still ongoing and my beloved Final Fantasy XIV? Nothing bending the laws of time and space can't fix.

Anyone out there planning on playing Black Desert, or am I destined to forever be alone?


    Game would be worth playing if it had Oceanic servers.

    Right now however it would be like playing Wildstar at launch; fun at the start; but infuriating in end game content.

    Doesn't it start tomorrow? It's what the launcher says

      Apparently there was a weird tiered system as to when you could start, based on the version of the game you bought and whether you preordered before 23rd of Feb.

    Guys can be witches it's not gender specific!

      Aren't they warlocks? Or is that something different again?

        I think witches ie people who identify as wicken and practice the religion associated with it are all witches male or female. I think the terms wizard and warlock are interchangeable for male magic users in terms of Patriachal uses in literature of the fantasy type. But I may be talking out my bum

          baldurs gate and neverwinter original had a good take on it.... I think some other RPGs before that as well

          wizard has to memorize spells from book
          mage casts from the ether
          then there is
          =dark pagan arts / alchemy rituals ect ect

          not forgetting sages, elementalists, and other types of magic users but my brain aint working at this moment... just woke up lol

    Been playing for a day now and throughly enjoying it. I get a bit of rubber banding due to the latency from Perth, but the gameplay and experience is fantastic.

    Korean mmorpg should be enough to keep those smart enough away.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought you could change your characters appearance at any time without having to delete and start a new?

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