We Wanted More Darth Maul And Now We Have It

Darth Maul's short screen time in The Phantom Menace has got to be one of the greatest cinematic injustices of all time.

But this awesome fan-film, which charts the backstory of Maul, makes up for it somewhat.

Fan films aren't usually this high quality. This is a real humdinger. There's some genuinely good choreography in there, along with lots of people doing flips and stuff, which is good. I like flips.


    What's this "we" crap? I never asked for more.

      used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together.
      "shall we have a drink?"
      used in formal contexts for or by a royal person, or by a writer or editor, to refer to himself or herself.
      "in this section we discuss the reasons for this decision"

    I don't understand why anyone found this character interesting

      Because he's a freakin' badass?

      This > The Phantom Menace

    Aww i thought this was about that Darth maul game they were working on :(

    We already got all the extra Maul we needed, both backstory and stupid continuation of his story after he was bisected (apparently he didn't die from that!) in the Clone Wars series.

      and more coming this season in rebels, Maul is still alive

        Still? For fuck's sake.

        Is he still half spider-robot?

        Last edited 08/03/16 11:13 am

          robot legs, but not spider

    shame about the end, in some ways yes it had to end that way, story wise but the way it was filmed so epically I was expecting some twist or something more, to make all her effort and all the seriously old school (and unnecessary) damsel in distress crap, worth it or or at least have a reason to exist.

    Great vid, but I always feel like these one dude vs many dudes sword/saber fights have SO many opportunities where one of the many could just stab him in the back while he's fighting dudes 1 and 2. This vid again is full of them. Guys just waiting around behind Maul for their turn to clash sabers with him.

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