We've Just Reached Peak JB Hi-Fi

I don't even know what to say.

But this might be the greatest day of my life.

And yes, Cam V. The answer is yes.


    But...that tells me nothing about the division! =P

    Who's Will Serrels?


        You’re a celebrity, Will.
        You made it big time on a physical card outside of the internets!

        Don’t let anybody take this away from you.

        Hmm, I didnt think there was enough room in this article for multiple Serrels, but apparently there is. So do you guys fight to the death now to see who is the greatest porridge eating, rocket league playing Scotsman? Or is it decided over Caber Tossing?

      Will Serrels is the secret identity of Serrelsman!
      Able to post JB HIFI game reviews in a single click, and supreme leader of the Kotaku League.

      I left my glasses at home, and was legitimately trying to figure out what "Will Ferrel" "article" had anything to do with The Division *facepalm

    @coldcamv Is that you? :O

      Yes they are referring to me, no I don't know who wrote it or which JB it's at but I wish I did and I'll probably go to my local one tonight to see if they've got any new ones.

    Personally, I think the more sincere compliment was the sneakier one for Luigi's Mansion - it was a less obvious request for attention and more of an in-joke. (And it was totally about Mark.)

      Which one was that???

      Nevermind, just found it. That one was definitely better. "Keeping middle aged Scottish men happy since 2013."

      Last edited 15/03/16 9:56 am

    God, JB's payroll must be confusing with the amount of workers named staff member.

    Also, I would of written the JB review as, Did you like Destiny? No? Good, me nether. This is better.

    Last edited 15/03/16 10:10 am

      Ha, owch.

      Hey, I mostly enjoyed Destiny! For the first couple weeks. Story was utter dross/non-existent, but the gunplay was deeply satisfying. And that's not bad.... just disappointing. It was just all the grind that it tried to cajole you into that lost it for me. And the lack of story.

      God I wanted an epic tale... a true space-opera.

    There's more post-modernism in that photo than a Joss Whedon joint.

    That's not JB writing, how do we know it's legit?


    I don't get the Cam V thing.

      I beleive that is the dude who wrote the reveiw, also a poster on this site :)

        OH. Doesn't the game title usually go there? I thought it was a riff that was too clever for me. :P

        While it was talking about me, I can admit that I didn't write it nor do I know who did but I wish I did. I just take happy snaps of game reviews and send them to Mark

    enough with these lame JBHI review label 'articles'!

      Eh, I think you're being a bit overzealous here, the JB label thing is like a Kotaku running joke for Mark.

    This article has gone so far over my head that people are calling me "JAWS".

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