What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend I'm gonna do what I do with all HD remakes. I'm going to play it for a couple of hours, get used to the visual upgrade, then never play it again.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I'll probably be playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. For a little while.

Then I'll probably go back to playing Bloodborne DLC or something.

I'm also going to be watching UFC 196. Actually, I'll probably just spend the whole weekend being excited about that.


    Got the Unchartered multiplayer demo will give that a go, maybe some ARK survival on PRIVATE server, continue trudging through Halo5 campaign.

      Jumping into Uncharted 4 multiplayer!

    I finished Arkham Knight last night, but I'll probably chase down the Riddler trophies now for the "true" ending.

    Alongside that I might try to finally pump some time into Dark Souls II. For some reason that never actually happened despite loving DS1 and Bloodborne so much that I 100%d them both!

    Rocket league, and a shitload of Factorio.... Man that game is like crack! Every time I close my eyes I see conveyor belts

    YES! This guy's got the right idea! :)

    Bravely Second and Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition will be the main headliners this weekend. I may end up having a few Street Fighter V sessions too.

    I'm thinking a Resident Evil 0 Hard Mode run tonight followed by Zelda.

    Uh... Broforce? It was free!

    Also more Dark Souls, doing a Hyper-mode Dragon fist run, should take 12 hours

    Stardew Valley. Imma have Sebastian's babies....
    Maybe some Project X Zone 2....

      I'm still trying to chase everyone down to meet them! Been spending too much time smashing rocks on the farm.

        It took me FOREVER to find everyone, there were like 2 that seemed MIA for the longest time...

          I just keep running into Penny over and over again. It's like she's the only one who lives there.

    While not the weekend I will be playing my first game of Terra Mystica tonight which i am totally looking forward to. Beside that just Daggerfall and Factorio on Saturday night with the guys.

    I'll be playing the Lets Replace The Monitor game. After a loyal 10+ years of service, it seems its finally packed it in. Well, either the monitor or power supply. I'm guessing the power brick myself, but thats going to be just as hard to replace, so I'll get a new monitor instead.

    Which now gets me wondering whether its worth getting a tele and multipurposing it into a monitor as well... Theres a cheap Soniq at JB Hifi with a 8ms redraw that might do the job.

    Stardew Valley
    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I managed to finish XCOM 2 Legend on Ironman mode. Feeling pretty damn proud of myself. Malnourished and sleep deprived, but proud nonetheless.

    Finish off Heavy Rain and then mosey onto Beyond: Two Souls on the PS4. Got Deponia Doomsday waiting to go as well!

      did they update the graphics for these games? or straight over port?

        They say they're visually upgraded, but I can't really tell. They were both very pretty on the PS3, though.

    Stardew Valley while waiting for the Division.

    Cannot recommend Stardew Valley enough, if you like any of the harvest moon games you will love it.

      It's thrown me back to the halcyon days of giving Rick all my eggs because he seemed to appreciate them, then ending up in a romance and marrying him because 'eh, I guess'.

    Fatal Frame on Xbox! (night only obviously..) and probably Stardew Valley during the day :D

    I'm playing twilight princess, the original wii release. I don't have a Wii U and I never got around to playing it when I bought it in 2006. Enjoying it so far. The low res graphics looked terrible on my HDTV so I bought an old Sony CRT on gumtree for $20. Much better!

    Having just got a PS4 this week I finished Until Dawn last night so I'm thinking I will either start on the Uncharted Collection or go back to Far Cry 4 on the Xbox One.

    Or I might do what I said I'd do last week and play through some of my adventure games backlog on the PC. I have the Broken Sword and Blackwell series to finish along with an assortment of other Wadjet Eye titles. I also recently purchased the old Star Trek games which I'm keen to get into. I played 25th Anniversary about a million times as a kid but never got to Judgement Rites - it's sitting there in my library gnawing at my soul!

      Did you manage to save everyone?

        Hahaha nope.

        Got 6/8. Matt rescued Jessica and they got out. Lost Ashley in the mines when she went to investigate what I thought was Jessica's voice. Emily, Mike, Sam, Chris were at the lodge at the end then I lost Mike because I had Sam run for the switch and set off the gas explosion early. I thought he was already out but I must have mistaken him for either Chris or Matt. Josh was technically alive in the mines but he was taken by Wendigo-Hannah and was turning into a Wendigo himself in the final cutscene. Going to do a second playthrough/replay chapters to hunt for all the clues and totems and try to keep everyone alive, then I might do a fresh playthrough and try and get everyone killed just for fun.

        My wife got Jessica killed by being too slow chasing after her as Mike, then Matt was killed by attacking the deer when he was on the cliff with Emily. Ashley investigated the voice even though Jessica was supposed to be dead (though I guess it wasn't really confirmed for her at that point) and got her killed by opening the trapdoor. I think she got Chris killed when he was out investigating with the flamethrower guy. If I'm completely honest so did I but I quit and replayed that sequence because I felt cheated by the "don't move" QTE because it insta-failed before I had a chance to stabilise the controller. That ultimately didn't make a difference to keeping flamer-guy alive but I kept Chris alive on my second attempt. Then I think she got Mike killed in the lodge by hitting the switch early as well.

    Doh Tah! Doh Tah!

    But yes... Shanghai major has been an utter shitshow so far, but the games have been entertaining nonetheless. I have informed my girlfriend that she will see very little of me until it's done, got a few friends that will sit around and alternate between playing games, watching game and drinking beer.

      Now that the main event has begun I'm going to watch a bit as well, but I just haven't found it as fun this time around.

        I think the production values have alot to do with it... it's hard maintaining hype (both for the audience and the casters) when you have massive delays between games, long pauses, EE having to pause the game regularly to take breaks because there is such a strong aroma of glue in the player booth that it's irritating his eyes (not even joking)...

        That being said, there have been some really excellent games. Ehome vs Alliance in a do-or-die BO1 was pretty fantastic, and there's alot to look forward to: EG are looking back on point (Old Man Fear, in particular, has been even more god-tier than normal so far), Alliance are still hanging in after a shaky start, MVP are doing MVP things... it's shaping up to be an excellent finals series, provided the product doesn't keep holding it back.

    Final Fantasy XIV for my weekly stuff, and then deciding on finishing Tales from Borderlands/Wolves Among Us, starting Life is Strange. But Stardew Valley is out and Final Fantasy Type-0 is on sale... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Got my Sleeping Dogs platinum so no back to finishing my ME3 para(but mostly)renegade run.

    Playing some Hitman Go on the Vita, which is pretty nice. I'm liking the graphical style.

    I'm also about 125 hours in on my Xenoblade Chronicles 3D playthrough. Almost to the end!

    Anything else will be cream.

    I will continue playing the never-ending game Fallout 4.
    I'll probably finish Life is Strange ep5 as well.
    My wife just got a new 3DS (she broke her 2DS) and I want to give the Luigi's Mansion she got with it a try.

    Picking up Twilight Princess tomorrow morning, and I'm thinking of getting Pokemon Yellow on the 3DS...

    Rise of The Tomb Raider. 86%. Bring it.

    Then I might start Sunset Overdrive, finish The Witcher 3 DLC or get back into Arkham Knight.

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