What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Screw new games. I'm so, so close to finishing The Witness.

If I don't get it done over the weekend I'm abandoning it forever.

The Witness is fantastic. I honestly believe it's going to take a gargantuan effort — or Dark Souls 3 — to topple it as my game of the year for 2016. It's just so intricate, gorgeous, unforgiving, surprising.

A little pretentious but I can forgive that.

The puzzles are great, the learning curve is great. At one point I was fairly critical of the way The Witness teaches players its puzzles, but I think I was a little harsh in hindsight.

Either way, I'm close to being done.

What's everyone else playing this weekend?


    The Division! excite @highperformance

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      Me too! PC?

        I'm on PC mate

        Wasn't sure if should get it on PS4 or PC, I have more friends on PS4 but for some reason I ended up getting it on PC (probably due to them pretties, as I built a new rig a few months ago). I'm second thinking my decision now as I probably wont have anyone to co-op with on PC)

        Anyways my username is Steed1080 on steam if you want to add me.

          Can I add that name into uPlay? I bought a key online and redeemed there.

            Not sure sorry mate, I actually ended up getting a refund from steam and getting it on PS4 as heaps of my friends were playing it on PSN (although is still haven't co-oped yet) You can try and add it on Uplay or just import the game into your steam library and add me then if you want..


    Trying to pull myself away from Stardew Valley to play Division, but it's just so damn addictive!

    Daughter is having friends over for a sleepover party, so a ton of Singstar...

      Embrace it. Sing it loudly and dance badly. Make her rue the day she invited friends over to meet her parents.

      I did that recently. It's great. Except - fecking system-locked content and the new system where Singstar seeminly won't read songs off a PS2 disc - you have to re-download the songs, which you can only do on a single system. Makes me so rageful...

    This weekend I have to finish XCX. I have so many other games to play, this needs to stop!

    I will also play The Witness. I got so many new lasers. The coloured pond area almost made me quit. Treetop place was also super hard.

    But yea, I need to see what's at the end of this game.

      Persist dude, it's totally worth it. Also worth noting that those two areas, along with the village, are the hardest areas in the game - but once you finally get it, you'll love em :)

        +1. This game teaches and rewards like no other. Getting to the end game is one hell of a personal accomplishment.
        Witness is revolution not evolution - I can't imagine any other GOTY and if there is, 2016 will be a golden year.

          oh god the swamp ....

          that and the "why are the platforms just going out into space" of the treetops, when I finally figured that out, so much swearing. Mostly at myself.

          Still stuck at the colour puzzle in the centre of town, where you switch the light from green\blue\red with the centre puzzle. I've got the one on the left but the one on the right is defeating me for some reason. That and the one on the door at the chapel right next to the colour puzzle building. I've got all the other doors on the central tower open except for the ground floor... grrrrrrrrrr.

          Sigh, must go back and finish it before getting completely consumed by division.

          Couldn't agree more on GOTY for Witness, i'll be VERY surprised if something pips it, that includes DS3.

    OK, this should be as good a place as any:

    Fire Emblem Awakening.

    I'm at Chapter 12 on not one but two separate saves.

    So I'm officially in the 'middle act' of the game?

    In both, My Unit/Avatar/Robin is at Level 20. I'm trying to understand Master Seals and Second Seals but

    a) I don't want to waste a unit or seal and
    b) I want to work out how to best use them for my other favoured characters.

    Some of my 'weak when you get them early but get tougher by this point' faves right now:

    Donnell (these two I have read up on, so levelling them up is making things more difficult)

    As in real life, having children in this game scares the ever-living hell out of me. Chrom/Sumia is the only important pairing of note right now (at least in my 'main save').

    As for pairings, any pointers?

    In the game I mean.

      The best advice I can give you is to pair Robin with one of the children (I chose Chrom's daughter). Morgan becomes an absolute beast stat's wise just be selective of the skills.

      Are you playing the game on Hard with perma-death?

        Um, there's perma-death.

        But I'm not on 'Lunatic'

        I guess I'm on Hard, yeah.

        I got to a point in Fire Emblem Path of Radiance years back which was so difficult that it seemed like I had wasted a consumable earlier in the game, so I was really distraught. I don't want to make a similar mistake here.

          For most characters try to reclass them at Lvl 20 so you don't waste seals you get from promotional gains.

          Just in case people don't want to know about the classes:

          Donnel was one of my favourites too. Get him up to the level where he learns all the skills before reclassing him (lvl 15). After that I would choose Mercenary so he can get Armsthrift at Lvl 1. After that make him a hero so he can get Sol. Sol should be passed down to any child he has (you can move the skills around).

          Vaike similar as above or maybe Berserker class.

          Panne makes a good Assassin.

          Virion should probably go sniper first so he can get access to longbows and Bowfaire.

          Kellam I didn't really use because he has such poor movement but I suppose paired with a Pegasus Knight that would make things better. Try to get him to finish on Great Knight or General.

          Lissa make a good War Cleric or Sage. I paired her up with Vaike in my last run.

          Lon'qu I am not too sure about. Go from swordmaster to assassin and get him Lucky 7, Quick Burn and Avoid +10. He can't be touched.

      MC and Tharja gives you the best Morgan, and best sexy times. Also funny as hell.

      Also... http://img.amiami.jp/images/product/main/132//FIGURE-000673.jpg

      And... https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d2/df/11/d2df119ef4b65aadf61f5d5c9aa6d094.jpg

    I'll play some more Star Wars Battlefront tonight before I disappear to Torquay for some camping action for a few days.

    Might try and polish off Bloodborne, finally. In the Nightmare of Mensis, and the Yetis were giving me the shits, but I might just knuckle down and do it.

    Tough choice but i think ill get some time into Biker Mice from Mars

      I see what you did there... or are you really going to play that?

    It's GLOG weekend, so pretty much every board game I can get my hands on.

    Canberrans should join me at the Gungahlin library. It's a regular monthly meetup this Saturday.

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    Mostly Bravely Second and trying to finish as much of The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition as I can so I won't feel guilty if Salt & Sanctuary pushes it out of the picture for a while next week.

    Got Earthbound on the 3ds so going to give that a whirl.

    Also getting a few of us together to try out the latest Star Citizen Patch.

    Witcher 3 just finished downloading, so I'll give that a go. Will probably also fit in some of the MOO alpha, and I'm sure a few Dota games will be played.

      Aww yeah Dota.

        I have started playing supports alot more recently - I am really loving BH. He's always been one of my favourites, but I used to play him more as a core. Recently I've been running him as a 5-position support, and he's just amazing. Finished a game last night with 13cs, but still had a dagon 5, radiance, drums, tranqs and bought a gazzilion wards. Turns out, track is a pretty damn good spell.

      Oh damn you're lucky to have fresh eyes with Witcher 3.

      I finished it months back and just recently wrapped up the first expansion, Hearts of Stone. Still, I'm going to wander around the world maps just because it's a treat to do.

      Hope you enjoy it :)

    Playing Fallout 4 but stay motivated... I am recently in a real 3DS mood.
    Went looking around JB's but not sure what to buy. I want something "Japanesey", not too grindy with a good story, any advice?

    On another note, anyone played Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon? Any opinions?

      Try Bravely Default or Bravely Second. Each has a 5-10 hour demo so you can definitely see what you're in for before a purchase is required.

        I played the first Bravely Default. It was great until right at the end for some reason. I remember not quite finishing it.

      Try Persona Q. Better if you've played either P3 or P4 though.

      Otherwise, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is good, although it can be VERY long and somewhat grindy if you don't enjoy the combat and exploration as much as I did.

      Yokai Watch is pretty cool, although better if you've seen some of the anime.

        Why is it better if you have played P3 or P4?

          Persona Q features the cast of both P3 and P4. You can choose a playthrough with a focus on either cast. It's basically a matter of perspective. If you have played neither P3 or P4 I reckon Persona Q would turn into a pretty standard Etrian Odyssey-type dungeon-crawler. The Persona story and characters made it special, in my view.

      There are three demos available on the Nintendo eshop.
      Etrian's odyssey 2
      Legend of Legacy
      Project X 2

      I would suggest using the demos to try and find things you may not normally want.

    Probably Fallout 4, Diablo 3 and Tales of Graces F.

    And lots of that Futurama mobile game if my girlfriend hijacks the TV.

    Vanilla WoW
    The Division
    I *really* need to finish Witcher 3

      Yes, you truly really do. Then jump straight into Hearts of Stone...... :-)

    New Hitman and Farcry Primal. Probably won't get to Farcry as i could spend a entire weekend playing Hitman series.

    Stardew Valley.
    Sebastian drove me on his motorcycle to look at the city from the top of a cliff and we made out.

    Also Playing Bullet Girls on Vita, and not speaking japanese, I have no idea why prodding the girls in their panties and boobs is interrogation. I also don't care lol....

      Bullet Girls eh...?

      *rushes off to playasia.com*

        Lol theres a sequel coming soon that looks even dirtier hahaha....

    Finishing RotTR. Taken longer than I thought. Been great. Think I'm almost at the end now though...

    ...and then back to SPACESHIP!!! SPACESHIP!!! ELITE!!!

    Built new pc last weekend, picked up xcom 2 and the division few days ago but all my older games look great.... so torn

      congrats on the new rig mate. Xcom2 is excellent I just finished it last weekend, hopefully the new patch will fix the performance for you a bit (it ran like a dog on my rig at some times)

      I picked up the division this week as well, have it downloaded but haven't had a chance to touch it yet. Pretty stoked for that. my username is Steed1080 if you want to add me and coop for division.

    As no one has said it yet - Twilight Princess HD! It's not grabbing me like crazy, but I love having it there to fall on when I just want to relax. Kinda surprised how much I'm enjoying it to be honest, given how harsh everyone is seemingly being on it. I wonder if, in another 10 years, people will be all like "Twilight Princess was a master peace!"

      I'm playing it too and having a good if not mind blowing time. Playing in Hero mode is certainly the way to go I think, is it adds some much needed tension to the whole thing

    Either going to replay Until Dawn to try and get a perfect ending, start the Uncharted Collection or try and finish Far Cry 4. I enjoy it but I'm kind of done playing it so I'm keen to knock out the story so I can worry about whether I really want to keep playing for collectibles/sidequests or if I'm only doing them because they're cluttering up my map.

      I saved everyone just the other night. Pro-tip - turn the vibration off on your controller. It makes the later "freeze!" moments much easier to pass.

        I had no issue with those (once I realised the QTE was mirroring the light from the controller and I could adjust it if it was starting to slip), I just made a few bad decisions.

        I lost Ashley (who went to investigate what I thought was Jessica's voice and let the Wendigo in), and Mike because I triggered the explosion too soon, thinking he had already escaped the lodge. Even Josh was alive, though he was turning into a Wendigo down in the mines... I have no idea if there's a better ending for him. I think I saved everyone else: Sam, Chris, Emily, Matt and Jessica.

          No, that's the best Josh gets. And as per the movement, it gets tricky once you start saving everyone, as the periods of stillness last longer and longer. Food for thought if you start raging, I guess :-)

            I found it worked to take those last sections with my hands resting on my thighs. It's more reliable than trying to put the controller down on a table or something. You just need that bit of support to stop the DS4 light from moving too much.

              If you turn off vibrate, you can place it anywhere and it doesn't move. At all. It is cheating a bit, though.

    The division and probably some COH2

      That's a mighty fine combo right there (although I soured on COH2 a bit). I've yet to start the division but have it installed ready to go (haven't had time this week to get to it yet). I'm Steed1080 on steam if you want to co-op


    Downloaded it last night - it will be waiting for me to play when I get home after one of the busiest weeks of work I have ever endured!

      I have also had one of those weeks from hell, so I feel your pain mate. Ive had the Division sitting there since it unlocked and haven't even had a chance to turn my gaming PC on all week.

      I am pretty keen to get Hitman too, but i might wait to see how the division is first.

        I binged on the Division during the beta (the dark zone was kind of addictive) but I'm reluctant to have another Destiny sized monkey on my back!

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