What Even Is This Kickstarter Trailer

What Even Is This Kickstarter Trailer

Video: “Who literary”? “Like what Terry always quoted”? I do not know what is happening here. I mean, I do. I think. It’s a trailer for Embers, a King of Fighters fan film that was last month asking for Kickstarter money (thanks, LiK @ NeoGAF).

(It actually got the money, raising over $US10,000 with only [hrm] 57 backers).

But… I also don’t know. Is it machine-translated? A very high-level joke? An innovative new concussion simulator? All three and more?


  • Yep, I spit my sandwich out at “Who literary”

    It’s the end of days I tell you…

  • Every word they said literally went in one ear and out the other, as each word they spoke made me forget the previous one. I don’t even the f

  • I know this is a Kickstarter project of the Fatal Fury short film Embers, I don’t think the movie will be great but it will have some lack of character development, The special effects but is the fight choreography going to be that good, I don’t think it will and the plot will be weak and a lacklustre. Well let’s just give a try.

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