World Of Warcraft: Legion’s New Druid Cat Forms Look Pretty

World Of Warcraft: Legion’s New Druid Cat Forms Look Pretty

Compared to other classes and specs, Feral Druids will get notable extra treatment in World of Warcraft: Legion.

The old Druid cat form models got an upgrade, and it’s not just a simple model swap. There’ll be 22 different Cat forms, depending on which available races and Artifact Talents the players are using. That’s pretty neat.

The Artifact forms that are now enabled in the Alpha were teased before, as you can see in MMO-Champion’s clip. Compared to the current state of the Cat Form, they all look awesome, especially the Spectral ones.

And here’s a showcase by wordup834 of the new Feral Druid with all the new animations and skills in action.

Top gif via f3dj4


  • Looks pretty cool. I am really digging the new animations across all the classes in general. It’s a small detail but seeing some variety in combat makes it a tad less mundane.

    • The new combat animations in general are a huge improvement. I haven’t played a warrior since Cata but I’m really digging the new warrior animations. That new shoulder-slam animation during Charge is awesome looking.

      • Agreed! Big warrior fan.
        Having played on and off since the game came out, it’s mind-blowing that they’re finally giving some TLC to animations… When they first started updating the character models it was pretty cool, but this is just on a whole different level. Something I have wanted for a loooong time.

        I thought the Rogue / Outlaw animations looked pretty awesome too.

  • Its amazing to see where they have improved the look of the game since launch, and the animations look great, but it no longer has that special feel it had during vanilla wow.

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