You Awake To Find Yourself In A Brand New Dark Room

Hands up who remembers The Dark Room?

The Dark Room was an early interactive YouTube series. Kinda scary, kinda hilarious. Make choices, escape from The Dark Room.

Now it's back. And it's as good as ever.

The Dark Room is the work of Australian comedian John Robertson. It was a interactive YouTube thing, then it was a live performance — it was even a Twitch stream for a while. Now it's an interactive YouTube thing again. You should totally play it. It has a new fancy layer of production, but it's still mostly John shouting at you in a number of inventive ways. It's great.

I said my name was Dolores by the way.


    I lost it at YA DIE! YA DIE!!! YA DIEEE!! XD

      Shut up Darren...

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