You Can Take A Trip (Yes, The Drug Kind) With Virtual Reality

Given there was a demo at E3 last year replicating the horror of sitting in a chair and being stabbed by a possessed demon, it's no surprise that people are making these kinds of virtual trips as well.

The VR experience is a tie-in for Orange Sunshine, a documentary that covers a group of surfers and hippies from South California. The group ends up forming a spiritual organisation called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, which became the largest suppliers of LSD in the 1960's and 1970's.

To help promote the film, production house Master of Shapes created a four minute VR tie-in for the HTC Vive. It's being shown off at the South by Southwest Film Conference (SXSW) in Texas right now, and according to Wired it's designed to showcase what an acid trip might be like.

"That’s when I notice the orange couch off to the left of me looks a bit less orange than it did a moment before," Wired's Michael Calore wrote. "Wait, now it’s bright orange. It keeps desaturating, then saturating. And does the room suddenly look brighter, too? I glance at the grinning blonde girl to my right. She’s blissed out. Behind her is a blue chair. Its breathing (uh, yeah, breathing) matches mine.

Titled Origins, the VR promo isn't being made available for the HTC Vive on launch. But it could be at some stage, although for now Orange Sunshine director William A. Kirkley says it is largely just for attracting bums on seats. "I imagine setting it up in the lobby of the theater when we do a screening," Kirkley said.

It's certainly something I could see being put in the hallways for Gold Class. Commoners like myself who refuse to pay more extra for movie tickets, mind you, probably won't see VR headsets outside the entrances of theatres any time soon. (And I'm not sure how much you'd want to put on a VR headset that's just been exposed to the public; the musk and random flecks of skin.)



    I think it'll be cheaper if I just stick to buying the LSD without the HTC Vive headset.

      Or take LSD and then play any Vive game.

        Tilt Brush is all you'll ever need.

      You're probably right. (Or watch the movie, I guess!)

      Be interesting if they made it viewable for, say, the Gear VR or something down the road. It doesn't seem like the kind of experience where room scanning abilities or touch controllers are entirely necessary.

    Is the headline meant to trip me out as well? Can't tell if it's a glaring grammatical error or something I'm not getting?

      No pun there, just an error on my part. It's been fixed.

    LSD inspired art is beautiful. Same with music. Taking LSD is frightening and paranoia laden.

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