You Done Good Dragonborn, Have An Ale

Dragonborn, You Done Good. Have An Ale.

Kitnip, who is very good at crafting her own sets of armour, made this excellent Skyrim outfit last year.

Dragonborn, You Done Good. Have An Ale.

Photo by Britany Quinn Photography

Beyond the overall quality of the design and build, there's some great detail going on, with nicks and cuts all over the place and some subtle wear-and-tear on both the fabrics and armour.

Dragonborn, You Done Good. Have An Ale.

Photo by William Tan

You can see more of Kitnip's cosplay at her Facebook page.


    awesome, Banded Iron is the best looking Heavy Armour in Skyrim followed by Dwemer and Nordic (even more so if your on PC and use Amidionborn's Book of Silence mod)
    even better is the fact that she is male helm instead of the shitty female helm (Female iron helm has small curled goat horns which does the set a massive diservice)

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      I feel a little insulted that Nightingale / Daedric weren't mentioned..

    Just one question, not being a jerk, is the hair real? It's cool either way because it looks real. Just can't imagine she dyes brunette to blonde, seems like a pain.

    Everything is pretty amazing here.

    Check out the Facebook page! SUB-ZERO!!

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