You Don't Love Hatsune Miku More Than These Fans Do

You Don't Love Hatsune Miku More Than These Fans Do

Well, ask yourself: Are you willing to pay for a billboard in a subway station to show off your Hatsune Miku love? That's exactly what a group of South Korean fans apparently did.

According to Ruliweb (via tipster Sang), Hatsune Miku fan art was turned into a billboard starting on March 9 to celebrate what the fans called "3/9 Day." This is a pun, because "three-nine" sounds like "Miku" in Japanese.

The fans commissioned an artist named BTRP to do the work.

You Don't Love Hatsune Miku More Than These Fans Do

[Image: 39ADProject] Around 25 fans pitched in to show their Miku love, and it cost the equivalent of approximately US$2,700 to keep the billboard up from March 9 to March 22.

In case you missed it, check outKotaku's review of Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, which Mike Fahey might love more than you do.

Top image: Ruliweb


    uh.. can you elaborate a bit more
    or someone explain?

    you said 3 and 9 sounds like miku in japanese
    so if 3 = san, 9 = kyu.. thats sankyu (more like thankyou). how is that sounds similar to miku?
    isnt that 2 = ni (so ni- ku) sounds more to miku?

    sorry my japanese knowledge is limited
    but just curious abt this

      My slightly less limited Japanese shall explain:

      When counting days of the month, the 3rd and 9th are 三日(Mik-ka) and 九日(Ku-nichi) respectively. Hence, "Mik'ku".

      You're correct, but there is the old way of pronouncing numbers in Japanese that isn't used very much these days. So 3 can be said as "Mi" and 9 as "Ku".

      ahhh.. thanks for the explanation
      great stuff, thx =)

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